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by Norman Bogner

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  • ISBN 0709064209
  • ISBN13 978-0709064206
  • Language English
  • Author Norman Bogner
  • Publisher Robert Hale Ltd (June 25, 1999)
  • Pages 382
  • Formats doc mbr docx lrf
  • Category Mystery and Suspense
  • Subcategory Thrillers and Suspense
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  • Rating: 4.7
  • Votes: 506

Norman Bogner (November 13, 1935 –) is a New York Times Bestselling- author whose range of work has included several novels such as Seventh Avenue, The Deadliest Art, To Die in Provence and The Madonna Complex, as well as stage plays, and movie and . .

Norman Bogner (November 13, 1935 –) is a New York Times Bestselling- author whose range of work has included several novels such as Seventh Avenue, The Deadliest Art, To Die in Provence and The Madonna Complex, as well as stage plays, and movie and television scripts. His writing career spans nearly 50 years, with his first novel, In Spells No Longer Bound, published in 1961 and his most recent novel, 99 Sycamore Place, published in 2009.

Norman Bogner's first thriller in 15 years is the grisly, noir side of Peter Mayle's .

Norman Bogner's first thriller in 15 years is the grisly, noir side of Peter Mayle's sweet books about Provence (A Year in Provence, Chasing Cezanne, Hotel Pastis). we need more of these evil adventures in provence!

To Die in Provence book. For the last fifteen years Bogner has worked in Hollywood, but To Die in Provence marks his triumphant return to novel writing.

To Die in Provence book. Jennifer Bowen, a young professor of art history, is thrilled to have been hired by Adam Gold, one of the most successful TV producers in Amer Norman Bogner's novels have sold eleven million copies in the .

This gripping novel from New York Times bestselling author Normal Bogner tells the story of Jennifer Bowen. To Die In Provence - Norman Bogner. She's a young professor of art history hired by Adam Gold, one of the most successful television producers in America, to keep an eye on his spoiled nineteen-year-old daughter, Maddie, while she studies French in Aix-en-Provence. Jennifer's eager to get Maddie away from Boy, Maddie's ex-con boyfriend.

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Close X. Learn about new offers and get more deals by joining our newsletter. Bogner offers a spooky evocation of the horror that can live alongside all that great food and scenery. We first find top copper Michel Danton recovering from shotgun wounds while working in his father's restaurant in Aix, where "fresh strings of Arles sausage and legs of jambon de Bayonne slyly waltzed on their hooks in the window.

Seventh Avenue tells the story of tenement-born Jay Blackman's rise to become king of Manhattan's garment district at the height of the Great Depression. But Blackman's restlessness and competitiveness tears the seams of his personal life. Based on all the sightings and reports Bradford reads about, he hopes to locate a mammal of some kind. From his early student days in anthropology, Bradford theorizes that such a creature could exist in these climatic conditions, even though his colleagues at Harvard scoff at the notion.

Bogner (To Die in Provence) has smoothly updated this novel, first published in the '70s. The story line is more of a character study than a thriller as Norman Bogner provides a deep look into Teddy and Barbara's thought processes and inner gut emotions. Less a thriller than a portrait of obsession, his engrossing if melodramatic tale is furnished with several explicit sex scenes. Short on plot but long on atmosphere, it plays on fantasies of high-stakes living in the moneyed circles of New York and Boston.

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The novel is a charming, compelling sexual/psychological thriller with European flair. It is set in Aix-en-Provence with lots of local color and texture, including French gastronomy, right down to the kitchen smells. In the opening chapter, Provence homicide detective Michel Danton is trying to get himself back to duty and off the medical furlough and get over being dumped by Yvette, his live-in girlfriend and tabloid TV reporter in her own right. Circumstances, including a couple of gruesome homicides, bring him together with Jennifer Bowen, a young, attractive American art history prof who is there doing field work. Arrangements for her research stipend are a bit unusual, but sufficient for her purposes. Plane ticket and living expenses were paid by Mr. & Mrs. Adam Gold, Los Angeles TV producer, in return for her keeping an eye on their rebellious daughter Maddie. The problem is that tarty Maddie has a trouble-making has brought along her friend, "Boy". As the story unwinds, he is revealed as a cunning psychopath. Can unhorsed Det. Danton climb back into the saddle and get his man? Veteran storyteller Norman Bogner spins a fascinating tale, building hero Michel Danton and heroine Jennifer Bowen from flesh, sinew, intellect and emotion, and providing tantalizing peeks into the minds of rebellious Maddie and psychopathic "Boy." Francophile and Francophone Norman Bogner has an eye for the landscape around the French Riviera and a good ear for the tone, rhythm of the language and the nuances of Gaelic wit. It made me wish I had stayed longer when motoring through in 1971.
Very Old Chap
Imagine being in Peter Mayle Land, with lavender all around you, the Mediterranean sun gently caressing your cheeks. Now, imagine being sucked into a veritable nightmare of angst and suspense. "To Die in Provence" combines excellent detective work with gorgeous scenery, and I found myself unable to stop turning the pages.

Anyone who loves France, and anyone who loves a good psychological thriller, should immediately buy this novel. As a novelist myself, and as a Frenchwoman, I appreciated Bogner's skill with words as well as his skill moving people around a devious, delicious plot.
I looked forward to this book because of the plot and the location (Provence)and bought it to read on my vacation flight. I was appalled at the awfulness of the writing. The dialogue was atrocious and the characters were completely wrong for the 1990s. I've read books that weren't brilliantly written before because the story and/or the characters were strong enough to overcome the the author's expository limitations, but there is a degree of dreadfulness that completely gets in the way of the plot, no matter how ingenious or interesting. That was the case here. I was only able to read about 30 pages before throwing it (literally) into the waste paper basket. Warning: Don't waste your money. P.S.: I didn't wish to give this book ANY stars. Your program for submitting reviews insists on at least one. Don't be fooled. It didn't deserve even that one. sliver
Steady pacing, gruesome murder and complicated people and situations make this an interesting read. It's the direct opposite of an idyllic stay in the bucolic French countryside.
yes, the character of BOY would certainly make dr. lecter most proud!!! just about the perfect sociopath ever and wow!! what a setting......provence! bogner captured the true essence and flavors of this marvelous area perfectly and added dashes of such amazing characters....this would make an awesome tv mini-series...many juicy roles and colorful locales....I LOVED IT!!! cannot wait to read a sequel with the incredible local cop!!! will there be one soooooon???????
The setting of this book seemed interesting--I enjoy books that convey a real sense of place, but by the time I got about 150 pages into it, I quit. Every character was unappealing, the murders were incredibly grisly, and I had a stack of better books waiting to be read. At least I hadn't bought the book, someone shared it with me, so I didn't waste my money, only my time. You know you've made a mistake when you keep wondering how much longer it will take to finish!!