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by Nevada Barr

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  • ISBN 0425197255
  • ISBN13 978-0425197257
  • Language English
  • Author Nevada Barr
  • Publisher Berkley; Reissue edition (June 1, 2004)
  • Formats lrf docx txt mobi
  • Category Mystery and Suspense
  • Subcategory Mystery
  • Size ePub 1183 kb
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  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 974

Lately, visitors to Mesa Verde have been bringing home more than photos--they're also carrying a strange, deadly disease. And once it strikes, park ranger Anna Pigeon must find the very human source of the evil wind.

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She hid for a time in a bottle and then decided to move on to a new life and new environment - The National Park Service. She is now a park ranger, paramedic and law enforcement officer. She has new challenges, new people, new territory and new skills to deal with

Track of the Cat. Nevada Barr Collection.

the third anna pigeon mystery. 1234567891011121314151617181920. This book, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form without permission. Published simultaneously in Canada ISBN 0-399-14015-8 Printed in the United States of America. 1. ^ No graveyards; that bothered Anna.

Ill Wind is the third novel in Nevada Barr's gripping crime series featuring park ranger Anna Pigeon. Nevada Barr has a fabulous way of writing and her descriptions of the beautiful landscapes and natural beauty of these parks is just wonderful'. Perfect for fans of Jo Nesbo and Sue Grafton . When national park ranger Anna Pigeon needs to find peace, she turns to nature of solace. Lucky for her, she's been newly assigned to Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. Well-constructed mystery which keeps you guessing until the end'.

10 3. Books by Nevada Barr: Bittersweet. 9, 10. Hard Truth- Pigeon 13., 10. Firestorm-Pigeon 4. Burn- Pigeon 16. Flashback.

Nevada Barr (born March 1, 1952) is an American author best known for her Anna Pigeon series of mystery novels set in national parks in the United States

Nevada Barr (born March 1, 1952) is an American author best known for her Anna Pigeon series of mystery novels set in national parks in the United States. She grew up in Johnstonville, California, and finished college at the University of California, Irvine.

Track of the Cat.

Lately, visitors to Mesa Verde have been bringing home more than photos-they're also carrying a strange, deadly disease. And once it strikes, park ranger Anna Pigeon must find the very human source of the evil wind. About the Author: Formerly an actress and a park ranger, Nevada Barr is now an award-winning and New York Times–bestselling novelist and creator of the Anna Pigeon mysteries, and numerous other books and short stories.

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NO SPOILER HERE! I will not give you a “Reader’s Digest” condensed version of this book.
Nevada Barr’s Anna Pigeon series is an exceptional creation. It is unique in that each one of the books is set in a different National Park, though there are some doubles. Ms. Barr’s descriptions of the park, the inner workings of the National Park System, history, environment, flora, fauna and applicable issues make reading these mysteries a fulfilling adventure. Like many such series, it will serve the reader well to read them in order. This isn’t necessary as each mystery will stand alone quite well. But Anna’s personal story is the thread that makes the series complete. Anna herself is a masterful creation. Human, flawed, introspective, complex, she is the window through which the reader sees much of the beauty our National Park System has to offer. From Mesa Verde, the Florida Keys, Lake Superior to environments that are dry, wet, cold, and hot, the drastically changing settings and Anna’s evolving personal life keep this series fresh and engaging. It will be no surprise to the reader that Ms. Barr is a former Park Ranger. I’ll admit I haven’t read the last three books in the series – with good reason. They are my emergency kit. When I have waded through a piece of substandard literary junk and need a dose of quality writing, an Anna Pigeon mystery is a perfect fix.
Read from July 17 to 18, 2014

This novel was my first experience reading Nevada Barr and I immediately liked her Anna Pigeon character. She's strong, a bit of a loner, and flawed. In other words she's human and relatable - the kind of characters that I love and want to read more novels with them in them. I know a bit more about the Old Ones than I want too, but the history of the Anasazis didn't detract from the story; it helped set the mood for the "the veil", subsequent rescues, and murders. I don't want to sat too much more because I'll give away the plot. I know this much: I'll definitely will read more in this series.
I love Nevada Barr! I love Anna Pigeon. I think that Anna was not as strong as she usually is in the stories and was kind of wandering around aimlessly, however. I think it took an awfully long long long long time for them to figure out what was going on.

I got it by the 2nd respiratory rescue. Sadly, that was pretty early on. The new age ranger was just too pushy and continued shoving plot points down your throat until I wanted to scream at the book that all-right-all-ready-I-get-it! And then bop Anna over the head for being a blind and deaf idiot.

Still, it's lovely to visit with Nevada Barr's lovely writing style and to keep up with Anna who I miss between books!
I usually don't read this kind of fiction but it was recommended when I took a trip to the Mancos/Mesa Verde area. I totally loved this book! I liked the characters and the mystery of it all. The best part about it was how it really brought Mesa Verde to life for me. When I visited the park, I felt like I had already spent a bunch of time there. I even recognized places described in the book. It was clear that the author had done her research and really knew the history and geography of the park, and a reader can only benefit from that kind of diligence. If I ever go back to that area, I will be happy to re-read this book!
Perfect combination of characters, intrigue, and environmental conspiracy. Anna is no maiden in distress , but not the typical Wonder Woman either. She's flawed in a way that makes her believable and lovable. The storyline moves at a pace that holds your interest and keeps you guessing. The clues are there and revealed as Anna discovers them. The descriptions of the park are nothing less than magic. Beautifully written and delightfully told. A rare environmental degradation story that doesn't leave you depressed and desperate for vengeance.
Anna Pigeon, is now at home in Colorado's Mesa Verde National Park, but murder also invades the Anasazi ruins. Why do some of the tourists die while viewing the caves? This becomes a significant question when a child dies; the previous deaths were attributed to natural circumstance. The value of medical training for a park ranger is detailed in giving aid to these unfortunate visitors.
Death continues to visit this land where the question of "what happened to the Anasazi" is as ingrained to archaeologists in the real world as it is in the world of Anna Pigeon. It is clear that Nevada Barr has studied the ancient Native American history and searched for answers to this question. Is not a journey into history, but an adventure into murder and money.
Nevada Barr excels in creating believable characters, situations and solutions.
Winds always blow across the barren landscape of Mesa Verde National Park, but Anna Pigeon finds them deadly with the murder and the death of a child. One of the great mysteries of the southwest are the Anasazi who left behind beautiful pottery and tiny fragments of their once flourishing civilization.
Nevada Barr captures the marvelous wind cut features of the park in her third Anna Pigeon (park ranger) mystery/suspense novel. A tough subject to handle as it has been done so frequently, Ms. Barr's fine writing and style lifts this one above the rest.
A captivating visit with an old friend.
I enjoyed it like I have all the previous Ann Pigeon Mysteries. I amazes me every time how she describes the National Parks and comes up with a new detailed crime to fit the scene. I love Nevada Barrs writing style. Need I say more.