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by Oscar Riera Ojeda,Paul Warchol,Michael Sorkin,George Ranalli

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In Saratoga (2009), author/ architect George Ranalli documents the Saratoga Avenue Community Center in Brownsville, Brooklyn -- a city-agency sponsored project to reorganize, renovate, and expand an isolated inner-city housing block. Saratoga looks an in-depth look at Ranalli's innovative approaches to producing abeautiful, durable, adaptable, and sustainable work of architecture, on a rock-bottom budget, that connects an urban community to new green spaces,and light-filled interiors, both functional and lovely. Ranalli provides plenty of contextual and programmatic information alongside vivid color images from photographer Paul Warchol, and reproductions of architectural sketches, renderings, plans, and other details documenting every phase of the life cycle of the project. Acclaimed architecture critic Ms. Huxtable credits Saratoga for breaking every rule of conventional civic architecture. On the architecture itself, Ms. Huxtable writes, "Mr. Ranalli adheres to the logic of modernist practice, integrating itsmechanical, material and structural realities with details drawn fromearlier sources to create an integral ornament of abstract lineargeometry. His purpose is to move modernism into an enriched and moredeeply referenced style."  -- Breaking All The Rules With New York's Public-Building Design by Ada Louise Huxtable, WSJ, May 13, 2009

30, 2010 George Ranalli, Architect - Saratoga Avenue Community Center, New York, 1999 Photographs from Paul Warchol. Curtis October 23, 2012.

Saratoga (Single Building) by George Ranalli Architect. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. In Saratoga (2009), author/ architect George Ranalli documents the Saratoga Avenue Community Center in Brownsville. Public Architecture Innovative Architecture Contemporary Architecture New York Neighborhoods Indianapolis Museum Craft Museum Pratt Institute Community Space Museum Exhibition.

The company offices are located in the United States, China, and Argentina

Ranalli, G. (1999) Casas Internacional: George Ranalli, Oscar Riera Ojeda (e. Books: George Ranalli Works & Projects". "Community Building: Saratoga Avenue Community Center by George Ranalli, Architect".

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Paul Warchol (Photographer). Michael Sorkin (Contributor). In 2008, renowned New York City-based architect George Ranalli completed a renovation (commissioned by the New York City Housing Authority in Brooklyn) to Brownsville's Saratoga Community Center-adding 3,500 square feet to the existing 1,500 square-foot facility to create a highly functional and re imagined super-block.

George Ranalli Architect. Architectural designer in New York, New York. Where renovations are concerned: George Ranalli can hear the voice of the building. Aware of the existing harmony among structural components, he adds a counterpoint of restoration and invention. His interiors inspire contentment whether unadorned or populated with your stuff.

He is vice-director of the Spanish magazine Casas Internacional and is the creator of a number of architectural books for Rockport Publishers, including the Single Building series, Ten Houses, Contemporary World Architects, Architecture in Detail, and Art and Architecture. Mark Pasnick works for Machado and Silvetti Associates in Boston, where he became Associate in 2000.

Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers produces The Extraordinary Buildings Series (EB), a record of. .

Oscar Riera Ojeda Publishers produces The Extraordinary Buildings Series (EB), a record of exceptional contemporary buildings constructed in China, in digital and in book format. Oscar Riera Ojeda has published monographs and special volumes and series on world renown modernist architects, including Alvar Aalto, Aedas, Alberto Campo Baeza, BAK Architects, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, Bedmar and Shi, Wendell Burnette, Hariri & Hariri, Ralph Johnson, Rodolpho Machado & Jorge Silvetti, José Oubrerie, George Ranalli, Kyu Sung Woo, and Lauretta Vinciarelli.

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George Ranalli Architect project for Fashion Center Building. Photograph by Paul Warchol. George Ranalli Architect project for Fashion Center Building, . Hells Kitchen, Residential Architecture, Manhattan, Urban Design Diagram. Saratoga Avenue Community Center, 940 Hancock S. Brooklyn, .

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The project monograph for Saratoga Avenue Community Center, in East New York, is a good example of the kind of contrast in context that tends to crop up in architecture, but rarely gets well resolved, especially when the client is an overburdened public agency. The impressive outcome of Saratoga Avenue Community Center is distinctive, in equal parts, pragmatic and aesthetic, and the accomplishment is defined in the ways the architect George Ranalli deals with contrasts, both economic and artistic. Having worked for in the nonprofit sector of the real estate development industry, I admire the project’s mindfulness about cost at no expense to conceptual integrity or beauty. The design takes on contrast of building within its surroundings - a generic, inaccessible public housing block - but also references it. Inside, clearstory windows cast sunlight and shadow across dimensional walls, lending the main space a quality of high relief; a connection to the dynamics’ of the natural environment equally evident outside. The brick and masonry façade takes the same great strides to gleam and glint. Solid, its adjustments in certain places, some carved quite deeply, intangibly bring to mind the luster of a gold coin, set and stamped, to celebrate and lionize leaders and heroes, uplifting architecture and people.
When I first saw George Ranalli's Saratoga building, I immediately wanted to know more. The book provides insight into process of creating this incredible Brooklyn community center. Ranalli maintains the fabric of the neighborhood, using materials such as red brick, to facilitate the blending of his jigsaw-like designs into the neighborhood. An incredibly interesting building, a masterpiece both in person and on paper. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in Modern Architecture, Urban Design, and/or Urban Planning.
This book documents beautifully a contemporary work of urban public architecture in NYC, for a neighborhood struggling with high rates of poverty, crime, and preventable chronic illness, in an environment remarkable for its chemistry of stunning Victorian era row houses, fabled churches, and the legacy of the Brooklyn Dodgers. The book architecture to beautify and expand a NYCHA super-block, prioritizes community involvement, in ways not only showing best practices, but also advocacy.
Saratoga by George Ranalli, Architect is not only a book about the design process of Saratoga Avenue Community Center, Brooklyn, New York; it is also about some big themes of life like parity and resilience. The architecture is a nuanced integration of ornament and abstract linear geometry that fosters introspection about our great American legacy of soulless, city-developed buildings, and about other things too; some that you might think you already know, but find out you don’t. Congratulations, George Ranalli, Architect!