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Download Suckling /Book of the Unicorn ePub
  • ISBN 0732256283
  • ISBN13 978-0732256289
  • Author GARLAND
  • Publisher HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd (May 29, 1996)
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128 pages : 31 cm. The definitive study of unicorns, the long history, the myths, legends and facts from all over the world. The ferocious nature and mystic isolation of these creatures.

128 pages : 31 cm. Contents: The legends - Unicorns in the West - The lion and the unicorn - Unicorns in the East.

This book tries to explain the origins of the Unicorn myth but never really accomplishes its goal. But where did these ideas originate? Nigel Suckling’s 'The Book of the Unicorn' attempts to answer this question by gathering unicorn lore and legends from all corners of the earth. It wants us to believe in these creatures while at the same time kind of proving they didn't exist? Confusing. His sources include travelers’ tales and Unicorns are commonly found on heraldic devices, for they represent wisdom and purity alongside extraordinary beauty, strength and swiftness.

Anyway, the book claims to contain all of the known legends that have been written about unicorns from several different cultures. Garland goes into depth about the asian unicorn as well, and does great pictures to it as well. There is also a history of the unicorn. The illustrations are lovely, some breathtaking. A definite must have for any fantasy lover.

A creature of myth and legend, the unicorn is a powerful white horse surrounded by an aura of calm and gentle wisdom emanating from its single sharp, spiralling horn. This illustrated celebration of the unicorn explores its history and mythology. ISBN13:9781850283607. Release Date:August 2002.

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In the book we have a section about a famous (in unicorn circles) experiment by Dr Dove of Maine in the 1930s. The book of the unicorn 1996 & 2001. Illustrated by Linda and Roger Garland Written by Nigel Suckling. Paper Tiger Books (EU) Overlook Press (US) and others. Arguing that unicorn animals are not totally impossible, he proved his case by creating a unicorn bull, fusing its horn buds surgically together shortly after birth and planting them in the middle of its skull. ISBN 1 85028 360 5 Limpback ISBN 1 85028 407 5 Hardback. I suspect that few people, especially unicorn enthusiasts, readily associate unicorns with beer.

Nigel Suckling, Linda Garland, Roger Garland. No creature of myth has held mankind's attention more compellingly than the Unicorn, whose story has evolved throughout many eras and cultures, from early Christian and European Middle Age legends to tales from the Near East, Ethiopia, and the Americas. Conjuring up universal images of beauty and innocence, this mystical white, horselike creature is brought to stunning life by the breathtaking illustrations of Linda and Roger Garland, who portray the Unicorn in all its majesty, in both its ferocious and gentle guises.

Find nearly any book by Nigel Suckling (page 2). Get the best deal by comparing prices from over 100,000 booksellers. by Nigel Suckling, Roger Garland, Linda Garland. Cloth Merchants Apprentice. ISBN 9780953384105 (978-533841-0-5) Softcover, Lakeside Gallery, 1999.

Items related to The Book of the Unicorn. Filled with remarkable illustrations by Linda and Roger Garland, this definitive study charts the mythology of the Unicorn through the ages and in different civilizations, and explores both the myths as well as documented sightings. Suckling, Nigel The Book of the Unicorn. ISBN 13: 9781850283607. The Book of the Unicorn. A wealth of beautiful paintings capture both the ferocious nature and the mystic isolation of this ethereal animal, bringing it fully to life. A treasure for anyone who seeks to know and understand the Unicorn.

The Book of the Unicorn (with Linda Garland & Roger Garland) (Paper Tiger 1-85028-360-5, May ’96, £1. 9, 128pp, tp, cover by Linda Garland & Roger Garland) Art book. Text by Suckling, profusely illustrated by the Garlands. A natural history of the unicorn in folklore, legend, and worldwide dreams.