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by Francis rufus bellamy

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  • ISBN 0671776924
  • ISBN13 978-0671776923
  • Language English
  • Author Francis rufus bellamy
  • Publisher Pocket (February 1, 1974)
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  • Rating: 4.4
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A microscopic man fights for survival in a world of ants... When Brokell awoke, e was less than half an inch tall. Suddenly his apple orchard had become an exotic landscape, and the insects in it terrifying monsters. Helpless, without food or weapons, Brokell faced certain death-but for the friendship of the ant called ATTA.

He became president of University Publishers Inc. in 1958. A Flash of Gold (1922). Spanish Faith: A Romance of Old Mexico and the Caribbean (1926).

Atta: A Novel of a Most Extraordinary Adventure is a science fiction novel by Francis Rufus Bellamy published in 1953. In 1954 the novel was published back-to-back with Murray Leinster's The Brain Stealers as Ace Double D-079. Atta is a Robinson Crusoe-like tale of a man who is hit by lightning and wakes up, to find himself half an inch tall. He befriends a talking warrior ant named Atta and has many adventures.

Francis Rufus Bellamy’s most popular book is Atta. Showing 30 distinct works. Atta by. Francis Rufus Bellamy.

The Brain-Stealers with Atta. NSCD2/?tag prabook0b-20. Blood Money The Story of U. S. Treasury Secret Agents.

Francis R. Bellamy Francis Rufus Bellamy (December 24, 1886 New . The Architect at Mid-Century Vol. II: Conversations Across the Nation (1954). "TIME Magazine Archive Article - Scribner's Raised - Oct. 30, 1939: by Celu Amberstone".

The Private Life of George Washington (1951).

He became president of University Publishers Inc. The Private Life of George Washington (1951).

View on timesmachine. This is a digitized version of an article from The Times’s print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems.

Francis Rufus Bellamy. We hold these truths. The story of White Rock. The private life of George Washington.

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I know that some stories are more or less acquired tastes for some people, but this little book really hit a nerve with me as a junior high kid in the early 1980's, despite the fact that it was written about 40 years prior. It's just a great adventure, some hardships, some tears, but really good lessons to be learned about survival, the will to live, and the natural bond that creation holds between all of us--human, animal, insect--in that will to live. I just loved the story and thought I would tell whomever might happen to ponder over this review that I really don't believe you would be disappointed if you are just wanting to have an "escape" from the every-day--this book is a good one. Also, you might watch "A Bug's Life" by Disney sometime...and note the name of the princess in the movie thereof...I am certain at least someone who was in charge of putting the screenplay/story together had read this work!
This book is such a sleeper. You see it and think, "meh." But as soon as I started reading it, I realized how incredible it was. I think I've read it at least 10 times and I love it just as much with each subsequent reading as I did the first time. Imaginative, intellectual, and compelling. Now I've got to go read it again...
Reading Micro by Michael Crichton...May 2012. It harkened me back to my seminal reading years in sci-fi and stories like Atta. One that changed my perspective as much as Shambleau by CL Moore, Nova by Samuel R. Delaney, Tuf Voyaging and Sandkings by George RR Martin, and Frank Herbert's The Green Brain. These stories are cemented deep in my reluctantly paranoid psyche. Atta...just imagine being shrunk to a half inch size, encountering oh so dangerous insects and still finding the wherewithal and courage to survive, The seminal character befriends an ant after using a walnut shell as a fortress; then enters the hive world of the ant, fighting a wolf spider in the arena to gain acceptance, and ultimately making it back to full-sized humanity after multiple crazy adventures. An astounding read. Get it and don't look back. The new stuff just doesn't comparo. -pd-