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by Karen Huffman

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  • Language English
  • Author Karen Huffman
  • Publisher John Wiley & Sons Inc; 8th edition (July 10, 2006)
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Keeping up-to-date with the rapidly changing field of psychology can be overwhelming. In the new eighth edition, Huffman engages readers by showing how the latest concepts and theories are applied in their everyday lives. She follows a modular approach to the study of psychology, providing ongoing study tips and psychological techniques for mastering the material. This approach motivates the reader while quickly expanding their understanding of the subject.

by. Karen Huffman (Author). Find all the books, read about the author, and more. Are you an author? Learn about Author Central. ISBN-13: 978-1118129135.

Includes bibliographical references (pages R1-R58) and indexes.

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Psychology in Action, 12e is a comprehensive introductory Psychology . Psychology in Action. KAREN HUFFMAN Palomar College

Psychology in Action, 12e is a comprehensive introductory Psychology product that fosters active learning and provides a wealth of tools that empower students to master and make connections between the key concepts. Students will leave the classroom with a solid foundation in basic psychology that will serve them in their daily lives no matter what their chosen field of study and career path. KAREN HUFFMAN Palomar College. 3 Stress and Health Psychology 81 Psychology and a Contemporary Success Marcus Luttrell 82 . Understanding Stress 82 Gender and Cultural Diversity What Are the Problems with.

Study Psychology in Action discussion and chapter questions and find Psychology in Action study guide questions and answers. Get started today for free. All Documents from Psychology in Action.

19 Understanding Stress: Effects of Stress (Continued) Stress and the Immune System y: interdisciplinary field that studies the effect of psychological factors on the immune system 20 Understanding Stress: Effects of Stress (Continued)  Selye’s General.

19 Understanding Stress: Effects of Stress (Continued) Stress and the Immune System y: interdisciplinary field that studies the effect of psychological factors on the immune system 20 Understanding Stress: Effects of Stress (Continued)  Selye’s General Adaptation Syndrome 1. Alarm 2. Resistance 3. Exhaustion 21 Stress and Illness In addition to this first (and faster) track (fight or flight), the cerebral. cortex operates on a slower track by stimulating the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland to trigger the release of glucocorticoid stress hormones, such as cortisol,.

Stress and Health Psychology. 4. Sensation and Perception. 5. States of Consciousness. Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter.

Psychology in Action. Judith Vernoy, Karen Huffman, Mark Vernoy. Essentials of Psychology in Action. Introducing Psychology The Biological Bases of Behaviour Sensation and Perception Consciousness Learning Memory Thinking and Intelligence Life Span Development Motivation Emotion, Stress and Copin. More).

Covering all the major concepts and theories while still presenting the exciting and practical applications of psychology is a challenge.

Presentation on theme: "Psychology in Action (8e) by Karen Huffman"- Presentation transcript .

Presentation on theme: "Psychology in Action (8e) by Karen Huffman"- Presentation transcript: 1 Psychology in Action (8e) by Karen Huffman Chapter 3: Stress and Health Psychology Karen Huffman, Palomar College Presented by: Mani Rafiee. 2 Lecture Overview Understanding Stress Stress and Illness Health Psychology in Action Health and Stress Management. 3 Understanding Stress What is Stress? A nonspecific response of the body to any stressor; the arousal, both physical and mental, to situations or events that we perceive as threatening or challenging.

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Did not expect to receive leaflets and no book cover just pages on sheets of paper
I bought this book many years ago when I was a freshman in school when I had a different major. I found this book very interesting. and I believe the book does a great job at explain everything. The human mind is very exciting and interesting. Everything in the book is full of good quality information. I since have resold the book but only because I no longer needed the book anymore. If I had kept the same major I would have most likely kept this book.
This kindle book was absolutely terrible to work with for class. It was one of the worst experiences I have ever had with any form of technology.

First of all, there are no page numbers so good luck trying to follow along in class. It gives you a percentage of how much of the book is complete but not a page number. It would be great if there was an option to view it with the original page size but no, have fun guessing where the rest of the class is. Is this feature too hard to include? Many of the diagrams were too small to see. Even on my computer the words in some diagrams are simply illegible due to the size. Oh, it's a computer so maybe you can zoom in? Nope. There is no way to zoom in on these diagrams so if any important information is included, you're not going to get that. On the other hand, images that normally take up one full page will often be split down the middle, onto two separate pages. *click* see the first half, *click* see the second half. If you accidentally highlight something (really easy to do, takes 2 clicks) there is no way to remove it. What? Why? I understand that if I highlighted something in a real textbook, I couldn't "undo" it but this is on the computer. There is no reason for "undo" to not be included. Navigating is a pain. If you're in another window and click back to the Kindle, you will probably turn a page, or highlight something, or look up a word. Why can't I click on it without it doing something?

I will NEVER EVER buy a Kindle book again, and I have made a point to tell everyone I know how terrible the user interface is and the incredibly bad functionality. I can't believe how unusable this was. It made work for my class an absolute DREAD. I don't see how Amazon could release a textbook on the Kindle and have it so dysfunctional (and charge $66 for it). Kindle needs some MAJOR improvements before I will even consider another book for it. If you are considering buying this book for the Kindle, DON'T DO IT. It is a waste of money and time trying to get it to work properly. I am sorely disappointed in this product. What a waste of money!
The ISBN number might not match the one my professor recommended but as long as you make sure its the 11th edition you'll be fine. my best advice for this binder version is to buy at least a 3 inch binder because a 1 inch wont cut it. otherwise it arrived on time, perfect condition. satisfied.
Good book for school. Hate the loose-leafyness. So annoying.
This was rented for my college-age Granddaughter. It arrived in like-new condition. I would have loved to purchase it for her but it was terrifically expensive. It was her favorite of all her psychology books.
Product was in horrible condition. It was a beat up, ripped NON-BINDED version of the textbook. That's what I get for wanting my college textbook for cheap though, right? I'm not sure if I'm renting this or not, but I'm putting it in a binder.
Great Ebook