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by Julie Smith

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  • ISBN 0892961201
  • ISBN13 978-0892961207
  • Language English
  • Author Julie Smith
  • Publisher Mysterious Pr; First Edition edition (May 1, 1985)
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  • Category Mystery and Suspense
  • Subcategory Mystery
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  • Rating: 4.7
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When the private detective whose reports he has been ghostwriting is killed, Paul McDonald becomes the prime suspect in his boss's murder and himself the target of a murder attempt

Praise for TRUE-LIFE ADVENTURE, the FIRST book in the Paul Mcdonald series by Edgar-winning author .  . booksBnimble Publishing. New Orleans, La. True-Life Adventure. Cover by Nevada Barr.

Praise for TRUE-LIFE ADVENTURE, the FIRST book in the Paul Mcdonald series by Edgar-winning author . Smith (sometimes known as Julie Smith): One more blithe San Fran outing with a likable journalist-sleuth by the name of Paul Mcdonal. mith improves with each story and this is her best to date. Originally published by Warner Books, a Time Warner Company. All rights are reserved.

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FREE shipping on qualifying offers. When the private detective whose reports he has been ghostwriting is killed, Paul McDonald becomes the prime suspect in his boss's murder and himself the target of a murder attempt.

True-Life Adventure book. True Life Adventure- A Paul McDonald Mystery by Julie Smith is a 2013 publication. I have always liked Julie Smith’s mysteries- from Rebecca Schwartz cozies to the Skip Langdon series. This one is new to me, but because I know this author, I was sure I would enjoy this one. I wasn’t sure what to make of Paul initially. He is a mystery writer turned detective in San Francisco. He’s a little odd, pretty funny, and before long I decided I liked him despite his foibles.

What better place for a serial killer to operate than the Twelve-Step Programs, where anonymous is a way of life? To catch the Twelve-Step killer who calls himself the Axeman, New Orleans police detective Skip Langdon hangs in the meetings themselves-AA, Codependents Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous-for some pretty funny scenes. When PI Talba Wallis gets a frantic phone call from Orleans Parish Prison, the last person she expects to hear from is her boss's lawyer daughter, Angie. Popped for drug possession, Angie insists the drugs were planted.

A classic mystery from the Edgar Award-winning author of New Orleans Mourning.

True-life adventure : a novel. by. Smith, Julie, 1944-. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books.

Used availability for Julie Smith's True Life Adventure. May 1985 : USA Hardback. November 1986 : USA Paperback.

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ISBN 13: 9781625171139. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read

ISBN 13: 9781625171139. Other readers will always be interested in your opinion of the books you've read. Whether you've loved the book or not, if you give your honest and detailed thoughts then people will find new books that are right for them.

Talk about True-Life Adventure

This is a fast-paced book with little depth. Told in first person, it lacks description (except for one physical description of a woman) and relies on conveniences and gimmicks. It's poorly edited with missing words, odd phrasing, and wrong word choices. Ironically, there is a challenge at the end of the book for readers to report proofreading errors to make up to $20.

The author does not go into depth on character backgrounds, and even the postlude is skimpy. The setting is San Francisco, and we don't even get any descriptive detail about that area.

Sorry to say this book didn't do much for me.
I can only say the hero didn't ring very true for me. Something about him came across to me as a bit wishy-washy. I didn't envy the love-interest, certainly. The story was pretty good but seemed dated. I'm not interested in reading the second installment.
At the end of the book, there is a call for readers to report verified errors, but only those that leave no room for judgment calls. The author apparently only cares about misspellings, not if a sentence could be reworded for clarity or the myriad other things an editor would look for. The promise is to pay readers $1 for every error caught, up to twenty.

No, that's not how the publishing process works. Don't make your readers suffer through a poorly edited book and then offer to pay them a puny amount of money for doing the job you should have done before publishing it. That's what editors are for.

Readers, don't waste your time or money for a book whose author doesn't go out of his way to ensure you you enjoy his book.
Well written with good plot and mystery but main antagonist came across as a jerk. Hard to root for him. Secondary characters were well done but the humor seemed somewhat forced and continued to pull me from the story. Get rid of Mcdonald and base your stories on Sardis, then I might read some more.
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I was predisposed to like TRUE-LIFE ADVENTURE by J. Paul Drew. The protagonist, Paul Mcdonald, is an ex-reporter. I am an ex-reporter. His goal is to be a successful fiction writer, except without much luck. My goal has always been to be a successful fiction writer. Except without much luck. Add to that a light, breezy style, a plausible mystery plot, and a beautiful woman that falls in love with Mcdonald, flaws and all.

Of course, what sounds like a winning combination does not always provide satisfaction. Fortunately, Drew delivers the goods.

I particularly enjoyed comments about being a reporter:

“You’ve heard about journalists burning themselves out? Too much true-life adventure is what does it. Making things up saves a lot of wear and tear.” (Explaining why writing mysteries is better than journalism…a point I do not entirely agree with.)

“I plunged in, hoping she wasn’t talented enough to get a writing job and ruin her life.” (Making a point about how self-destructive a writing life can be.)

“…Susanna was a journalist, and it was probably no accident she’d become one— she was just like all the others I knew. The thing she hated worst was not knowing something.” (A common trait of reporters: an insatiable curiosity.)

“Journalism’s a dirty job and all that, but it has its cheap little thrills.” (An understatement about some of the high points of the job.)

“He just couldn’t understand why anyone in the world wouldn’t want to talk to a reporter any time of the day or night. Newspaper folks are funny that way.” (True.)

I should also comment on the plot; after all, this is a mystery. So, here goes…

The story is just fine. A mystery fan who isn’t even an ex-reporter will not be disappointed.
A complete novel and one i did enjoy reading.
A mystery isn't my first choice of a story, but changing up every so often is a good thing.
I quite liked the development of the main characters. Can't say the same for the "bad" ones. lol
Nice twist to the usual plot: a 'getting over the hill', big guy who's not in the best of shape. He was/is a reporter, novelist and ghost writer that finds himself in the thick of things when the PI he was ghostwriting for is murdered. Obligatory hostile dumb cop.
And that's all i'll say so as not to tell any spoilers.
Here is one fact paced, almost breathless, mystery/thriller. Ghost writing reports for a detective, Paul Drew suddenly finds himself with a dead man in his house - in fact it is the very detective he worked for. With no help from one nasty police detective, Drew finds himself drawn into a world of greed and glory driven dreams, Drew is himself almost killed, as yet another man is murdered.

In an adventure that takes him from San Francisco, to the California ranch land, to the Grand Canyon, drew with the help of a new love, begins to unravel crimes of greed and personal glory.

Jump on this roller coaster of read! Forget your phone! Grab your snacks and call in sick if you have to!
Fast paced, interesting, enjoyable mystery. Newspaper reporter turned sleuth, with a nasty cop nemesis. A cure for leukemia? Maybe? The "crazy scientist" who uses his daughter for a guinea pig to see if the cure works, several murders of people who get in the way of the cure, then the girl goes missing, along with the scientist's ex wife, then more murders, very enjoyable book. Keeps you turning pages at a rapid rate till the story is done, and you're left wondering where the next book by J.Paul Drew is coming out, because you want to read that one, too!