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by Quentin Bates

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  • ISBN 1849013616
  • ISBN13 978-1849013611
  • Language English
  • Author Quentin Bates
  • Publisher Robinson Publishing (March 1, 2012)
  • Formats mbr mobi docx lit
  • Category Mystery and Suspense
  • Subcategory Mystery
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  • Rating: 4.8
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Cold comfort, Quentin Bates. p. cm. ISBN 978-1-61695-054-5. To Long Ómar Magnússon freedom tasted of hot dogs with ketchup and onions and washed down with a cold can of malt.

Cold comfort, Quentin Bates. He thrust out long legs beneath the café’s plastic table and belched luxuriously. A woman with a brood of children at the next table turned her head and frowned, but he met her stare and she thought better of saying anything.

Heartfelt thanks to all those good people who cheerfully had their patience stretched during the writing of this book. Kærar pakkir, gott fólk.

Cold Comfort – Ebook written by Quentin Bates. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read Cold Comfort. crackling fiction debut. palpable authenticity. British author Bates captures the chilly spirit of Nordic crime fiction in what is the apparent start of a promising series with a distinctly appealing protagonist.

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Cold Comfort (Officer Gunnhilder series Book 2) Jan 10, 2012. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Careers.

Cold Comfort introduces some very interesting characters and develops the setting and stories of Gunna's environment in. .Quentin Bates lived in Iceland for ten years before moving back to the UK in 1990, where he became a full-time journalist at a commercial fishing magazine.

Cold Comfort introduces some very interesting characters and develops the setting and stories of Gunna's environment in positive ways, leading me to look forward to the next Gunnhildur book with anticipation. International Noir Fiction. He and his wife frequently return to Iceland, where they have many friends, including several in the Reykjavík police.

Электронная книга "Cold Comfort", Quentin Bates British author Bates captures the chilly spirit of Nordic crime fiction in what is the apparent start of a promising series with a distinctly appealing protagonist.

Электронная книга "Cold Comfort", Quentin Bates. Эту книгу можно прочитать в Google Play Книгах на компьютере, а также на устройствах Android и iOS. Выделяйте текст, добавляйте закладки и делайте заметки, скачав книгу "Cold Comfort" для чтения в офлайн-режиме.

Cold Comfort Audiobook by Quentin Bates.

Officer Gunnhildur, recently promoted from her post in rural Iceland to Reykjav?k's Serious Crime Unit, is tasked with hunting down escaped convict Long Ommi, who has embarked on a spree of violent score-settling in and around the city. Meanwhile, she's also investigating the murder of a fitness guru in her own city-center apartment.

Publishers Weekly: British author Bates captures the chilly spirit of Nordic crime fiction in what is the apparent start of a promising series with a distinctly appealing protagonist.

Author: Quentin Bates. Publishers Weekly: British author Bates captures the chilly spirit of Nordic crime fiction in what is the apparent start of a promising series with a distinctly appealing protagonist. Gunna is an admirable protagonist: sensible, intelligent and determine.

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Scandanavian Crime fiction is the 'in' read and the 'in' film. To this mix we add Qunetin Bates, Sergeant Gunnhildur "Gunna" Gísladóttir. Gunna as she is known is my kind of woman, professional, attractive and finds her way successfully in the world of men.

Sergeant Gunnhildur "Gunna" Gísladóttir has a new role in this novel. She has a command post with Reykjavík, Iceland's Serious Crime Unit. She is well known to her colleagues from her previous job, where she solved crimes and made a good name for herself. In Reykjavik, Gunna has two cases to investigate all at once. One is the murder of a fitness guru Svana Heirs. She is well known in Iceland, and was involved in a sexscapade with some well known Reykjavik men. The other case involves the escape of a convicted man, Long Ommi. Now, is the time to let everyone know that in Iceland, most everyone has a nickname, some are not readily acceptable in social strata, but that is the way in this country. What is apparent before long is that the two cases are not separate. Long Ommi's arrest for murder ten years earlier connected him to Svana and to three men who were paying her for sex. There are many other people and issues involved in these two cases, and as one clue unravels, more is known and unknown.

Gunna is a very skilled detective, and she is an excellent boss. Her colleagues respect her, and that is half the battle. Gunna's husband died and left her with two children that she has raised very well. She works long hours, but she always has time for her children. She also has met a new man, and his presence in the household is part of the big story,

The other charcters in this novel are so well drawn out, that I could see them in my mind's eye. The neighborhoods of Reyljavik are also described in a manner that I began to get a feel for this city. This is a series that has as its hero, a woman who knows her job, is secure within herself, and understands how to relate to all that she comes in contact with. I am looking forward to reading the first novel in this series, and then onto the next.

Highly Recommended. prisrob 02-07-12

Frozen Assets: An Officer Gunnhildur Mystery

Frozen Out
This is the second book featuring Icelandic detective Sgt. Gunnhildur Gisladottir who, as the book opens, has accepted a promotion from small town police chief to leading a Serious Crimes unit in Reykjavik. Gunna is the best part of the book, and the author skillfully incorporates her personal life into the story, but unfortunately doesn't do the same for other characters, including colleagues Helgi and Eirikur. I'd like to know more about them.

There is a large cast of characters, but the author handles them well, and the mystery itself is engrossing. A well-liked fitness guru has been murdered in the aftermath of Iceland's financial collapse, and a hardened criminal has escaped prison to settle some old scores, even though he had just a little time left in his sentence.

I like this series, but would like to see the author use (and incorporate) the Icelandic landscape more.

The series includes: Frozen Assets, Cold Comfort, Winterlude (an e-short story), and Chilled to the Bone.
I'm a big fan of British and European crime novels, everything from the queen of all mystery writing, Ruth Rendell to Karin Fossum and of course, Per Wahloo. I read Arnaldur Indridason's Icelandic series which I liked very much and am enjoying this series featuring female detective Gunnhildur Gisladottir. I'm enjoying the mysteries and way Bates is able to integrate Gunna's everyday life into the stories. He also doesn't have everything tie up in a neat bow which is more realistic. Not being Icelandic, I am having difficulty keeping track of the character names, though! Can't wait to visit Iceland someday, too!
As in the first Gunnhildur mystery, WINTERLUDE, officer Gunnhilder is strong, straight forward, fair to her fellow police officers. She is a study in steadiness, always seeking the answers she believes to be correct as opposed to the easy out.

Bates has written a mystery in which one gets a glimpse of personal histories but does not linger. Rather, he composes a story of thoughtful investigation, little shoot 'em up violence, albeit violence there is, and oft times a not foreseen conclusion. The understory is the collapse of the Icelandic financial underpinnings of the country's government and the effect on its people.

There are warnings to be read in Bates's novels and to be heeded by all governments. I can not wait for another Gunnhilder to be published.
After reading all the Erlander Sveinsson books to date, I wanted to go back to Iceland, and Quentin Bates has allowed me to do this. Gunnhildur is a less-complicated, less depressing person than Erlander, but still a very competent and bright officer. Not a raving beauty, she is someone that most of us normal women can identify with. She struggles to balance career and family, like most of us do. Determined and stubborn, she can find the solution to crimes that might baffle a lesser detective.
Quentin Bates has created an interesting character in Gunnhilder. This novel is about kinky sex, sex scams and the loss of a computer containing sensitive emails. Bates introduces several other players all of whom have stories that work in the development of the plot. At times it's somewhat confusing, and I confess to being a little lost in the names. (Not to sound like a cultural clod.)

The tale is well crafted and keeps you involved, maybe because of the many characters. I do wonder, however, how her son Gisli plans to support his two simultaneous offspring.
Standard police procedural with an interesting twist -- it's set in Iceland, in the aftermath of the country's financial crash. Almost everyone in the book suffers from the aftereffects of the crash, except (not surprisingly) for the various villains. The financial impact and the oddnesses of some other aspects of Icelandic life were really interesting. Otherwise, this is a competent but fairly pedestrian effort. I liked it well enough, however, to buy the other book currently available in the US.