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by Stuart McRobert

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  • ISBN 9963916317
  • ISBN13 978-9963916313
  • Language English
  • Author Stuart McRobert
  • Publisher Cs Pub USA; 3 edition (September 1, 2007)
  • Pages 230
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  • Category Nutrition and Health
  • Subcategory Exercise and Fitness
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  • Rating: 4.3
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Ever wondered which book was the first to expose the bodybuilding lie "train like a champion to become a champion yourself"? Or which was the first book to explain thoroughly the best way for typical bodybuilders to build a bigger leaner body without steroids?It's Brawn, Stuart's first title, which is now in a 230-page, third edition.And it's the classic guide that started a natural bodybuilding revolution.There are millions of people slaving away in gyms today who are living testimony to the utter futility of conventional bodybuilding methods. Many of these misguided trainees are walking encyclopedias on everything related to bodybuilding except that which will actually make them bigger and stronger.Don't be like them.Brawn is a wake-up call to the ailing, and a "get real" cue to all trainees who are wasting time and energy on mainstream weight training routines.Whether you're just starting strength training, or you're a training veteran, this book is for you.Become your own expert personal trainer.Here's an overview of what to expect:* The specifics on genetic variation, and how this relates to the design of your training programs.* How the bodybuilding masses have been deceived and cheated big time!* The why and how of intensity cycling, for year-to-year bodybuilding progress.* Proper and effective set and rep schemes.* Training routines for you to follow.* How to individualize your routines for continual improvement.* How to avoid the curse of overtraining.* How to specialize.* How to eat for training success, and why nutrition is not 80% of the formula.* Why most food supplements are a waste of money--and how to use supplements wisely.* The effort, motivation and dedication you need to build muscle in abundance.Buy this book now and get started on your own natural bodybuilding revolution.

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Ever wondered which book was the first to expose the bodybuilding lie "train like a champion to become a champion yourself"?

FREE shipping on qualifying offers. Ever wondered which book was the first to expose the bodybuilding lie "train like a champion to become a champion yourself"? Or which was the first book to explain thoroughly the best way for typical bodybuilders to build a bigger leaner body without steroids? It's Brawn.

Stuart has a degree in education, over 40 years experience of training himself, over 30 years experience of guiding others, and is the author of five books on physique transformation: Brawn, Beyond Brawn, The Insider's Tell-All Handbook on Weight-Training Technique, Build Muscle Lose Fat Look Great, and the first book of the New Brawn Series: How to Build up to.

The 320-page FURTHER BRAWN is Stuart McRobert's fifth book. com-he tried to provide all the information needed to achieve lifelong bodybuilding success. But over time he found there were questions that had slipped through unanswered. That's when he decided he had an obligation to address those questions.

224 Pages · 2004 · 1. 7 MB · 246 Downloads ·English. Organic chemistry and this book xix. 1 What is organic. Here’s what others are saying about BEYOND BRAWN I want to say without hesitation Beyond Brawn - The Insider's Ency. 72 MB·1,234 Downloads·New! new Chapter 17: How to design your own training programs. The Big Book of Realistic Drawing Secrets: Easy Techniques for Drawing People, Animals and More.

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Brawn by. Stuart McRobert. Insider's Tell-All Handbook on Weight-training Technique by.

ISBN 10: 9963916317 ISBN 13: 9789963916313. Publisher: Cs Pub USA, 2007.

Why listen to Stuart? Over the last 30 years he has specialized in teaching bodybuilders how to build muscle, and he has given special attention to hardgainers. His new series complements his best-selling books BRAWN and BEYOND BRAWN. Building on the methods promoted in those two classic works, the new series presents premier bodybuilding routines that are proven to be super-effective.

Stuart McRobert (born 1958 in England) is a writer on strength training, best known as the founder and publisher of Hardgainer magazine. McRobert lives in Nicosia, Cyprus with his wife and two daughters. McRobert started weight training at age 15, and began writing articles on weight training while attending college in Liverpool, England. His first article was published in Iron Man magazine, in July, 1981.

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Get this book if your a natural athlete and want to get strong. Then after purchasing this book purchase every single one of his back issues of the hard gainer magazine. Then purchase his other book beyond Brawn. After you do this you will have all the information you will need to get stronger. This information it's for someone who wants the real deal on how to get stronger. This is not for someone who wants to get cut, look pretty, or wants an easy short cut. I have read pretty much everything written about strength training. Stuart McRoberts information is up there at the top! Training information helps with keeping your training motivation high. So it's important to read strength training information that is truthful, helpful, and about other people's experiences. This is what you get with hard gainer magazine as well as his books. If you take steroids you will not find his information as helpful. It's sad to say but most of all top achievers in the sport are on drugs and they also dominate what is written in the strength training literature. So this does not help the 16-year-old wanting to gain muscle for football or simply the 40-year-old who wants to gain more strength. The bottom line is you don't have to believe what I'm writing and there is a lot to choose from on the Internet but I normally don't write reviews I just felt that Stuart McRobert has helped me so much by reading his material it's the least I can do is to give a good review in hopes that it will help even more people.
This is THE book for the steroid-free, old school trainer. These are the methods that worked for the men and women of the pre-drug era (pre-late 1950s) and continue to work today. If strength AND a good physique are your goals, ignore the flavor of the week and WOD hype and follow the timeless knowledge presented here. I give copies of this book to students who wish to achieve the strength that I have in my 50s. Who have stuck with the methods here have had great results to the person. May this never go out of print.
I am a 48 year old Gulf War Veteran with a Veritable Laundry list of Medical diagnoses to boot... It has taken me more than 3 decades to finally confirm, what my body has known for some time e.g. That the Genetically average bodybuilder/athlete will fail miserably on the routines advocated by the so-called experts! It was only after I decided to follow an abbreviated program; in which I trained the " Big lifts" only once every 5-7 days or as I got bigger and stronger, even less frequently, that I was able to break through plateus e.g. 315 plus on bench etc!!! I highly recommend this book... It is now my " Bodybuilding Bible" that I will recommend to every Drug-free " Hard Gainer" i.e. Most of us mere mortals!
Beyond Brawn is about Drug-Free,Genetically average people who want to build muscle and strengthnaturally. The author get's repetitive and preachy at times.His focus on the major compound exerises, ie: squat, bench-press,deadlift, parallel bar dip, pull-up, etc, to attain body massall over the body is good advice.Then, as you gain more muscle, isolation exercises or acsessoryexercises as he calls them can be done to fill in the gaps. I liked the fact that he uses a conservative approach to training. There are 2 & 3 day a week sample workouts in the book.Myself, I train only 2-3 days a week depending on my energy and focus. The most important aspect he emphasizes is perfect exercise form, you can be thinking you'redoing the exercise correctly, but think again. A lot of people overlook this important factor.Also, you need to eat well, sleep9-10 hrs a night, and provide enough time for recuperation. It's that simple, but so many guys overlook this.The author writes like he's actually here with me, talking to me. In the foot notes, he's always emphasizing the important things to remember. I've read other weight training books, like Mike Mentzer's new book, and Staurt Mc Robert's book is fundamentally more sound to my training style. Sorry Mike. Beyond Brawn should be read cover to cover like he says and then read again for reference. Also, the insiders tell-all handbook onweight-training technique is alsoa good investment with Beyond Brawn. If you're a drug-free, genetically average trainer, thisbook's the one to buy.
As I read through this book, I could feel my cheeks burning. I've made many of these mistakes, and worked through countless injuries. Most of the information in this book agrees very closely with the Do's and Don'ts I slowly and painfully learned through cumulative years of Physical Therapy and rehabilitation.
You can tell that McRoberts is a school teacher; like any good school teacher, he states his points several different ways, using different examples in order to hammer in some valuable lessons.
Read through it twice; the first time with a highlighter to get the main points, and the second time to absorb those points.
If you are just looking for a quick way to look better for spring/summer, don't bother with this book. If, on the other hand, you plan to invest serious time and effort in resistance training, this is a "must-read" for all levels and types.
For anyone interested in lifting weights this is a book that you MUST own. It covers pratically every topic that has to do with weight training, from nutrition to routine design to setting up your own home gym. Some of the other reviewers mentioned that the book doesn't present any research. That is a GOOD thing. The book tells you what YOU need to do to make YOUR routine effective (effective meaning progressively increasing the weights.) No amount of research can tell you that! This book really goes in depth about how to make routines that work for you!! Another reviewer mentioned that the book is repetitive, but it needs to be. So many of us have been brainwashed by mainstream exercise experts that we need to have the truth repeated over and over again. My last point is that the begining of the book states that you need to ready to reread and review the book. I found that this was completely true, I am constantly rereading sections that deal with whatever is going on in my training. This book is a weightlifting MASTERPIECE!