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by Michael A. Black

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  • ISBN 0843959851
  • ISBN13 978-0843959857
  • Language English
  • Author Michael A. Black
  • Publisher Dorchester Pub Co Inc (October 2, 2007)
  • Pages 317
  • Formats mbr azw lrf lrf
  • Category Mystery and Suspense
  • Subcategory Mystery
  • Size ePub 1315 kb
  • Size Fb2 1747 kb
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 415

When he is hired to find a missing fiance, who is then found floating in a canal, P.I. Ron Shade is determined to find the truth even if it leads him into a world of murder, conspiracy, and cover-ups. Reprint.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Author Michael Black is a full-time police officer.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. After reading A Killing Frost, you'll be anxiously awaiting the next Ron Shade mystery.

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A Killing Frost is the sixth and final novel in the series created by .

A Killing Frost is the sixth and final novel in the series created by . It sees the slovenly, disorganised Detective Inspector Frost once again put under pressure to solve multiple complex cases in a short period of time, whilst attempting to avoid being sacked by his superior officers.

A KILLING FROST by Michael A. Black is one of those even rarer treats, a book that's even BETTER than you've heard. Simply put: I couldn't put the book down. Will Private Eye Ron Shade discover what happened to Carlos? Will the relationship with Maria blossom into something more?

A KILLING FROST by Michael A. Simply put: I couldn't put the book down

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by. Black, Michael . 1949-.

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It hasn’t exactly been a banner year for Chicago-based private detective Ron Shade. Books related to A Killing Frost.

Michael A. Black (Black, Michael . used books, rare books and new books. Find signed collectible books: 'A Killing Frost'. Find all books by 'Michael A. Black' and compare prices Find signed collectible books by 'Michael A. Black'. Hostile Takeovers by Michael A. Black, (Leal and Hart Series, Book 2) from Books In Motion. com: Hostile Takeovers by Michael A. com: ISBN 9781605487656 (978-1-60548-765-6) Books In Motion, 2013.

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Talk about A Killing Frost

I just finished this. Book and was of course impressed. For a YA novel the book is able to hold my attention. It has sufficient youth topics to keep younger audiences entertained and interested while at the same time having a depth that appeals to a more advanced readership.

That said I'm thoroughly disappointed with the edition that I purchased. I have the kindle copy. I know that when a book is converted to a digital format you must expect some errors to keep in. Generally, they are punctuation and editing mistakes. This book seems to have an error on at least every page and some of them are quite significant. For example, in one chapter every time they mentioned one of the characters, " Corrie" my edition rendered it "Come". Or when the verb "yelled" appeared it was prints as "veiled".

I know enough about literature to extrapolate the correct word from the context but I shouldn't have to. I chose this book for a nice easy read between my texts required for work and I shouldn't need to keep going back to try and figure out what the author wanted to say due to a typo.

If they fix the digitalization problems this book easily gets four or five stars. As is two is the most it merits.
Not quite as good as the first two novels in the series. Keep having to remind myself this is a middle aged man writing as a teenage girl, which is somewhat distracting and has this way of pulling you out of the story. The usual YA novel problems present themselves, and you can become very bored in certain places when you know there are other things that could be happening. The first novel was excellent, the second one was good, this one is just okay.
from earth
Author Michael Black has created a PI (Ron Shade) for the current times and set his PI in the Windy City, Chicago. That is fitting, since the author also has been a cop in Chicago for a number of years, and obviously, Chicago has some "mean streets" down which PI Ron Shade can prowl.

As a female reader who enjoys PI novels, I can't help but think that Black has created a PI that's macho--Shade is a competitive kickboxer--and one that also has a kind of gentle soul. For example, in Shade's love scenes with girl friend Maria, he is sensitve with a slow hand, so to speak.

Black's writing is spare and moves the story along quietly and efficiently. The reader doesn't have to wade through lengthy exposition. I could see a bit of Parker's Spenser in Ron Shade. For example, Spenser works out at a gym with a buddy who owns it, and Shade works out, too, and has a buddy in Chappie, the gym owner and his manager. There's also a bit of Macdonald's Lew Archer in Shade in that both have loner/melancholy qualities about them.

But Shade is distinctive.

I finished the book in one sitting, and when I closed it, I had the sense that I'd gotten in on the ground floor with this debut novel of Black's. I have no doubt that his PI character will evolve in upcoming novels and give readers many hours of enjoyment.

And I'm looking forward to the next one.
"A Killing Frost" is a fun read. If you don't want anything to heavy and are into the Robert B. Parker style of gumshoe, you will definitely enjoy Michael Blacks' introdcution to Ron Shade, detective and martial artist.
The story, like all good detective novels, is written in the first person. Ron Shade is a former SWAT team member and martial artist, currently attempting to win the world heavyweight kickboxing title. The story is simple and fairly straight forward (Really just a missing person case) and therefore highly believable. Black's understanding of police procedure and his in depth knowledge of the feelings that a fighter has while he trains are very entertaining. There is a nice romance underlying the main story that keeps the reader caring about the characters. Also, the descriptions of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs are right on the nut.
This book was definitely worth the money spent. Hopefully we haven't seen the last of Michael Black.
This book is one of a series. I lookled it up after seeing a movie "Tomorrow, When the War Began" based on a story by John Marsden. The movie had ended in a way that it looked like a sequel might be made so I watched the credits for the author and looked on Amazon. Well, didn't find another movie but found a whole series of books. Very good series that I am enjoying very much. Highly recommend for young and old. It is something that COULD happen; that's what is so scarry and interesting.
The book itself would get 5 stars. Like the others in the series it is well written and mostly quite believable. However, the Kindle edition is loaded with typos. I'm used to seeing that with the free Kindle books, but it is disappointing to pay full price for the book and then have to deal with random punctuation and misspellings. For the most part it isn't too difficult to figure out what it should say, but it can be a bit distracting.
Hard to find book to complete the Australian Tomorrow series.
I read the first books and waited a few months to read this one because it was hard to find a cheap copy here in the US. But I got right back into the series with this book and just placed my order for book #4 :-)
This installment had a lot of action, the story moved along quickly and kept me interested the whole time. There were slower parts but they never dragged on. There was some great suspense and really great action-packed parts but there was also sad parts and parts that made you think. I also think the other characters are developed well in this book.
Can't wait for number four!