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by Mignon G. Eberhart,Rick Cypert,Kirby McCauley

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  • ISBN 1932009671
  • ISBN13 978-1932009675
  • Language English
  • Author Mignon G. Eberhart,Rick Cypert,Kirby McCauley
  • Publisher Crippen & Landru Publishers (December 20, 2007)
  • Pages 287
  • Formats txt mobi txt lrf
  • Category Mystery and Suspense
  • Subcategory Mystery
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  • Rating: 4.8
  • Votes: 847

Mignon Good Eberhart (1899-1996) was for much of the twentieth century one of the best known mystery writers in America. She was both talented and prolific, publishing 59 novels and many short stories in her more than 60-year writing career. Dead Yesterday contains the best of her previously uncollected stories, with tales about the following sleuths: Nurse Sarah Keate, a middle-aged no nonsense nurse who appeared not only in Eberhart s first seven novels, but she also made her rounds as a short-story character in 1930s periodicals. Her acerbic wit and matter-of-fact demeanor defy the dark forces of murder that she encounters in and out of hospital settings. Susan Dare, a saucy young mystery writer, is aided by her journalist friend Jim Byrne. She was exclusively a short story character. James Wickwire, is a rarity in the Eberhart canon -- a male protagonist. An elderly senior vice-president of a bank, Wiickwire is a bachelor whose reputation is incredibly appealing to damsels in distr

Mignon Good Eberhart (July 6, 1899, Lincoln, Nebraska – October 8, 1996, Greenwich, Connecticut) was an American author of mystery novels. She had one of the longest careers (from the 1920s to the 1980s) among major American mystery writers.

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Mignon Good Eberhart (1899-1996) was for much of the twentieth century one of the best known mystery writers in America. She was both talented and prolific, publishing 59 novels and many short stories in her more than 60-year writing career.

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Mignon Good Eberhart. There's no description for this book yet. Dead Yesterday and Other Stories Close. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Dead Yesterday and Other Stories from your list? Dead Yesterday and Other Stories. by Mignon Good Eberhart. Published December 20, 2007 by Crippen & Landru Publishers. Internet Archive Wishlist.

The normally prolific Eberhart wrote fewer books in the 1940s, possibly due to upheaval in her personal life. After 20 years of marriage, she divorced Alanson Eberhart, and in 1946 married John Hazen Perry. But within two years, she had divorced Perry and remarried Eberhart. The Eberharts remained married until his death in 1974. Eberhart was one of the founders of the modern romantic suspense novel. Написанные книги (0). Комментарии книг.

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Look at other dictionaries: Mignon G. Eberhart - Mignon Good Eberhart ( 6. Juli 1899 in University Place/Lincoln, Nebraska; † 8. Oktober 1996 in Greenwich.

Patient in Room 18 (1929). Look at other dictionaries: Mignon G. Oktober 1996 in Greenwich, Connecticut) war eine US amerikanische n.

Talk about Dead Yesterday and Other Stories

Mignon G. Eberhart lived until a great age and was always popular, or so
it seems, but today we depend on small companies like Crippen & Landru to
give us new editions of her work. Here we have her biographer, Rick
Cypert, joining forces with Kirby McCauley to present a well-rounded and
generous selection of what they consider her best short stories. Are they
her best? I don't know, but nearly every one has something to recommend
it, and even the stories I went in thinking "this is going to be
crummy,"each got better as it went along. All in all, Dead Yesterday is a
discovery of the first water.

Eberhart rose to fame with some nurse-detective stories featuring capable
Sarah Keate, a bit of a ripoff of her rival Mary Roberts Rinehart and her
superior "Miss Pinkerton," Hilda Adams. And yet the stories themselves
are as good, or nearly as good, as Rinehart,s and that,s saying something.
I wouldn't have dared to invite Eberhart and Rinehart to the same party!
(MGE even sticks a blowsy "Nurse Hilda" into the lead-off story here, as
if to jab her rival with that ol, two-can-play-at-this-game spear.) Some
rare Keate stories appear here, one an absolute dud, but otherwise
Eberhart's virtues instantly assert themselves: a gift for atmosphere, for
shuddery suspense, for a note of horror in the underpinnings of her plots,
and for some good detective work on the part of her sleuths. Of the nurse
mysteries here, "The Night Watch Mystery" is the most plebeian, "Dead
Yesterday"the spookiest. "Marked for Death"' is obviously an attempt to
cash in on the local color of the Chicago World's Fair and has a dumb
story, not worthy of Sarah Keate's talent. "Murder on the Wall" is a
quick moving pursuit entry that approaches true terror, if not much
detection, and "The Empty Inn," with its luxurious European setting, puts
our heroine into the fish out of water bag once again and me no likey.

What can I say about Eberhart's next series creation, the ebullient Susan
Dare? I would have loved a whole book of her complete cases--and I hope
the present book gets enough attention to merit a sequel so that I can
read the rest of them! Dare was my first crush when I was a boy and now
that I return to her a grown man, I'm still infatuated. Not all female
detectives had to be old snoops like Helen Hayes, au contraire! Susan
Dare is real, smart and full blooded as Louise Brooks, and each one of the
stories here is a winner. With Dare, Eberhart can indulge her passion for
travel writing in a way that seems fitting~whereas for Sarah Keate you
really had to think of a good reason to pry her out of the hospital
settings she thrived in. "Murder by Proxy," a story new to me, has a
great method for murder. "Feather Heels," set in an impossibly elegant
and exotic Miami, won't stump many readers but has the best of Eberhart's
winningly garish names (including, here, Gaar Turnham and Francine
Blowry). With "The Flowering Face" and "The Wedding Dress," Eberhart
achieves a perfect blend of detection and poetry, and the bizarre,
memorable "Postiche" anticipates the scary tales of madness perfected by
Hilda Lawrence in the 1940s. After these great peaks the collection moves
smoothly enough into the detective work of Mr. James Wickwire, who must
have been Eberhart's attempt to write the most colorless detective in all
of literature. It's bizarre how bland he is, and yet for the most part,
the stories in which he appears are pretty cool. They just lack the
divine spark of Susan Dare.
This recent Eberhart book is a bonus for all of her fans. It was compiled in 2007 using stories that had previously appeared in magazines. The stories are wonderful mysteries and a great opportunity to enjoy more of Eberhart's work. The paperback book is large enough for easy reading. A+++
Fast paced stories, some of the protagonists did stupids things - going off by themselves without thinking and ended up in danger.