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by David Poyer

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  • ISBN 0312983859
  • ISBN13 978-0312983857
  • Language English
  • Author David Poyer
  • Publisher St. Martin's Paperbacks (June 16, 2003)
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  • Category Mystery and Suspense
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With blistering action sequences and incredibly detailed military insight, Black Storm takes the reader along with the most covert Special Ops group straight to Saddam Hussein's stronghold, through harrowing instances of close-quarters combat, and into the heart of danger.A Maniacal LeaderWith coalition forces amassing at the Iraqi border, Saddam Hussein issues a terrifying threat: In response to any Allied offense, he will use his most secret weapon to destroy Israel. Counting down the hours before their forces invade, American commanders must decide whether this threat is the last-minute posturing of a madman-or a calculated promise from one of the world's most feared commanders.An Impossible MissionWith thousands of innocent lives hanging in the balance, a long-range force reconnaissance team has been assembled and given the most daunting task: locate a weapon that no one can find or identify. Lieutenant Commander Dan Lenson, attached to the team to help program the airstrike that will cripple Saddam, finds himself humping through enemy territory with a group of hardened marines. They're headed straight for central Baghdad in what will be the most dangerous operation of the war. Now Lenson must decide whether the secret he carries is worth the life of his teammates-and his own...

I've been a David Poyer fan for over a decade, and his storytelling abilities-always first-rate-just got better and better.

I've been a David Poyer fan for over a decade, and his storytelling abilities-always first-rate-just got better and better. Black Storm is a timely, gripping, compelling yarn told by a master. -Ralph Peters, author of Beyond Terror and The War in 2020. David Poyer has captured the essence of what it is like on long-range patrols.

BLOCKBUSTER PRAISE FOR BLACK STORM: A must-rea. ot since James Jones’ Thin Red Line have readers . Tales of the modern navy. Read all of the spellbinding novels by david poyer. ot since James Jones’ Thin Red Line have readers experienced the gripping fear of what it’s like to fight an enemy at close quarter. oyer’s. 0100 22 February 1991: The Saudi Desert.

Praise for David Poyer's novels of the Modern Navy: Black Storm "No one writes gritty, realistic military fiction like David Poyer. David Poyer's cycle of modern Navy tales ranks among the finest nautical fiction of our time. No on. - Stephen Coonts, author of America. He is to take the USS Oliver C. Gaddis, soon to become the PNS Tughril, on her final voyage to be donated to Pakistan.

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A Novel (Tales of the Modern Navy. Published June 3, 2002 by St. Martin's Press. Fiction, United States, Americans, Dan Lenson (Fictitious character), United States.

Black Storm," the seventh novel in David Poyer's "Tales of the Modern Navy" series, finds Lieutenant Commander Daniel V. Lenson, USN (the series' protagonist) in the Middle East. The time is early 1991 and the . led coalition is gearing up for Operation Desert Storm. Saddam Hussein is threatening to turn Israel into a "crematorium" if attacked. intelligence gets wind of Hussein possibly making good on his threat with a terror weapon.

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China Sea (Dan Lenson Novels).

Walter Scott's novel The Black Dwarf was part of his Tales of My Landlord, 1st series, published along with Old Mortality on 2 December 1816 by William Blackwood, Edinburgh, and John Murray, London. Originally the four volumes of the series were to tell separate stories, but Old Mortality came to occupy three of them.

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This is not my favorite "Dan Lenson" novel. In this one Lenson is attached to a Marine Corps special ops team going into Baghdad in advance of Operation Desert Storm. Lenson's purpose for being there was to act as an expert in Tomahawk missile targeting in case such a strike is necessary.
I found this particular novel to be tedious and hard to follow. The notion of both Lenson and the female doctor being attached to a special ops team of this type seemed inauthentic to me -- neither were trained or physically equipped to participate in such a mission. And there are other problems with the novel as well. I finished this one, but it was a hard slog. RJB.
Now that American troops have left Iraq, history will be the judge as to whether Saddam Hussein ever intended to use weapons of mass destruction against Israel, against Allied troops in 1991, or later during our 2003 invasion that led to his downfall. That he had such weapons at one time cannot be disputed. Somewhere between 1991 and 2003, they vanished.
David Poyer speculates that a weapon of terrifying origin and lethality did indeed exist in Saddam's arsenal in '91, and was being prepared for use against Israel in the event the US-led coalition followed through on its threat to eject Saddam's forces from occupied Kuwait. A squad of Force Recon marines is tasked with the mission to find the rumored weapon in Baghdad itself. Accompanying the team are two "attachments", Navy Lt. Cmdr. Dan Lenson, whose job is to call in a missile strike on the target when it is located, and a female Army major who is a specialist in chemical and biological warfare agents. On the way they link up with a British SAS commando whose knowledge of Arabic and local Iraqi troop movements is vital to the success of the mission, but whose trustworthiness is in doubt.
Lenson's involvement comes fresh off his harrowing mission as commander of USS Gaddis, as chronicled in "China Sea". Anticipating a tour as a missile officer on board a destroyer on the eve of the war, he instead finds himself undergoing a quickie training course as a commando, and then boarding a helicopter for a dangerous flight deep into Iraq. As the mission unfolds, Lenson is pushed to his absolute physical and emotional limits, and then beyond.
Poyer tells the story from several points of view, not just Lenson's. We hear from the major, a reluctant member of the team who fears she will be unable to keep up and thus risk compromising the mission; the team leader, a gunnery sergeant haunted by a tragedy back home; and different members of the team, all with their own distinct backgrounds and perspectives of the Marine Corps, the mission and the war.
The book is a departure from the previous six novels in the Lenson series, in that the action takes place almost entirely on land, putting Lenson in an unfamiliar environment, where his life depends on his ability to quickly adapt and overcome. Credit Poyer for taking Lenson outside the box, and for the research necessary to accurately portray a marine recon unit operating behind enemy lines, not to mention his portrayal of the doctor and her unique knowledge.
It may be years before historians uncover the truth behind Saddam's WMD program, but when they do, we shouldn't be surprised if what they find resembles something like what happened in this well-written, gripping novel.
ABOUT THIS BOOK: If you're new to David Poyer please see the section titled ABOUT THE AUTHOR. Dan Lenson's exciting, yet imperfect Naval career is about to take a new twist, this time with the Marine Corps. Because of his expertise in missiles he is pared with a USMC Recon unit and dropped into the desert during the first Gulf War to search for WMD. I love small unit military action when it's written well and Poyer nailed it in this book! The Marines in this book are well portrayed, realistic and in some cases deeply flawed human beings.


* You like small unit military action novels like "God's Childrend" and moveis like "Blackhawk Down"

* You want to know what it's like to have Boots On The Ground, as infantry troops say.

* You like Poyer's earlier stuff.

* You don't mind a little harsh language. This book has more of that than you typically see from Poyer or this genre in general.


Poyer is the only writer in this genre I'm aware of who isn't writing about future, "what if" scenarios. He has been writing Dan Lenson into recent historical situations, which might make you think that you already know how the story ends, but he makes it very, very exciting. His writing is excellent (not so with every writer in this genre)and his stories are compelling. What else could you ask for?

BOTTOM LINE: It's on my Favorite list.
I generally enjoy Poyer's work. Not this book. Perhaps the way, way, way overlong slog through Baghdad's sewers is a necessary part of the story, but it just bogs down. To date, I haven't finished this novel--it's just too much like work. Maybe the conclusion improves the whole book but this book is too much like the later Tom Clancy--it really needs an editor.
Black Storm had Dan Lenson as the main character, but was not a US Navy story. The book was not interesting and tiring to read. Endless pages of minute detail of what various people were thinking in multiple situations. Approximately 100 pages were devoted to this multi-think dialog. As a brown shoe navy person, I like to read about the black shoe Navy, not touchy-feely stuff.
What time are they coming over tonight at twin peaks and valleys and you say we would like doing anything
I Could not finish this episode in the life of U.S.Naval Officer Dan Lenson. I just lost interest in the mission.
A few years ago I read several Poyer novels featuring navy officer Dan Lenson (The Med, The Passage, The Gulf, etc.) There I found Poyer's description of shipboard life so spot on that I could almost smell the chief bosun's sweat. What happened? Here we have now LCDR Lenson accompanying a marine recon team through the sewers of Baghdad in a quest to find a secret weapon that Saddam Hussein threatens to unleash during the first Gulf war. I found the plot so unbelievable that it was almost laughable. In the end, with one harrowing escape after another, things became one big bore. I hope the next time I pick up a Lenson novel he's back aboard ship, an environment the author describes so well.