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by Steve Brewer

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  • ISBN 1932557628
  • ISBN13 978-1932557626
  • Language English
  • Author Steve Brewer
  • Publisher Bleak House Books (September 15, 2007)
  • Pages 382
  • Formats rtf doc lit mbr
  • Category Mystery and Suspense
  • Subcategory Thrillers and Suspense
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  • Rating: 4.2
  • Votes: 807

Taken in by billionaire Dominick Sheffield as a child, Solomon Gage grows up as a loyal defender and troubleshooter for the family's business until Sheffield's sons become entangled in a dangerous deal involving African uranium and Solomon must try to convince Dominick of his son's shady schemes.

Solomon Gage is a troubleshooter for billionaire Dominick Sheffield and.

Solomon Gage is a troubleshooter for billionaire Dominick Sheffield and. STEVE BREWER is the author of more than 25 books, including the recent crime novels A BOX OF PANDORAS, PARTY DOLL, LOST VEGAS and CALABAMA. His first novel, LONELY STREET, was made into a 2009 independent Hollywood comedy starring Robert Patrick, Jay Mohr and Joe Mantegna. Under his new pen name Max Austin, Brewer is writing a series of hard-boiled crime stories set in Albuquerque, NM.

Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. t on October 24, 2011.

Solomon Gage is a troubleshooter for billionare Dominick Sheffield and family. I found Cutthroat a taut, well-written thriller and I sped through it in a few hours.

The Brewer prose is clumsy, his characters nuance-free, but the Brewer (Monkey Man, 2006, et. plotting is. . plotting is operatic enough to counterbalance boredom.

Used availability for Steve Brewer's Cutthroat. September 2007 : USA Paperback.

He has written for many other national magazines, including American Health, Better Homes and Gardens, Esquire, Family PC, and Good Housekeeping.

Steve Brewer writes books about crooks. His new thriller COLD CUTS is his 31st published book. BANK JOB (which is in development in Hollywood) and my other crime novels are currently 99 cents each on Kindle. 5 Nisan, 11:30 ·. Herkese Açık.

Brewer, Steve 1957–PERSONAL:Born February 2, 1957, in Bremerton, WA; son of . Cutthroat, Bleak House Books (Madison, WI), 2007. Bubba mabry" mystery novel series. Education: University of Arkansas-Little Rock, . Hobbies and other interests: Crossword puzzles, blues music, reading. Source for information on Brewer, Steve 1957–: Contemporary Authors, New Revision Series dictionary. Lonely Street, Pocket Books (New York, NY), 1994. Baby Face, Pocket Books (New York, NY), 1995.

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Solomon Gage is a hired gun/bodyguard/all-purposes cleaner for the Sheffields, a mega-rich family whose patriarch earned his fortune in some very questionable ways. Now, Dominick Sheffield is blessed with a family of spoiled sharks, drug addicts, and inveterate losers, while Gage - in many ways the son Dominick never had - continues to pick up their messes and silently suffer their torment. However, when Dominick's drug-addicted granddaughter is abducted from a treatment center and subsequently killed in a very unsavory way and Gage suspects the family's involvement, the bodyguard is pushed to his limit.

The remainder of the novel finds Gage working to solve granddaughter Abby's murder and find out the truth behind whatever bad business dealings Dominick's sons have gotten themselves into, in an effort to get back into the old man's good graces. There are plenty of twists and turns and a surprisingly complex emotional journey for Gage himself as he struggles to separate himself from the surrogate father who's been his only real family since he was a teen. The laconic Solomon Gage is a refreshing change of pace from the wisecracking tough guys who dominate the genre, and while Dominick's sons are occasionally almost cartoonish in their villainy, Brewer more than makes up for this with his fluid writing style and a surprisingly poignant twist in the final act. The novel has enough action and wanton violence to please the most ardent adrenaline junkies, but balances that with a richly textured protagonist, a very sweet romantic subplot, and an intelligent enough storyline to engage readers hoping for a bit more substance. All in all, a thoroughly pleasurable read that I would recommend to any fans of action and suspense.
Solomon Gage has worked as Dominick Sheffield's right hand man for over a decade. Solomon does whatever Dominick asks him to do, whether it's kidnapping his druggie granddaughter and checking her into rehab or something more. Solomon's mother was Dominick's administrative asst and sort of a "friend with benefits," to Dominick. When she died in a car accident, Dominick took then 14-year old Solomon under his wing as a sort-of surrogate son, paid for his college education and then hired him. Solomon is the perfect employee, loyal, grateful, and he answers only to Dominick. Solomon has come to feel like a member of the family, but is resented by Dominick's two sons who are greedy, vicious, and who can't wait until the day they can fire him. When Solomon inadvertently finds out about secret plans they have to interfere in another country's sovereignty, in order to access that country's scarce resources, he's compelled to act and that's when the real fun begins.

I found Cutthroat a taut, well-written thriller and I sped through it in a few hours. The book surprised me in that, although I enjoyed reading it, I didn't like any of the characters, including Solomon, who basically sold his soul (although he managed to justify it), because of his loyalty and affection for Dominick, who didn't deserve it. Solomon wasn't driven by money, power, or lust, the usual motivations of those who do dirty work for the ultra-rich, but he was almost as morally bankrupt as someone who is. If you like thrillers you'll probably like this one.
I enjoyed this book far more than I expected. The characters were well crafted and the stories pace sped along nicely. The authors syntax was ok and his descriptions and informative elements prove he did a little research, but did not go to the lengths of more revered authors. But if you want fast paced, action packed reading this is a WINNER. The biggest disappointment was that it ended.
this a good story based on loyalty to a man who has been more like a father than an employer, but even loyalty can be pushed when the sons of the man he holds in great respect for are going behind his back in his company and breaking the law all ion the name of money. this story has a lot of action that keeps on moving through out the story.
Fast Lovebird
Steve Brewer really knows how to weave interesting (sometimes weird) characters, wonderfully descriptive writing, and action-filled plots into some of the most entertaining books you will ever read.
Solomon Gage is a fixer for a wealthy industrialist, solving all the problems the big man and his family get involved in. When Gage discovers that the industrialist's sons are involved in a dangerous and harebrained scheme to make a fortune, he's faced with his toughest problem yet.

"Cutthroat" is darker and more serious than most of Brewer's books, which is something of a mixed blessing. Although it's a fine and engaging story, I found myself missing the comedic overtones of most of his work. (A lot of authors can write books like this one, but Brewer is one of the few who mixes comedy with suspense and makes it work.)

For readers interested in an entertaining, straight-ahead thriller, however, this is recommended.
"Cutthroat" was the first book I read by novelist, Steve Brewer. I had recently met Steve and wanted to check out the "local writer." I was glad I took the time!
I found Cutthroat to be fast paced, intelligent and tightly written. The book held my interest from start to finish and I sped through it.
I knew that the book was a far cry from Brewer's "claim to fame" Bubba Mabry series. Although I had not yet read the series, I had heard enough to know that the series was considered to be a fun romp. There is no such fun romp in Cutthroat. What you get instead is well-written, adrenaline filled scenes.
I finish the book knowing that Steve Brewer was good, really good and that I would be reading all of his books in the future.