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by Mark T. Keane,Michael W. Eysenck

Download Cognitive Psychology: A Student's Handbook ePub
  • ISBN 0863775519
  • ISBN13 978-0863775512
  • Language English
  • Author Mark T. Keane,Michael W. Eysenck
  • Publisher Psychology Press; 4th edition (2000)
  • Pages 631
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This is a thorough revision and updating of the extremely successful third edition. As in previous editions, the following three perspectives are considered in depth: experimental cognitive psychology; cognitive science, with its focus on cognitive modelling; and cognitive neuropsychology with its focus on cognition following brain damage. In addition, and new to this edition, is detailed discussion of the cognitive neuroscience perspective, which uses advanced brain-scanning techniques to clarify the functioning of the human brain. There is detailed coverage of the dynamic impact of these four perspectives on the main areas of cognitive psychology, including perception, attention, memory, knowledge representation, categorisation, language, problem-solving, reasoning, and judgement.The aim is to provide comprehensive coverage that is up-to-date, authoritative, and accessible. All existing chapters have been extensively revised and re-organised. Some of the topics receiving much greater coverage in this edition are: brain structures in perception, visual attention, implicit learning, brain structures in memory, prospective memory, exemplar theories of categorisation, language comprehension, connectionist models in perception, neuroscience studies of thinking, judgement, and decision making.Cognitive Psychology: A Students Handbook will be essential reading for undergraduate students of psychology. It will also be of interest to students taking related courses in computer science, education, linguistics, physiology, and medicine.

Cognitive Psychology: A Student s Handbook" will be essential reading for all undergraduate students of. .

Cognitive Psychology: A Student s Handbook" will be essential reading for all undergraduate students of psychology. Those taking courses in computer science, education, linguistics, physiology, and medicine will also find it an invaluable resource.

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Michael W. Eysenck is Professor of Psychology at Royal Holloway, University of London.

It has been substantially updated and revised to reflect new developments in the field (especially within cognitive neuroscience). Michael W. He is the best-selling author of a number of textbooks including Fundamentals of Cognition (2006), Memory (with Alan Baddeley and Michael Anderson) (2009), and Fundamentals of Psychology (2009).

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related fields looking for a good reference book on cognitive psychology. and Keane use to educate us about cognitive psychology; these methods persist throughout the. remainder of the handbook. Thus, from here going forward I will concentrate mainly on content. Eysenck and Mark T. Keane. COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY. COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY: A STUDENT’S HANDBOOK problem – many cognitive tasks involve the use of a complex mixture of different processes, making it hard to interpret the findings. Dedication To Christine with love (. This issue has been addressed in various ways. For example, suppose we are interested in the inhibitory processes used when a task requires us to inhibit deliberately some dominant response.

Cognitive psychology : a student's handbook. by. Eysenck, Michael W. Publication date. Keane, Mark . 1961-. Cognition, Psychologie cognitive, Cognition, Cognitieve psychologie, Kognitive Psychologie, Cognitive psychology, Cognition, Psychology, Cognitive psychology. Sony Alpha-A6300 (Control). Eysenck, Mark T. Categories: Psychology. Eysenck (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK) Mark Keane (University College Dublin, Ireland). Since I (Mark Keane) first collaborated on Cognitive Psychology: A Student’s Handbook in 1990 my professional life has undergone considerable change, from a post-doc in psychology to Professor of Computer Science. My original motivation in writing this text was to influence the course of cognitive psychology as it was then developing, to encourage its extension in a computational direction.

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I am highly impressed from the hard work Keane and Eysenck have done, making the chaos of cognitive psychology clear once and for all. It's a huge area, and they've managed to organize it into chapters, sub-chapters and section. Each section is parted to "theory", "evidence" and "evaluation", so that there is no way you're going to miss what exactly you're reading about. They've managed to grasp, so I believe, all of the important topics of cognitive psychology, finely explaining the distinctions between the different methodologies used by researches in the field. There is a "further reading" list at the end of every chapter, which is very useful.
Highly recommended for undergraduates like myself and everyone interested in the area.

Alas, the book misses the cognitive research of emotions with the boring chapter 15, which simply doesn't get to the important point of that amazing topic. Additionally, the chapters about language didn't involve relevant studies from the area of generative linguistics, which lowered its effectiveness.
Very complete but too dry! Excessive use of passive voice. A few clearer examples would make reading easier and more accessible. Some of the illustrations are just dumb, related to the context but make nothing to clarify it. One has a photograph of a magician distracting his public to do a trick. You can understand that from the text, no need for an illustration! Others are graphs that could use simpler, if longer, explanations. The book would be fatter, but more enjoyable.
I mean, as a book on cognitive psychology, it is excellent. Personally, I just do not find it interesting.
great product
Great, it arrived on time.
I ordered this book for a class on Cognitive Psychology and Visual Display of Information. The book helps to explain complex information in a manner that allows most people to understand and grasp its meaning. The depth of coverage on the subject allows one to develop a well rounded perspective on the subject.

Susan Eddington
My son love's the books. So that makes me happy.
This book is recommended by the school. I find that the contents are hard to comprehend as it contains a lot of technical or medical terms, not a book for students I would say. The book also arrived in a condition that was not perfect (for me anyway), the cover and first few pages were creased.