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by Anne Tucker,Kerry Brougher,Andy Grundberg

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  • ISBN 1891024779
  • ISBN13 978-1891024771
  • Language English
  • Author Anne Tucker,Kerry Brougher,Andy Grundberg
  • Publisher D.A.P./Distributed Art Publishers, Inc. (November 2003)
  • Pages 140
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  • Category Photography
  • Subcategory Photography and Video
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  • Rating: 4.1
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Originally published in 1987, Joel Sternfeld's now-classic view of America is here remastered, redesigned and reprinted at a larger, brighter, truer scale. Finally, photography and offset printing techniques have caught up with Sternfeld's eye, and this new edition of American Prospects succeeds in presenting Sternfeld's most seminal work as it has always meant to be shown. A specially-commissioned essay by Kerry Brougher, Chief Curator at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, considers the historical context in which Sternfeld was working and the pivotal role that American Prospects has played in the course of contemporary filmmaking and art photography. In American Prospects, a fireman shops for a pumpkin while a house burns in the background; a group of motorcyclists stop at the side of the road to take in a stunning, placid view of Bear Lake, Utah; the high-tech world headquarters of the Manville Corporation sits in picturesque Colorado, obscured by a defiant boulder; a lone basketball net stands in the desert near Lake Powell in Arizona; and a cookie-cutter suburban housing settlement rests squarely amongst rolling hills in Pendleton, Oregon. Sternfeld's photographic tour of America is a search for the truth of a country not just as it exists in a particular era but as it is in its ever-evolving essence. It is a sad poem, but also a funny and generous one, recognizing endurance, poignant beauty, and determination within its sometimes tense, often ironic juxtapositions of man and nature, technology and ruin.

Joel Sternfeld: American Prospects Hardcover – November, 2003. by Anne Tucker (Contributor), Kerry Brougher (Contributor), Andy Grundberg (Contributor) & 0 more.

Joel Sternfeld: American Prospects Hardcover – November, 2003.

American Prospects Steidl Verlag photographs by Frank Gohlke and Joel Sternfeld text by Suketu Mehta 156 pages, 32 x 28 cm Hardback, Clothbound 12/2016 ISBN 978-3-95829-032-7.

Times Books in association with The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 128 pages 31 x 26 cm Hardback, Clothbound 05/1987 ISBN 978-0-81291-659-1. Campagna Romana: The Countryside of Ancient Rome. Knopf 129 pages, 1. x 1. inc Hardcover 09/1992 ISBN 978-0-67941-578-7. Steidl Verlag photographs by Frank Gohlke and Joel Sternfeld text by Suketu Mehta 156 pages, 32 x 28 cm Hardback, Clothbound 12/2016 ISBN 978-3-95829-032-7. Landscapes after Ruskin: Redefining the sublime. The book is otherwise unchanged, except for the addition of one new image.

First published in 1987, Joel Sternfeld’s American Prospects is the classic photo record of 1980s America

First published in 1987, Joel Sternfeld’s American Prospects is the classic photo record of 1980s America.

by Andy Grundberg and Joel Sternfeld. How had I gone for so long without hearing of Joel Sternfeld? This book is full of large, beautifully printed color photographs of a quality I couldn't have expected. Each image is beautifully thought out and perfectly executed.

Joel Sternfeld: American Prospects │ By (photographer) Joel Sternfeld, Text by Kerry Brougher, Text by Andy Grundberg, Text by Anne Tucker. First published in 1987, Joel Sternfeld's "American Prospects" is the classic photo record of 1980s America.

Joel Sternfeld: American Prospects (Hardcover). Distributed Art Publishers, Inc. Hardcover, 140 pages. Published September 30th 2012 by Distributed Art Publishers (DAP). Joel Sternfeld: American Prospects (Hardcover). Author(s): Joel Sternfeld, Kerry Brougher (Contributor). Andy Grundberg (Contributor).

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First published in 1987, Joel Sternfeld's American Prospects is the .

First published in 1987, Joel Sternfeld's American Prospects is the classic photo record of 1980s America. A major exponent of color photography in America, Joel Sternfeld was born in New York City in 1944. He has received numerous awards including two Guggenheim fellowships, a Prix de Rome and the Citibank Photography Award.

Text by Kerry Brougher, Andy Grundberg, Anne W. Tucker. First published in 1987, Joel Sternfeld’s American Prospects is the classic photo record of 1980s America. First published in 1987, Joel Sternfeld's American Prospects is the classic photo record of 1980s America. Catalog FALL 2012 Photography Monographs. Distributor Availability: Out of stock indefinitely.

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I realize that art is very subjective, but to me these photos were just not very good.
if you want to know where the comtemporary obsession with large format color "street" work came from, this is it. newer books, by artists like alec soth and other color documentary artists, are excellent, important books, but it must at least be noted that the true groundbreakers were working a generation ago, putting out these kinds of books before it was the accepted trend. and simply put, this work along with shore's 'uncommon places' and eggleston's 'guide', are still, in my opinion, unsurpassed.

on top of that, the size and reproduction quality of this book are mind-blowing. i can't imagine any photography fan not loving this book, or any serious student not wanting it (for a decent price, of course, which this actually is with the discount.)
What a refreshing twist on the usual coffee table photography book. Sternfeld's photographs of the natural and manmade environment are so interesting. They almost have an old-fashioned hand-colored postcard-feel to them, but the images are often startlingly futuristic. Great contrasts of the ugly and rusting and vacant with beautiful natural landscapes. The publishers did a wonderful job of cleanly presenting the photos to speak for themselves and putting all the verbiage up front.
I have known this work since the first edition book came out. This is a modern (2003, or later reprint) version with a few tweaks and added images.

The book and work is good, certainly Sternfeld's best by a good way. Some of the pictures are obviously familiar, but my one niggle is that they strive a little too much to be 'interesting' for my taste. Rogue Elephant on the road/ Landslips/ Fires at the Pumpkin Farm, etc are all very entertaining, but are too intent on finding obvious reasons to make a photograph. Who would not pull out their camera and take an images of an escaped Elephant or a Farm fire? Obviously we all would, and being obvious is not good artistic practice - much great photography has taught us that. Other quieter pictures get drowned by these noisy siblings, when they are often better and more discretely telling moments.

For those here who claim this is a landmark or iconic book, etc, putting Mr. Sternfeld up there with William Eggleston or Stephen Shore, it has to be clarified that the (original edition) book did not come out till 1987. The work is good, don't get me wrong, but silly claims (see other reviews here) that he was one of the founding fathers of 'New Color' movement are beyond me - if the book was not out till the late 1980's it can't have had much of the national/ international influence that Eggleston or Shore had, with their much earlier publications. Various European photographers had color books out years before too, so it would be hard to argue any paradigm shift occurred through this work's release. Get your dates right people, before making silly proclamations about the history of photography!
JOEL IS A GOOD NAME AND THIS IS A FABOULOS WORK.This man is travelling a lot!!!I want only says that J.Sternfeld is able to meet people and discover particulary little object too that can be fundamental for go inside these pictures,he use colour in a cool way too,soft traditional in colours but in meanings is not really traditional expecially if we related his work in the world of landscape's photography.He use landscape like it was reportage.It is a way for put something else inside.That picture could be sometime strong somentime enchanting but always are intresting me.Put something strange in your picture and maybe that landscape could change his own value.

I like a lot

This is an essential volume for those looking at color photography of the United States. This fits within the tradition of Eggleston and Shore and is presented in a large, oversized format. Along with Epstein's Recreation and Soth's Sleeping by The Mississippi this is a distinguished collection.
He was there first -in color. If you didn't know that, you should, and "American Prospects" will show you where "there" is.

Great art and great artists have the power to bridge many a divide. Whether in the deep red states or the deep blue states, our great country has never looked so epic, as when it is seen though Mr. Sternfeld's great big view.
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Gastone Scarabello