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by Robin Murphy

Download Lotus Materia Medica ePub
  • ISBN 8180560783
  • ISBN13 978-8180560781
  • Language English
  • Author Robin Murphy
  • Publisher B. Jain Publishers; 2Rev Ed edition (August 15, 2003)
  • Pages 392
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  • Category Medicine
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Youth Educational Series Book

Dr. Robin Murphy, MD has directed various homeopathic programs at NCNM (National college of Naturopathic medicine) and has been responsible for introducing many people to homeopathy

Dr. Robin Murphy, MD has directed various homeopathic programs at NCNM (National college of Naturopathic medicine) and has been responsible for introducing many people to homeopathy. He published the Homeopathic Medical Repertory in 1993 and the Lotus Materia Medica in 1996 which were huge hits. He is the director of the Hahnemann academy of North America which sponsors seminars on Homeopathy and natural medicine.

Formerly known as Lotus Materia Medica, this guide contains 1, 200 homeopathic and herbal remedies. This book, in conjunction with Robin Murphy's "Homeopathic Medical Repertory" are necessary tools for anyone who uses homeopathy at home. 6 people found this helpful.

Keynote Materia Medica von Robin Murphy. Herausgeber: Lotus Health. Information from the homeopathic proving are included. How to Study the Materia Medica. There are many ways of teaching materia medica. Materia medica" means "the stuff of medicines. It's an old term meaning the collection of medicines in that healing system.

4 Homeopathic Materia Medica. WILLIAM BOERICKE - POCKET MANUAL OF HOMEOPATHIC MATERIA MEDICA Publishers' note It is our immense WILLIAM. When is an idiosyncrasy, fully identified? . Identification. materia medica of ayurveda. 96 MB·6,870 Downloads. William boericke-pocket manual of materia medica. 97 MB·6,709 Downloads.

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One of the best books to consult in modern homeopathic practice, this one has it all comprehensive and most updated. One of the most popular and frequently referred clinical repertory in modern day practice, it is a must have in any standard homeopathic library. The homeopathic medical repertory is designed to be a modern, practical and easy to use reference guide to the vast Lotus Materia Medica written by the same author.

Materia Medica literally translates to Materials of Medicine. Lotus Materia Medica is a compilation of the special qualities of medicinal substances. It is a concise compilation of homeopathic knowledge on over one thousand two hundred homeopathic and herbal remedies. Dr.

Home/Advanced (includes intermediate), Materia Medica, New Remedies, Bestsellers, Bestselling Books, Bestselling stuff/Nature’s Materia Medica by ROBIN . Murphy integrates the works of Boericke, Clarke, Phatak, and many others into this very practical materia medica.

Robin Murphy ND. Nature's Materia Medica by ROBIN MURPHY, ND quantity. We consider this book to be a modern-day version of Boericke’s Pocket Manual of Materia Medica.

Talk about Lotus Materia Medica

This book gives detailed information on the remedies and is a necessary complement to the Material Medica. I use it all the time and it is great.
I recently reviewed The Encyclopedia of Country Living, 40th Anniversary Edition, by Carla Emery. I began that review by saying that if I could only have one book, it would be that one. Then I paused and meditated on that statement for a time to be sure it was indeed really true. It is, because first after breathing (and not bleeding, but that's a different review), one must eat to survive. After that come the other needs, health-healing-medicine are, if not the top, near the top of that list. So if I could only have two books, this would be the second one.

This book, the second edition of Robin Murphy's Lotus Materia Medica ("materia medica," literally, "materials of medicine," an old term for a compilation of the qualities of medicinal substances,) is primarily a compendium of homeopathic information on over TWELVE HUNDRED Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies printed on 1948 pages of thin paper, not quite onionskin, but still thin. Yup, it's a brick; a little less than 9"x6"x3", 1459 grams/51.5 US ounces! Yup, I lug it everywhere I lug my medical bag; this, a couple of other books and an emergency kit of remedies.

A lot of other homeopaths might take exception to this book as my first homeopathic book. First of all, alternative medicine is an Art and favorite tools differ. Next, I choose this one over other likely candidates like Samuel Hahnemann's Magnum Opus, The Organon of Medicine, (my favorite edition Organon of the Medical Art) because I believe that by using this book alone one could be a professional homeopath. Or an herbalist. Granted one would be depending on ones memory and continual study more than usual in the Western world, but it would be possible; in fact, I know a very good homeopath that has practiced for years, successfully, pretty much that way (yes, an American in the USA.)

After the preface that discusses changes from the first edition, there's a two paragraph Introduction, and then the Homeopathic and Herbal Remedy Outline for this book. The Outline defines and explains each section of information that will be found under each remedy, those sections are:
Pharmacy (this contains substance info like Latin and common name(s), historical dosing, astrological information and more.)
Herbal or History (historical information on the substance.)
Homeopathic (therapeutic and general homeopathic uses.)
Clinical (clinical conditions this substance has treated before.)
Mind (mental and emotional symptoms)
Systems (symptoms treated for abdomen, back, blood, bones, brain, breasts, chest, cough, ears, eyes, face female, food, head, heart, kidneys, larynx, limbs, liver, lungs, male, mind, mouth, muscles, neck, nerves, nose, rectum, skin, sleep, stomach, stool, teeth, temperature, throat, tongue, urine, vertigo.)
Comments (historical and modern commentaries, provings, etc.)
Comparisons (actions of remedies that are related, so they can be compared and contrasted, to help in complex cases.)
Relations (are these relationships such as antidotal and complementary, etc.)
Sources (major homeopathic or herbal references for the material presented.)

Then there's a small essay, the Art of Homeopathy, including and followed by definitions of Homeopathic remedies in general, then subcategories of: Acute Remedies, Bach Flower Remedies, Biochemic Remedies, Bowel Nosodes, Causative Remedies, Cell Salts, Chronic Remedies, Constitutional Homeopathic Remedies, Emergency Remedies, Energetic Remedies, Epidemic Remedies, Fundamental Remedies, Intercurrent Remedies, Isopathic Remedies, Miasm Remedies (with an outline of Cancer, Sycosis, Syphilis, Tuberculosis, and Psora Miasms), Nosodes, Organ Remedies, Pathological Remedies, Polycrest Remedies, Rescue Remedy (a flower remedy combo), Sarcodes, Sympathetic Remedies, Synthetic Remedies, Tautopathic Remedies, Therapeutic Remedies, Toxicology, Triturations, Vitality Remedies, and finally Water Potencies.

The next section is herbal and includes information, comments on, and definitions of: Herbal Tinctures, Herbal Tonics, Aloe Vera, Cachets or Wafers, Castor Oil, Cerates, Confections, Decoctions, Drugs, Effervescent Salts, Elixirs, Emulsions, Enemas, Extracts, Eye Washes, Fluid Extracts, Ginger, Glycerites, Honeys, Infusions, Jivana Rejuvenation Oil, Liniments, Lotions, lozenges, Mucilages, Oils, Ointments, Olive Oil, Organ Remedies, Papers, Pills, Plant Juices, Plasters, Poultices, Powders, Resins, Seven Herbal Spagyrics, Spagyric Herbal Tinctures, Spagyric Herbal Essences, Syrups, Tablets, Urine Therapy, Vapor Medicines, Vinegars, Waters, and finally Wines.

Next is the table of contents, which you might think is not really necessary because the substances are alphabetical by Latin name, so you can just flip pages until find your remedy substance. But there's some additional useful information in the formatting of the names of the remedies. Underlined remedies are those Murphy says have possible spagyric or herbals uses. There's also a lot of remedies in bold. I can't find anywhere in the book that defines what the bold remedies indicate. I would assume they were Polycrest Remedies (most commonly used homeopathic remedies) but there's a few that don't make sense to me in that context (once again, it's an Art, not everybody agrees on all things in homeopathy.)

Pages 1-1895 comprise the meat of this book, the remedies, as mentioned before, arranged alphabetical by Latin name.

Page 1896 begins a section on Murphy's own Lotus Medicine, starting with an Introduction and going on to Astrological correspondences with Constitutions and Cyclic/Constitutional systems and cycles.

Pages 1910-13 is a section on dietary recommendations.

Pages 1914-15 is the Sources section, basically a bibliography.

Then there's an outline of Murphy's Homeopathic Medical Study Course.

And finally, an index including Latin and Common Name.

Whew! Wow! You'd think that one volume like that would constitute a life's work, but surprisingly, Robin Murphy has a lot of other publications of great value, but to me, this is his master work. I read it for fun sometimes, although upon consideration, that probably tells you more about me than about the book!

Filed under "nothing's perfect", I do have a couple of small complaints:
It's not as sturdy as I would like, not the paper, the binding or the cover, I am constantly worried it's going to fall apart. I'm careful of it and it hasn't fallen apart yet, but still... I know that's because it's printed in India and I know printing this book in India makes it a lot cheaper for the end-user than were it printed in North America or Europe. And it's also true that I might not spring for a much more expensive edition even if it were available.

I wish it were available as a stand-alone electronic version outside of the large professional homeopathic computer programs (like Radar or MacRepertory, etc.) But I know that's got a lot of issues with it too, and were it too expensive, again I might not spring for that either, so I understand why Murphy might have chosen not to publish in such fashion.

One more important comment: The book on offer on this page is the second edition, there is a new third edition now (not available on Amazon as of the date of this review.) The third edition is running $98, so this one at $47.50 IS A SCREAMING DEAL! If you are any level of homeopath or a Western herbalist, you'll be glad you invested in yourself and your practice by acquiring this wonderful resource.
I bought it 1997 and ever since it is of great assistance in choosing a medicine. I keep it right on my bedside, just in case like a bible. In many years it was of great help. I am looking for a second later edition for my study.