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by Vlastimil Hort,Vlastimil Jansa,Lev Polugaevsky,Irena Kavalek

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The Best Move [paperback] Vlastimil Hort,Vlastimil Jansa,Lev Polugaevsky,Irena Kavalek [Jan 01, 1980]

This is a fantastic book of problems by Vlastamil Hort and Vlastmil Jansa - two Czech grandmasters that were strong in the 1970's and 1980's.

This is a fantastic book of problems by Vlastamil Hort and Vlastmil Jansa - two Czech grandmasters that were strong in the 1970's and 1980's. Each problem in the book requires the reader to analyze the position and to give an assessment - is a certain side winning, better, equal, or worse - and to give a variation that justifies this assessment. The quality of the problems and the analysis is very high (although it was written prior to the advent of strong computer analysis).

The Best Move Vlastimil Hort Vlastimil Jansa Translated from the Czech by Irena Kavalek. Lev Polugaevsky International Grandmaster. Introduction by Lev Polugaevsky Translated from the Russian by Burt Hochberg.

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Vlastimil Hort (born 12 January 1944) is a Czechoslovak-born German chess Grandmaster

Vlastimil Hort (born 12 January 1944) is a Czechoslovak-born German chess Grandmaster. During the 1960s and 1970s he was one of the world's strongest players and reached the 1977–78 Candidates Tournament for the World Chess Championship, but never qualified for a competition for the actual title. Hort was born in Kladno, Czechoslovakia and was a citizen of Czechoslovakia for the first part of his chess career. He achieved the Grandmaster title in 1965.

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The Best Move is a collection of very hard chess problems based on actual grandmaster games. The reader is asked who has the advantage and why. Points are awarded not only for getting the answer right but for seeing deeply into the position. These problems are based primarily on the games of Grandmasters Hort and Grandmaster Jansa. These are not the typical White to Play and Win problems. Rather the reader is asked to decide who is better.

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Agree with other reviewers here - I was blown away by the quality of the problems. While this is not for the beginner, (Dan Heisman's recommendations can help him/her), this could help any aspiring player from 1400 through 2000. Please note this review is for the 1980 RHM press edition, not the dreadful Ishi press knock off peddled by some chess federations. Grab the 1980 edition, you won't be disappointed.
This review is for the original 1980 paperback publication only. CONSUMER WARNING -- there is now a crappy, very poorly remade re-print that was issued in 2014. The re-issue version has very muddy looking diagrams that are hard to read. Get the original 1980 issue... used, if you can locate one.

All you get is a diagram.... Your task is to analysis it and then find the best move and the continuation that wins. This is where all the chess software and books in the world cannot help you. It's just you and that diagram. You can spend two minutes on it or several hours. You decide what you want to get out of it. This is the perfect chess trainer. A unique book when first published, now a lot of books have incorporated the same diagram format to ask what the "best move is". The original is still the best.

Obviously not for those who want immediate gratification... of course all you have to do is flip the page to get the answer, but what would be the point then? Hort and Jansa do an exceptional job in explaining why a particular line wins in a short concise paragraph. Often you will not have discovered the entire perspective on your own... they will undoubtedly have some comments on reasoning you had not considered. Great!

Bobby Fisher lent his name to an excellent book filled with diagrams where you had to find the correct move. If that book was aimed at grade school beginners then this Hort book takes that same approach and pushes it all the way to the the Phd level! Expect to struggle with it.... and in the process learn something.
I have read at least 2,000 chess books over the last twenty years, and I say without hyperbole that this advanced manual is the single best chess text of its sort ever written! It is out of print, to my understanding, not because there isn't a heavy desire for copies, but because its original publisher went out of business.
This is not one of those manuals that promises chess tyros a brilliant future with the game if they will only learn ten magical maxims. Instead, the book consists of several hundred positions, mostly (if I recall correctly) from the games of Vlastimil Hort and co-author Vlastimil Jansa. The problems range in difficulty from moderately-difficult to virtually unsolvable under over-the-board conditions, but the amount of chess understanding that a player will gain from working through this book is extraordinary, though extraordinary dedication is necessary to analyze these positions. Readers are graded numerically based on their answers to the problems, with occasional bonus points for great perception and penalties for patzer play.
I wish to God I still owned my original copy of this book, with my hand-written notes of analysis written in every spare bit of blank page! Unfortunately, that copy, held together by two large rubber bands because of the cheapness of the original book's binding, was last made use of by a rat while the book was in storage. Somewhere there is a rat capable now of playing 2700 ELO-rated chess, based on the thoroughness with which he digested that copy! So, if you see this book, buy it! If you are like me, you may discover that it is the only copy of it you will see in twenty years.
I've been trying to get this book for at least 5 years. I finally was loaned a copy from a friend and was amazed by the quality of analysis and the nature of the positions. The book's binding began to self-destruct as I was perusing it, and I decided to give it back before I damaged it more.

The English version of TBM was originally published in 1980, and is a translation from a an earlier book printed in the Czech language. Most the positions (maybe all) were taken from games played by Vlastimil Jansa and Vlastimil Hort. I had a copy of the Czech version for awhile, the text and diagrams were smaller and harder to read than the those in the English version. I gave that copy to a friend that was better than me at reading Czech.

It's a shame TBM is no longer available anywhere, unless you have a grand to spare for this collector's item.

Jansa's 'Dynamics of Chess Strategy' has some of the positions from TBM with very similar analysis.

Perhaps one of these days someone will see fit to publish this unique treatise again. The original publisher is no longer in business. I'm not sure what has prevented some other publisher from reprinting this collection of positions and analysis.