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by Mihoko Kikuchi,Manabu Sasa

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  • Author Mihoko Kikuchi,Manabu Sasa
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The non-biting chironomid midges (Family Chironomidae, Order Diptera) include numbers of species whose larvae develop in bodies of fresh water and which play an important role in the transmission of nutrients along the food chain. They consume organic matter and microorganisms from the bottoms of these bodies of water, and then are themselves eaten by fishes and arthropods. They do not usually cause damage or transmit diseases, and as a result have been neglected by entomological research. But their usefulness in indicating levels of pollution and water quality conditions makes them important objects of study.This volume is a comprehensive summary of available information and research on the chironomid midges of Japan and East Asia: their taxonomy, biology, distribution, ecology, and relation to human life. It includes nearly 100 plates with copious detailed illustrations of the major genera and of the hypopygeal structures on which species identification is based. The extensive Key provides a guide to identifying all of the known chironomid species from Japan on the basis of the male genitalia.The authors, noted entomologists and experts on the Chironomidae, have compiled more than a century of research on these important insects into a single-volume reference work that will be useful not only to entomologists but also to environmental and public-health scientists.

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Chironomidae Of Japan book.

A total of 254 papers on Chironomidae by Manabu Sasa and his coworkers published from 1977 to 2002 are listed, comprising scientific papers (173), summaries for oral sessions (59) and others (22). The results including the list, keys and illustrations of the chironomid species accomplished from 1977 to 1993 are accumulated in Sasa and Kikuchi (1995)(A125), and those published after 1994 in Sasa (1998)(A144), Sasa and Suzuki (2001)(A167). Do you want to read the rest of this article? Request full-text.

Sasa M, Kikuchi M (1995) Chironomidae (Diptera) of Japan

Sasa M, Kikuchi M (1995) Chironomidae (Diptera) of Japan. The holotypes of 13 Japanese species: Corynoneura ginzanquinta Sasa et Suzuki, Thienemanniella chuzeduodecima Sasa, T. ginzanquerea Sasa et Suzuki, T. nagaramaculata Sasa, T. ogasaquardecima Sasa et Suzuki, T. ogasaquindecima Sasa et Suzuki, T. okigrata Sasa, T. oyabedilata Sasa, Kawai et Ueno, T. togamijika Sasa et Okazawa, T. tonewquerea Sasa et Tanaka, T. tusimuefea Sasa et Suzuki, T. tusimufegea Sasa et Suzuki, T. yakysetea.

Chironomidae of Japan. Manabu Sasa, Mihoko Kikuchi. Taxonomical and biological notes on Tokunaga-yusurika akamusi (Tokunaga), with description of immature stages (Diptera, Chironomidae). 2. View via Publisher.

The Japanese journal of experimental medicine. Studies on the chironomid midges (Diptera, Chironomidae) of the Lake Toba area, Sumatra, Indonesia. Mihoko Kikuchi, Manabu Sasa. The Nansei Islands are located in the subtropical zone of the western Pacific Ocean between Kyushu and Taiwan, and are composed of the two main island groups, the Amami and the Ryukyu Archipelagoes. Select Format: Hardcover. ISBN13:9780860085164. Release Date:September 1995. Publisher:University of Tokyo Press.

Kikuchi and Sasa (1990) described a P. tobaquartus from Indonesia, but several hypopygial features of that species clearly rule out placement in Parachironomus

Kikuchi and Sasa (1990) described a P. tobaquartus from Indonesia, but several hypopygial features of that species clearly rule out placement in Parachironomus. Cryptochironomus lacteipennis Kieffer and C. sauteri Kieffer were listed in Parachironomus by Sublette and Sublette (1973), along with Chironomus primitivus Johannsen. Measurements are given as ranges followed by the mean when more than three specimens were measured, followed by the number measured (n) in parentheses.

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Diptera, Sasa Collection, new synonyms, new combinations, new species, Chironomidae, Japan. Supplemental Content.

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