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by Mick Brownfield Garth Williams,Margery Sharp

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  • ISBN 0006712355
  • ISBN13 978-0006712350
  • Language English
  • Author Mick Brownfield Garth Williams,Margery Sharp
  • Publisher Fontana; First THUS edition (1983)
  • Pages 124
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  • Rating: 4.6
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Miss Bianca, the elegant mouse Chairwoman of the famed Prisoners' Aid Society, drew in her breath. "The prisoner," she said gravely, "is a little girl of eight. She has been kidnapped by the wicked Grand Duchess and is imprisoned in the Diamond Palace." Careful plans for the rescue are laid, but even the best plans can go wrong. Luckily, Miss Bianca has more than her share of wiles and wit.

author: Margery Sharp. Cover illustration by Mick Brownfield. Illustrations by Garth Williams. Additional Details - Format: Import.

author: Margery Sharp.

Miss Bianca is such a smart, stalwart yet feminine little mouse who gets things done. Plus there are those gorgeous illustrations by Garth Williams, who also did Charlotte's Web and Little House on the Prairie. His art work is as important to this story as Ms. Sharps words are. This is what Charlotte Mason would call a 'Living Book". 6 people found this helpful.

Miss Bianca - written by Margery Sharp, illustrated by Garth Williams Love the baby mice in the mommas arms! . Margery Sharp, best known for her childrens books, wrote delectable British pre-War novels for adults; A cover gallery for Pocket Books. cluny brown // margery sharp.

Miss Bianca - written by Margery Sharp, illustrated by Garth Williams Love the baby mice in the mommas arms! Miss Bianca - written by Margery Sharp, illustrated by Garth Williams (1962). Garth Williams Mouse Paint Currier And Ives Famous Pictures American Indian Art Fantasy Illustration Vintage Children's Books American Artists Ap Drawing. Miss Bianca - written by Margery Sharp, illustrated by Garth Williams. What others are saying.

Miss Bianca in the Antarctic (1971). Miss Bianca and the Bridesmaid (1972).

Photo portrait by Bill Brandt, 1945. Sharp continued the series with a further eight books, illustrated by Garth Williams, who had previously illustrated other children's classics like Charlotte's Web and Stuart Little, and Erik Blegvad. In 1977 Walt Disney Productions released the animated feature film The Rescuers, which had critical acclaim and financial success when it was released, followed by a sequel, The Rescuers Down Under, in 1990. Miss Bianca in the Antarctic (1971). Bernard the Brave (1977). Bernard into Battle (1978).

Normally I enjoy Garth William's illustrations but here they were quite grotesque and over done. Oh well, the book will be off to it's next reader soon.

Miss Bianca by Margery Sharp (Paperback, 1977). Author: Margery Sharp, Garth Williams ISBN 10: 0006712355. Title: Miss Bianca (Lions) Item Condition: used item in a very good condition. Used-like N : The book pretty much look like a new book. There will be no stains or markings on the book, the cover is clean and crisp, the book will look unread, the only marks there may be are slight bumping marks to the edges of the book where it may have been on a shelf previously. Read full description. See details and exclusions.

Mick Brownfield Garth Williams (illustrator)

Mick Brownfield Garth Williams (illustrator). A+ Customer service! Satisfaction Guaranteed! Book is in Used-Good condition. Pages and cover are clean and intact. May show signs of minor shelf wear and contain limited notes and highlighting.

Miss Bianca began to take more interest as the little green snake continued his story. The Rescuers (The Rescuers, by Margery Sharp · Garth Williams.

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What a darling book - the best of the series and, in my opinion, better than "The Rescuers" because the victim is also adorable. And how about that villain? Can anybody be scarier than the Diamond Duchess? Good at any age. Short and very sweet for a delightful little read.
Book is in great condition. Exactly what I wanted.
I cannot believe these are out of print. I was such a huge fan when I was little, and this was my favorite. Forget the silly Disney movie.

The story builds a bit from previous Miss Bianca stories, and picks up with the Mouse Prisoner's Aid Society planning to rescue Teddy-Aged-Eight, a prisoner in the salt mines. (The idea that mice would actually *rescue* a prisoner is pretty new, the mice having restricted themselves to simple welfare, cheering-up duties, etc., but Miss Bianca and Co have pulled off three daring rescues by now.) Off go the silver white Miss Bianca, the beloved pet of the Ambassador's son, and her faithful ordinary house mouse friend Bernard. I totally shipped those two back waaaay before I knew that was a thing, and probably even more because it's impossible, etc. This time, they are accompanied by two geriatric mouse Professors, harrumphing and opining on how impossible their mission is.

The description of the salt mines is stunning and I absolutely refuse to spoil it for you, but it is a big surprise.

Plus there are those gorgeous illustrations by Garth Williams, who also did Charlotte's Web and Little House on the Prairie.
The illustrations are what really make all of the Miss Bianca books. Yes, the writing is charming, and the characters are endearing, but without the illustrations (by Garth Williams), these books would only be so much children's literature. With the ink drawings, they're Children's Literature WITH REALLY CUTE PICTURES. (um, ok, let me try again...)
These are children's books without, perhaps, deep plots, but they will certainly be remembered by children for the pictures and characters, and by the parents for the charming, unexpected turns of phrase. I read one of these books when I was a child, and one a few weeks ago. I must say I enjoyed them both times. If you or your child like mouse adventure stories, I urge you to give these a try. I'd say the reading level is ten or twelve. Younger children probably would like them read aloud.
As the reviewer on the back of one of these books says, "the plot is pure marshmallow fluff... but the characters! Charming."
(Something like that.)
I believe this series was the inspiration for "The Rescuers" movie, but I think the books are much better.
The story was engaging to a degree. It had an interesting, if somewhat dark plot.

However there were several things that made no sense; for apparently no reason the mice come upon a dead kitten and have a funeral, it kept talking about witches, but there were no witches, and about halfway through the book the mice start having casual conversations with people, not just the little girl, but adults, (so why didn't they ask for help?). The book mentions that all children who work for the Duchess die young and later the dog brings Miss Bianca a chewed shin bone, that was enough detail for a kids' book, yet the author again mentions the shin bone making certain that the kid reading the book knows it belonged to a girl who ran away from the Duchess.
As you may have gathered from the animated 'Rescuers' series, this is a book about mice, or more specifically about Mouse. Miss Bianca is well-represented by whichever of the Gabors it is that does her voice in the movies; she is just that kind of mouse. When traveling by air, she goes by diplomatic pouch; all her little mouse things are described quite cunningly the same way Stuart Little's are by E.B.White. She is a member on active duty of thhe Rescue Aid Society, which organization rescues children who are prematurely aged from misfortune, not developmentally delayed as in the movies. I remember <u>Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines</u> quite well; a little girl is stuck in a crystalline salt mine where she waits on a Duchess, whose entire china set is made of crystal. As I'm writing this I'm wondering if maybe I missed some double meanings because it sounds so implausible. The Duchess has ratty white hair which our orphan must brush with a crystal-backed brush; the Duchess has a walking stick with a huge crystal (a diamond?) on top of it with which she raps at the orphan. I guess I don't remember it quite as well as I thought. I will say that the entire <U>Miss Bianca</U> series is outstanding!
Fly into a world of danger adventure and cruelty(in the diamond palace) where the brave little mouse sets off to rescue the child Patience from the cruel,ugly thug of a duchess.
I read this book in one afternoon as a child of 9. I could not put it down. My Mom was having a party and I was reading this book in the midst. I'l never forget the characters or the sadness that came when the book was finished. I have read it to my kids (6 and 8) four times and they are asking to hear it again. It's so exciting, with a little danger, a little humor and a lot of love.