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by Edward Gorman

Download Save the Last Dance for Me ePub
  • ISBN 0786243988
  • ISBN13 978-0786243983
  • Language English
  • Author Edward Gorman
  • Publisher Thorndike Pr (August 1, 2002)
  • Pages 335
  • Formats azw docx azw lrf
  • Category Mystery and Suspense
  • Subcategory Mystery
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  • Rating: 4.4
  • Votes: 898

He attended Coe College, but didn't graduate. Before becoming a full-time author, he worked for 23 years in advertising, public relations, and politics. His first novel, Rough Cut, was published in 1984

He attended Coe College, but didn't graduate. His first novel, Rough Cut, was published in 1984. He wrote crime fiction, horror fiction, and western fiction under his own name and several pseudonyms

Edward Gorman (Author). Book 4 of 10 in the Sam McCain Mysteries Series. Gorman has a lot of fun at the expense of his half-witted bigots.

Edward Gorman (Author). A stupid sheriff and the fanatical hillbillies who revere Muldaur's name don't make McCain's task any easier.

Ed Gorman, winner of the Shamus, the Spur, and the International Fiction Writer’s Award among others, is the author of many novels, including Cold . It turned out we were a they.

Ed Gorman, winner of the Shamus, the Spur, and the International Fiction Writer’s Award among others, is the author of many novels, including Cold Blue Midnight and Senatorial Privilege The Day the Music.

It was not until I was 8 years old that I discovered that not all the world was Roman Catholic. When John F. Kennedy ran for president, it became clear that many Americans outside our homogeneous enclave considered our faith strange and suspicious and threatening.

Онлайн библиотека КнигоГид непременно порадует читателей текстами иностранных и российских писателей, а также гигантским выбором классических и современных произведений. Все, что Вам необходимо - это найти по аннотации, названию или автору отвечающую Вашим требованиям.

New Year's dance floor. Vinyl Филипп Киркоров, Zivert, M'Dee.

Save The Last Dance For Me. Annotation.

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Talk about Save the Last Dance for Me

This is a very special 'private eye' series build around a lawyer and special court investigator, Sam McCain, in a small town in the midwest (Iowa) in the fifties and sixties. I absolutely love this series for several reasons:

1. the wonderful immersion into a different time, spanning a decade from the late fifties to the late sixties. The descriptions are detailed, evocative, engaging and realistic. They are exceptionally well done.
2. The protagonist is a likeable average joe, who is easy to identify with and tells the stories in the first person. His back story is as engaging and interesting as the murder mysteries he gets involved in, and has become the main reason why I have become hooked on this series.
3. There are plenty of connections to the pop culture of the fifties and sixties, which is a bonus for any lover of music, books, cinema and culture of the period.
4. The mysteries are well crafted and keep you guessing until the end.
5. Every single one of the entries in these series is excellent without exception and well worth the read.

Give this a try, you won't regret it. I read all 9 books in 2 months and can't wait for the 10th entry, 'Riders' on the Storm', that will appear in October 2014! I hope Mr. Gorman gets the opportunity to write several more before he retires.
I'm glad I'm reading Ed Gorman's work at this stage of my 52-year old life for a few reasons, one of which is the wonderful trip back in time it offers ... I'm an Americana and nostalgia buff, so this series is wonderful. Tricky Dick (before he was officially tricky) is coming to town and a hot-looking, hard drinking, conservative judge is anxious for his arrival. There are religious fanatics enough to cover all denominations and the Dems are about to put up JFK (a catholic) to run for President ... now add some poisonous snakes and those crazies that worship through them (casting off evil spirits by holding rattlers) and kill a couple of the preachers and ... no spoilers here, just praise.

Another reason I'm glad to read Gorman's stuff now is the protagonist to this series seems so ahead of his time (just very well grounded with flaws we all can relate to --- not just another drunk {in fact, not a drunk or cocaine addict at all}) ... and, of course, it's just nice to read a clever writer with sharp dialogue minus the attitude.

This is my 2nd McCain read and I'm enjoying it as much as the first ... and mostly because of the recurring characters ... I already know them ... and like them all (republicans and democrats) ... isn't that cool? I think so.

Okay, Amici, you know enough to READ this series by now ... very clever stuff.
Part sleuth, part sociologist, part legal beagle and champion of the underdog. Gorman's writing is fun and insightful at the same time. The ensemble of characters improves with age. These books are an enjoyable way to spend a day.
The plot is excellent, the humor outstanding but not overwhelming, McCain at his best. The author at his best. Have the rest of his McCain stories and intend to read them all.
The year is 1960. Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy are running for President, and Black River Falls finds itself home to a group of Ozark refugees. It is a fundamentalist mountain tribe seeking salvation at the fangs of rattlesnakes, and it has a penchant for distributing anti-Catholic and anti-Jewish pamphlets around town—a particular favorite, “The Jews Behind John F. Kennedy”. Sam is hired by the religious leader of the group, Reverend John Muldaur, to find (and presumably stop) the person who is trying to kill him.

It turns out Muldaur waited too long. He is poisoned at a snake handling ceremony, and Sam, who is a lawyer, a private eye, and an investigator for the county’s most prominent jurist, Judge Esme Ann Whitney, is tasked to solve the crime before Richard Nixon appears in Black River Falls on a campaign stop.

SAVE THE LAST DANCE FOR ME is as good as medium-boiled detective fiction gets. It is a finely executed mixture of charm and despair, small town politics, and human frailty. Its pages are littered with hate, lust, and, on occasion, violence—not to mention a mild wry humor—but it is also sensitive and empathetic. Mr Gorman describes the hill-country people with pity, fear, and understanding—

“You can’t estimate the effects of poverty on generation after generation of people, that sadness and despair and madness that so quietly but irrevocably shapes their thoughts and taints their souls.”

“There’s nothing more frightening than a youngster who has been completely indoctrinated by his parents. He’s as soulless as a robot and as deadly as an assassin. You can’t reason with him because the ‘on’ switch in his brain doesn’t operate. His parents turned it off permanently long ago.”

It is also sharply plotted, and downright entertaining. Sam McCain is likable, and, more importantly, recognizable. He enjoys reading paperbacks, watching film, and the company of fresh, attractive, and intelligent women. The townspeople are odd without being outrageous—the incompetent but pitiable Chief of Police Cliff Sykes Jr., the smug rubber band flipping Judge Whitney, and the beatnik and sleaze writer Kenny Thibodeau are allowed to breath without dominating the tale.