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by Emlyn Rees

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  • ISBN 1780330545
  • ISBN13 978-1780330549
  • Language English
  • Author Emlyn Rees
  • Publisher Corsair; Export ed. edition (September 1, 2011)
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  • Rating: 4.2
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Josie Lloyd & Emlyn Rees select five books to help you switch off from our frantic world. In the wake of We're Going on a Bar Hunt and The Very Hungover Caterpillar, we've written The Teenager Who Came to Tea, once again illustrated by the brilliant Gillian Johnson.

Josie Lloyd & Emlyn Rees select five books to help you switch off from our frantic world. 25 September 2015 ·. From Monday September 25th, I will be mostly digitally detoxing, meaning I'll be offline from through until the publication of Switch It Off! - our paper smartphone, that's actually an activity book shaped like a phone. Here's a sneak peek of the cover: And here's what our lovely publishers, Little, Brown, have to say: "But the teenager didn't take just one Pringle.

Then he steered his avatar, F8, who was dressed as normal in blue jeans and a plain white T, past the floor-to-ceiling antique bookcase beside the bar, and on into Crane’s private office.

Then he steered his avatar, F8, who was dressed as normal in blue jeans and a plain white T, past the floor-to-ceiling antique bookcase beside the bar, and on into Crane’s private office d fire was still flickering ruby red in the cast-iron hearth, but Danny could no longer hear it crackling. In fact, stripped of its audio ambience, the whole scene had a flatness to it that made it feel even more illusory than it already was, and consequently even less suited to solving Danny’s real-world problems. But Danny wasn’t here for the atmosphere. He was here for Crane.

Read Hunted, by Emlyn Rees online on Bookmate – One ma.

Read Hunted, by Emlyn Rees online on Bookmate – One man. One day. One way ou. hen Danny Shanklin woke up in a strange hotel, he never expected today would be spent running for his life.

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by Emlyn Rees Hunted is one of those rare books that define pace and keeps you turning the pages in breathless fashion.

Hunted is one of those rare books that define pace and keeps you turning the pages in breathless fashion. Hunted reads like Simon Kernick and Jeff Abbott have joined forces to write an action-packed, pedal to the metal, tour de force. I loved it! - Matt Hilton, bestselling author. Fast and furious from the very start, Hunted is a shot of pure adrenalin. Sam Bourne, international bestselling thriller writer. Just finished reading ’Hunted‘ – wow!

Hunted by Emlyn Rees (Hardback, 2011). Emlyn Rees was brought up in Cardiff and studied English at Southampton University. His first novel, 'The Book of Dead Authors', published in 1997, was written while he worked as an assistant to the literary agent Vivienne Schuster.

Hunted by Emlyn Rees (Hardback, 2011). Emlyn and his wife Josie Lloyd each had novels of their own published before teaming up to write the bestsellers Come Together, Come Again, The Boy Next Door, Love Lives, We Are Family, The Three Day Rule and The Seven Year Itch.

Talk about Hunted

If you like to read about a character being chased constantly, this book's for you. Because there sure isn't much more that happens...

I got through about 60% of this book before I finally gave up. It had some promise, but seeing as the author wanted to take forever to advance the plot, I just couldn't handle it any more.

Danny is a former CIA agent who's since gone into the protection business. His handler sets him up with a meeting, but it all goes haywire as he's drugged and framed for many violent murders. The next several hundred pages are about his trying to escape. Of course, he periodically imagines finding those responsible and bringing them to justice.

Intermittently, we go back in time to a scene where he loses nearly everything...although we get to view that scene so infrequently, it's hard to gin up much interest. Especially when we're brought right back to his present condition of eluding 30,000 London police officers who think he's a mass murder.

I was interested to see how and why he was set up (or if he even was), who perpetrated the crimes and why, but after nearly 250 pages of him running around, I just lost interest.
This page turner kept me up way too late. Good plot, excellent characterizations, good writing all the way through. Be sure to read Mr. Rees's other book as well.
Fast paced, edge of the seat kind of stuff. I want more of this guy! Just me and my Kindle tucked away on the couch.
lucky kitten
I thoroughly enjoyed this book because it kept you guessing throughout it. It had a good plot, but it ended in the middle of it.
Hunted by Emlyn Rees is a Witness Impulse publication, originally published in 2011. I received a copy of this book from the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.

Daniel is a former CIA operative, now freelancing his unique services. Seven years ago his life was forever changed by the murder of his wife and son. His daughter, Lexie, is the only family he has left. At sixteen, Lexie is attending an exclusive private school in London.

Daniel receives a job prospect and also heads to the UK. However, things go awry when it appears his contact set him up. Now Daniel is on the run and being hunted by Russian terrorist. Daniel only manages to escape because of the help of his long time sidekick, a guy known as "the kid".
Things go from bad to worse when Daniel becomes not only hunted by the Russians, but all of London when his face is flashed all over the television. This development puts his daughter in the direct line of fire. Now Daniel is not only desperate to save his own life, but the one person in this world that he loves more than anything or anyone, his daughter.

To say this thriller is fast paced would be a disservice. It's more like maybe you should wear a neck brace so you don't get whiplash.

The suspense and action are not stop, and the twist and turns will have you holding on for dear life.
Not only that, but we are taken back in time seven years, through flashbacks as Daniel recalls the situation that got his wife and son murdered, how it was the he became somewhat estranged from Lexie. As he relives the agony of being helpless to save his wife and son, we are also drawn to Daniel's humanity and are not only caught up in the plot, but rooting for Daniel and Lexie. It is making sure he doesn't let Lexie down that keeps Daniel motivated throughout.

I highly recommend this book to lovers of suspenseful, on the edge of your seat, action thrillers.
Just be ready for the adrenaline rush!
Overall a good solid A.
This novel by Emlyn Rees tells the story of Danny Shanklin, he is a man with a past, and if his enemies have anything to do with it, no future beyond some excessive pain. He is a sort of private detective, who gets hired to find and or protect people. He is on a mission in London, when things go not quite according to plan.

His story is mixed up with a Georgian Colonel, some Russia Mafiosi types and his family. After things go wrong, he has no choice but to show a clean pair of heels and do a runner. This is where the book kicks off, but it is fair to say that he manages to keep you gripped from the very start, he does sign post some of the tragedies early on but this is a way of ramping up the tension, and increase the empathy with Danny's plight.

The plot unwraps in London, which has the most number of CCTV cameras anywhere in the world. They are linked to numerous systems, and some are SMART. We also have the police, numerous intelligence agencies, and a heightened awareness of Counter Terrorism methods. So once a man hunt has started, you need to be particularly good at not getting caught. Rees does a good and believable job, with only a couple of minor plot holes, which do not detract from the story. The story is more than a chase and there is loads more going on to keep you glued to the page.

This is a page turner as other reviewers have said, but it is the action that does that, as the writing is unimaginative at times, but this is an action, crime thriller and not poetry, so not really a grumble. If you like action packed, often violent plots with more twists than a very twisty thing, then this is one you will love. It also seems to have left room for a sequel of sorts- and if that is the case I am definitely going to get it.