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by Anthony Trollope

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  • ISBN 0486245314
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  • Language English
  • Author Anthony Trollope
  • Publisher Dover Pubns; 1st edition (October 1, 1983)
  • Pages 832
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Dover Publications. 1983. Trade size paperback. Illustrated with 64 b&w drawings by Marcus Stone. About 8.5 inches tall, 384 + 384 pages.

He Knew He Was Right is an 1869 novel written by Anthony Trollope which describes the failure of a marriage caused by the unreasonable jealousy of a husband exacerbated by the stubbornness of a wilful wife.

He Knew He Was Right is an 1869 novel written by Anthony Trollope which describes the failure of a marriage caused by the unreasonable jealousy of a husband exacerbated by the stubbornness of a wilful wife. As is common with Trollope's works, there are also several substantial subplots. Trollope makes constant allusions to Shakespeare's Othello throughout the novel

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Start by marking He Knew He Was Right as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Based on this book, I must say Trollope's most stunning talent, the place he surpasses all his peers, is in his incredible, wonderful, inimitable titles.

Anthony Trollope (24 April 1815 – 6 December 1882) became one of the most successful, prolific and respected English novelists of the Victorian era. Some of Trollope's best-loved works, known as the C. Some of Trollope's best-loved works, known as the . .

Another Trollope novel where I often wanted to reach into the pages and slap the characters silly. The subplots are generally quite good, but the Louis-Emily main plot drove me up the wall. When I read later that Trollope himself was disappointed with the result, I felt quite a lot better. Пользовательский отзыв - tess schoolmarm - LibraryThing. He Knew He Was Right by Anthony Trollope Was a heart-wrenching tear jerker! This is the story of Louis and Emily Trevelyan’s perfect marriage until Col. Osborne, a friend of the family begins.

Miss Stanburys Generosity. 105. He knew he was right 1. 110. The Honourable Mr Glascock

Miss Stanburys Generosity. The Honourable Mr Glascock. He Knew He was Right Oxford World's Classics - Oxford University Press Oxford world's classics The world's classics.

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Trollope considered this work to be a failure; he viewed the main character as unsympathetic, and the secondary characters and plots much more lively and interesting. First Page: He knew he was right. by. ANTHONY TROLLOPE. With Illustrations by Marcus Stone.

But he was one to whose nature the giving of any apology was repulsive.

You can also read the full text online using our ereader. This novel describes the failure of a marriage caused by the unreasonable jealousy of a husband exacerbated by the stubbornness of a willful wife. But he was one to whose nature the giving of any apology was repulsive. He could not bear to have to own himself to have been wrong. And then his wife had been most provoking in her manner to him.

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Wow! This is probably not the typical novel that one would chose to read for their first Trollope novel, but I did. This was an amazing book from start-to-finish. I found myself not being able to put it down and at over 800 pages a true page-turner nonetheless. Trollope was able to profoundly display human emotion and what power it can have on someone's own mental health. It is an amazing, yet tragic example of what the mind can do. It is well worth the read to see how love can truly cause insanity, as the book follows a man throughout his journey into madness. Read it and you won't be disappointed. In fact, you will probably want to read more Trollope novels, as I am doing now. What an amazing writer who certainly seems under appreciated. This novel is a paradigm of what excellent Victorian literature is and is one of my personal favorites.
He Knew He was Right was authored by Anthony Trollope (1815-1882) after he had resigned his high position with the British Post Office. The novel is long but never boring. At the core of the novel is the tragic tale of Louis Trevelyn who wrongly insists his innocent as a dove wife Emily is reputedly carrying on a romantic liason with an old family friend Colonel Osborne.

Along with the domestic tragedy of Trevelyns there is are

several other stories of romance.

a. The triangle between Emily's sister Nora and her suitors

Messrs Glascock and Hugh Stanbury.

b. The choice Dorothy Stanbury must make between the oily clergyman Mr. Gibson and Mr. Brooke Burgess.

c. An affair between Mr. Glascock and the American filly Caroline Spaulding touring Europe-fascinating comments on Anglo-American perceptions of each other's native lands!

d. The hilarious tale of the oafish Rev. Gibson and the two

sisters from "hell" Arabella and Camilla French. This guy is torn between two lovers who almost tear him apart in their jealous quest for his timorous soul!

Perhaps the most memorable character is old aunt Stanbury who fascinates the reader with her ideas and matchmaking schemes in the West country town of Exeter.

Trollope's novel was recently seen on a marvelous BBC production ! I was delighted when my AmaZon delivery arrived per request with a DVD of the series in addition to the novel!

As an old English major I regret to say I never heard Trollope discussed! Why not? In my opinion he is in the top tier of Victorian novelists along with the inimitable Charles Dickens;

the intellectual genius George Eliot; the Bronte sisters and

Thackery and Hardy.

If you are only familiar with Trollope's Barsetshire and

Parliamentary novel series then add this winner to your reading

list. This novel is Trollope at the top of his game!
He Knew He Was Right is pure Victorian,long-winded but gradually entertaining. Characterizations are well handled. The character who drives the story is a bit overdone but again he keeps the pages turning. If you like an old-fashioned comfortably-written novel, you should enjoy this. Trollope is always worth reading. A hopelessly jealous husband relentlessly makes his wife uncomfortable with his accusations of behavior she is innocent of. She is a strong-willed woman unwilling to give in to his demands, and this is before the advent of the modern feminist movement. Lot of fun.
This is the most dazzling of the ten Trollope novels I've read. The way the story unfolds is a marvel: a seemingly minor domestic disagreement mushrooms to envelope in-laws, family friends, policemen, lawyers, scrappy whist-playing old ladies in the country, Tuscan villagers, American bluestockings, kidnappers. And we watch a dozen Victorian women -- old, young, married, widowed, wooed and unwooed -- struggle for meaning and happiness in their lives under the impossible social and economic strictures governing their relations with men and each other. All of which is rendered with a light, confident touch free of cant or didacticism, and the interest and energy are sustained from first page to last. I especially loved the Stanbury group. Old Miss Stanbury, with her high principles and her foul mouth, is a wonderful creation.
I would say, though, that to call the story a "study of sexual jealousy" is a bit of a strain. It's about what the title says it's about. It's more a study of male domination gone haywire, and of women's limited, but not negligible, power to resist it. I tend to accept Trollope's own judgment -- that in the character of Louis Trevelyan he failed to accomplish what he set out to do. But he greatly underrated how masterful is what he accomplished instead.