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Download Fear No Evil: One Man Deals with Terminal Illness ePub

by David Watson

Download Fear No Evil: One Man Deals with Terminal Illness ePub
  • ISBN 0877882487
  • ISBN13 978-0877882480
  • Language English
  • Author David Watson
  • Publisher Shaw (Harold) Publishers,U.S. (1985)
  • Pages 176
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  • Rating: 4.1
  • Votes: 493

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David Watson's honest reactions as he fights cancer are not just for those who are dealing with illness. They are for all of us who struggle with fear and faith. As I read this book, I remembered another David's difficult times recorded in the Book of Psalms. That David always ended an emotional cry by looking into the face of God and trusting.

one man deals with terminal illness. by David C. K. Watson. Includes bibliographical references. Published 1984 by H. Shaw Publishers in Wheaton, Ill. Biography, Cancer, Christian life, Health, Patients, Attitude to Death, Neoplasms. David C. Watson (1933-). 36. /96994, B. Library of Congress.

ISBN 10: 087788255X ISBN 13: 9780877882558.

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How to win the war: Strategies for spiritual conflict. ISBN 9780877883081 (978-0-87788-308-1) Softcover, H. Shaw, 1979. Learn More at LibraryThing. WATSON at LibraryThing.

Fear No Evil is a book by the Ukrainian-Israeli activist and politician Natan Sharansky about his struggle to immigrate to Israel from the former Soviet Union.

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item 2 Watson, David, Fear No Evil: A Personal Struggle with Cancer (Hodder Christian P -Watson, David, Fear No Evil . A very personal journey through the ups and downs of dealing with cancer

item 2 Watson, David, Fear No Evil: A Personal Struggle with Cancer (Hodder Christian P -Watson, David, Fear No Evil: A Personal Struggle with Cancer (Hodder Christian P. £. 9. Free postage -Fear No Evil: A Personal Struggle with Cancer - David Watson - Acceptable - . .A very personal journey through the ups and downs of dealing with cancer. A real struggle with faith and understanding that we dont always get what we think is best for us! Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned.

Talk about Fear No Evil: One Man Deals with Terminal Illness

My stepfather has lung cancer and he really likes this book. He was just put into Hospice and has more peace since he read this!
The author writes about his last year of life, the ups & downs, the doubts & fear, but comes out with stronger faith, assurance of eternity with God & the realization that the only thing that matters - at death & before - is one's love for God. This book affected so much more in me than a feeling of "safety" about death.
Ohh how I wish David was still alive but through his books his legacy lives on. The wisdom and biblical insight that he contained can only come from one whose heart is sold to the Lord Jesus.
I really enjoyed seeing God work in in this man's life as well as his family how faith grows through trials and how we can trust no matter what happens...
I have owned a copy of Fear No Evil for years, then gave it to someone who was dealing with cancer--to comfort her. I re-read it to be sure it was as good as I remembered. It was. Soon thereafter I found that I have pancreatic cancer that had metastesized to both lobes of my liver. I was already prepared spiritually for what I was to face.
So what happens to faith when the prayed-for healing doesn't happen? David Watson deals with facing terminal illness to the end, growing spiritually, and welcoming God's perfect will.
I read this book while I went through a rough time in my life! I suffered from a serious illness myself, it brought me peace and a "Hope for Tommorow". Feeling so great full for having been allowed to read this book and grow closer to Christ!
I read this book In Norwegian Language, so I also wanna say that the translation was well done.
Almost moved to tears just by thinking about this book!
Wanna suggest it to everyone! Not just a special group of people, but for everyone. We all need to grow! "Read it please"
I appreciate David Watson's transparency and insights in this account of his battle with cancer and with really learning to trust in God. David Watson was an active and reknowned Christian preacher and minister who contracted cancer in the prime of his life.

This memoir lets readers into his private thoughts, theology and interactions during his last year of life. He had hoped and hoped that God would heal him. Thousands of Christians prayed for his healing. Many came and visited him and he attended services during which hands were laid on him in hopes of his healing.

Despite these many prayers, David died from cancer. For me, the big question after reading this book is "What was God doing here?" The secondary question that I think lingers is "What does this mean for Christian ministry and praying for the sick?"

David offers valuable insights in this book, some of which is devoted to biblical theology.

Thousands of Christians who earnestly prayed for David. John and Carol Wimber who flew from California twice to pray for him, the several bishops who prayed with him, his team, John Wimber's church, etc. etc. all prayed according to the promises of Scripture that Watson cites in his book. They laid hands on him, they cursed the cancer, they commanded it to leave, they fasted, they shared communion, they spoke words of knowledge, they had faith and they persevered. These are all the actions of faith that I think the Bible suggests and commands. But God did not grant their request that Watson would be healed and free from cancer.

There are more than a few miracles in this book. One cannot honestly read this book and think that God is not present and did not act in Watson's life. He was transformed spiritually through the experience of this event. The love of the Body of Christ shown to this man and his family is overwhelming. It is that love and nothing else that Jesus said would define his followers. Not withstanding a few exceptions, the church proved itself followers of Jesus in its response to Watson. By Watson's testimony, we see that God was present and working in his life. Watson never seemed seriously to doubt God's presence.

But those who prayed for him asked specifically for his healing that he might live a long life. And this was withheld by God. It seems that Watson examined himself from every angle to discern anything within or without that might be blocking his healing. He received words of correction and even rebuke. He addressed what he discovered. And his cancer remained and grew.

When we begin at the end of Watson's book, it tells a different story. Instead of a drive to be healed, Watson shares one wish, "there is nothing that I want more than to go to heaven. I know how good it is." His last words recorded in his book are "Let's go home." (Epilogue) Something transformational occurred in Watson's life. This is what God does: he transforms. Sometimes that transformation may include physical healing and sometimes it might include bringing someone home. I have a feeling that after Watson received an embrace by the Father in heaven he would not have wished for another day on earth. For he knew that the same arms that hold him in heaven, hold his wife and children on earth. They are in good hands until they meet him again.

This is a profound book for all Christians to read to gain a better understanding of our relationship to Jesus Christ and the world.

Craig Stephans, author of Shakespeare On Spirituality: Life-Changing Wisdom from Shakespeare's Plays