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by Anne Canadeo

Download While My Pretty One Knits (A Black Sheep Knitting Mystery) ePub
  • ISBN 1410417964
  • ISBN13 978-1410417961
  • Language English
  • Author Anne Canadeo
  • Publisher Kennebec Large Print; Large Print edition (August 19, 2009)
  • Pages 381
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  • Category Mystery and Suspense
  • Subcategory Mystery
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  • Rating: 4.6
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The Black Sheep Knitters -- Maggie, Lucy, Dana, Suzanne, and Phoebe -- meet once a week without fail, sharing the varied and colorful skeins of their lives as much as knitting tips, recipes, and small-town gossip, and creating an intricate, durable pattern of friendship. Now a shocking murder has peaceful Plum Harbor, Massachusetts, in knots -- and the Black Sheep women must herd together to protect one of their own from a scandalous frame-up.

Maggie Messina, beloved owner of the Black Sheep Knitting Shop, is thrilled to be hosting a workshop for one of her former students, now a celebrity in the knitting world. But the celebration is upstaged when Amanda Goran, the owner of the rival Knitting Nest, is found dead in her shop on the other side of town.

Maggie had reasons to dislike Amanda, a thorn in her side ever since Maggie's shop surpassed Amanda's in popularity. Then again, it wasn't hard to dislike Amanda -- the contentious woman, whose marriage was on the rocks, seemed to specialize in causing misery all over town. But the pointed evidence has a detective casting a suspicious eye on Maggie. She may be a whiz at knitting, but can she keep the police from needling her before her shop, her reputation, and her circle of friends become unraveled?

She is best known for the acclaimed Black Sheep Knitting Mysteries and the New York Times bestselling Cape Light and Angel Island series.

She is best known for the acclaimed Black Sheep Knitting Mysteries and the New York Times bestselling Cape Light and Angel Island series. Anne lives with her husband, daughter, and a scruffy Retriever in Northport, New York-a village on the Long Island Sound very much like the towns depicted in her books.

While My Pretty One Knits (A Black Sheep Knitting Mystery).

Maggie’s knitting shop, the Black Sheep, covered the first floor of a meticulously restored Victorian, the kind . Anne canadeo series: Black Sheep Knitting. Other author's books: While My Pretty One Knits.

Maggie’s knitting shop, the Black Sheep, covered the first floor of a meticulously restored Victorian, the kind real-estate brokers might call a jewel box. Lucy knew that was just a clever way of saying the rooms were small and tight, designed for diminutive, nineteenth-century folk, but these days more suited to retail space.

now these women - Lucy, Dana, Suzanne and Phoebe - will do anything for each other and in While My Pretty One Knits, their commitment to Maggie will be While My Pretty. it is a story about friendship and the depths of that friendship among a group of women.

Meeting weekly with the fellow members of her knitting circle, Massachusetts knitting-shop owner Maggie Messina is wrongfully suspected in the murder of a rival.

Meeting weekly with the fellow members of her knitting circle, Massachusetts knitting-shop owner Maggie Messina is wrongfully suspected in the murder of a rival, a situation for which her loyal friends band together to prove Maggie's innocence. While My Pretty One Knits (Black Sheep Knitting Mysteries). Get specific details about this product from customers who own it.

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The knitting group had first met right here, in the Black Sheep, at one of Maggie’s beginner classes last summer. There had simply been good chemistry and a true connection between them-five women at different stages in life, with different occupations but similar interests. And they were united by a common desire to master enticing strands of yarn and unwieldily sets of needles.

Author: Anne Canadeo.

Enter the stellar Anne Canadeo w/ her exemplary mystery debut While My Pretty One Knits. Her weekly knitting group the Black Sheep Knitters try to cheer up the depressed Maggie, but one of them Lucy Berger goes further; she investigates the murder seeking a different suspect.

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The action centers around The Black Sheep Yarn Shop, where assorted friends of the owner, Maggie, gather for a weekly knitting group. The story is told by Lucy, one of the group. The victim is an owner of a rival yarn shop, and Maggie (among other people) is accused of the murder. Of course, Maggie's friends intend to investigate the murder and clear their friend. And then very little happens. There are weekly knitting sessions, in which every one wonders what's happening with the investigation. A few questions are asked of a few other suspects. Two-thirds of the way through the book, nothing of any significance had happened. Maggie gets detained by the police, but gets a lawyer and is released. The knitters wonder what's happening. The victim's husband is arrested. The knitters are relieved. Then the real killer (who I figured had done it from early on) is revealed.

The most interesting page in the book was Lucy getting ready for a date--that was the first time she had shown any personality or humor. The other members of the knitting group were flat, not really full-dimensional. Maggie wasn't all that interesting as a character, mostly because we never saw anything from her point of view.

I probably won't read another one is this series, though I think it has potential, if the characters are more developed, and if the pacing is picked up.
I enjoyed this knitting book very much.
Maggie is the owner of a knitting shop in Plum Harbor. There is one other shop in town the Knitting Nest on the other side of town owned by Amanda, who turns up dead on the day that Maggie is having a big demonstration of felted knitted items by a famous former student of Maggie's.

Of course the police want to blame the murder on Maggie. Simple wraps it up over and done quickly. But Maggie did not do it.

It took me until almost the end to figure it out with Lucy one of the knitters of the group and Maggie's friend.

The book was sell worth reading and I will look for others in the series.
This is the first book I read from Anne Canadeo. I have read all the books she wrote under Katherine Spencer with Thomas Kinkade. I wanted to keep reading more of her books after his death so I looked online and found her other name.
I really like this book. Real people with enough mystery to keep you thinking: "who dunnit?".
I just ordered the second one in this series and hope that it is as good as the first one.
since I was immediately able to figure out the "who dunnit" angle (given all the "hints" the author shared, no need for a Sherlock Holmes here). Having said that, I did enjoy the Black Sheep group, as a knitter/crocheter, I also enjoyed reading the artsy parts as well.

The extent of my disappointment is that since I've gotten into reading "creative" cozy mysteries, I've truly enjoyed (5 star ratings given) several other books of this type so much more...and one doesn't have to be a crafter at all...So I will share some other authors with you--Cricket McRae, Joann Campbell Slan, Elizabeth Lynn Casey, Clare O'Donohue--all of whom I give two thumbs up!!

Another complaint which is totally not the author's doing has to do with Pocket Books Publishing acute number of typos, editing errors gone wild and I personally found all of those to cut into the flow of the read....JMHO....I spent time in my youth as a proofreader so I often find myself just picking up this stuff completely without intent.

Just so you guys know, I have already begun Book 2 in this series....hoping NOT to know the killer before page 50!!!
This book is about the formation of a knitting group consisting of Maggie, the owner of the knitting store, Lucy, Dana, Suzanne, and Phoebe. From reading the back blurb of the book, I thought the sleuth was going to be Maggie but it wasn't.

There is a book signing at the store for a former pupil, now author, of Maggie's. Cara Newhouse, author of a popular book on felting (a process done to completed projects.) Everyone is so excited and the five ladies help set up the store.

To their surprise, Maggie's arch-rival appears to actually give compliments and announce that she would attend the book signing. This leaves the ladies almost speechless with shock. Amanda Goren, owner of Knitting Nest, formerly the only shop of its type in Plum Harbor, MA, has made an concerted effort to cause woe for Maggie, ever since her shop opened. Why the change of heart?

The Book signing day arrives and prior the author's talk, another customer arrives with the news that Amanda has been found dead. Maggie knows she will be the main suspect.

Lucy decides to do a bit of investigating on her own.

This was a nice and pleasant cozy mystery. The characters are likable and interesting. Knitters will become fond of the newly named "Black Sheep."
Love to read a murder mystery that is not real graphic and gory. There is a little romantic involvement but that is also not real graphic. Nice read.
This is a fun read. I'm going to see what else this author has written because I'm enjoying this first one so much.
I had high hopes for this new series, but found it somewhat disappointing. The mystery and murder were too easy to figure out, and the prose was flat and so were the characters. I'm hoping the second book in the series will be better, because there are some positives here, the town sounds charming, the knitting shop and Maggie, the owner, are well fleshed out, and the new and promising relationhip between Lucy with the Vet promises some romance. Tink, the doggy, was also a nice "character" in the book. I also agree with another reviewer about the way too many typos in the book, it indicates very poor proofreading, and it's very distracting and annoying to the reader.