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by Elizabeth von Arnim

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  • Author Elizabeth von Arnim
  • Publisher Hard Press (November 3, 2006)
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Christopher and Columbus book.

Christopher and Columbus book.

Individual adventures can come close to being very dark, but Ms. Von Arnim never gives us over to the worst of what might have been. Christopher and Columbus is a comedy in the classical definition. The best way to enjoy it is to try and be like the Girls. A little too innocent, but open to next adventure.

Book by Elizabeth von Arnim.

The Project Gutenberg eBook, Christopher and Columbus, by Countess Elizabeth Von Arnim, Illustrated by Arthur Litle. E-text prepared by Robert Cicconetti and the Project Gutenberg Online Distributed Proofreading Team. Christopher and columbus. By Elizabeth Von Arnim. The Adventures of Elizabeth in Rügen. Elizabeth and her German garden.

Elizabeth von Arnim (31 August 1866 – 9 February 1941), born Mary Annette Beauchamp, was an Australian-born British novelist. By marriage she became Countess von Arnim-Schlagenthin, and after her second marriage she was styled as Elizabeth Russell, Countess Russell

Christopher and columbus. By the Author of Elizabeth and Her German Garden. She was the elder by twenty minutes.

Christopher and columbus. Frontispiece by Arthur Litle. Garden City New York Doubleday, Page & Company. Both had had their seventeenth birthday and what a birthday: no cake, no candles, no kisses and wreaths and home made poems; but then, as Anna Felicitas pointed out, to comfort Anna Rose who was taking it hard, you can't get blood out of an aunt only a month before.

by Elizabeth von Arnim. As the First World War looms, Anna-Rose and Anna-Felicitas, seventeen-year-old orphan twins, are thrust upon relatives. Packed off to America, they meet Mr Twist, a wealthy engineer with a tendency to motherliness, who befriends them on the voyage.

Christopher and Columbus - Elizabeth von Arnim. We're Christopher and Columbus, said Anna-Rose quickly, changing as it were the unspoken conversation. As the eldest she had a great sense of her responsibility toward her twin, and considered it one of her first duties to cheer and encourage her. To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate.

Download Elizabeth Von Arnim's Christopher & Columbus for your kindle, tablet, IPAD, PC or mobile. Both had had their seventeenth birthday-and what a birthday: no cake, no candles, no kisses and wreaths and home-made poems; but then. Only pdf. Christopher & Columbus Download options.

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With Christopher and Columbus, Elizabeth Von Arnim has written a light hearted comedy reminiscent of Three Men on the Bummel, but with a hint of Don Quixote’s social commentary. In her hands the story is charming and humorous rather than funny with just a threat of things going to a darker place. This is very family friendly. There is no bad language and never more than a hint of potential naughtiness. Pre-teen daughters, not demanding princesses or magical beasts may find themselves taken by this view of the world that once was and any adult wanting a soft read that is never saccharine can spend a few hours with a comfortable book. It almost has a bite, but only almost.

The title comes from the names the two central characters give to themselves. The time is World War I just before America’s entry. The two girls are 17 yr. old non-identical twins named Anna-Rose and Anna-Felicitas von Twinkler. The ‘von’ matters because they are half German. The story finds them as orphans landed into the hands of their late mother’s British relations. Anti-German feelings and the twins unmistakable rolling ‘R” s make England an uncomfortable place for the girls and more so for their less than hospitable near relations. The decision is made to ship them to America where it is hoped some vaguely known friends will take them in.
Aboard ship they are immediately faced with the prospect of being torpedoed and give themselves the names Christopher and Columbus in an effort to help them see the trip as an adventure of discovery.

Not much to laugh at so far. Things begin to get better when they are taken under the wing of the rich, not handsome, Mr. Twist. He is a kindly, good man with no motive other than a sense that these two pretty girls need protection and an appreciation for their exaggerated innocence and intelligent .. insouciance is not entirely the right word. The girls have and hold on to a very practical sense of the world, but one that is uncomplicated and, well no they can be complicated. … the best words are hard to select. Mr. Twist is completely charmed, and we, like him will find ourselves alternating between admiration for their strength of will and underlying grit, even as we can be frustrated by their ignorance of the world outside of themselves.

The trio travel together first to the homes of the people they had been sent to visit, then to Mr. Twist’s most unpleasant New England Mother and on to California. Individual adventures can come close to being very dark, but Ms. Von Arnim never gives us over to the worst of what might have been.

Christopher and Columbus is a comedy in the classical definition. The best way to enjoy it is to try and be like the Girls. A little too innocent, but open to next adventure.
This is one of the most charmingly written books I've read. Oscar Wilde would have been proud to write with such engaging irony. Yet the three protagonists occupy your heart so much it is hard to say good-bye. This is one of those books you hurry to finish, and you're sorry you don't have it to read anymore​. One always wants to be reading such a book. If, like me, you can't read much of the current literature because of foul language and content, find Mrs. von Armin. You will remember her "Enchanted April," also a delightful book.

This book starts slowly, so hang in there. The cream in the middle makes it worth eating the cupcake.
The setting is 1919 pre-World War Germany, England and America. The heroines of the story are Anna Rosa and Anna Felicitas, 17 year old sisters. Although twins, they are not identical, however the one thing they have in common is an eternal optimism and an ability to talk their way out of any predicament. After their mother dies in England they are sent to America by an Aunt and Uncle to be taken in by friends of the family. On the way across the Atlantic Ocean they meet a Mr. Twist who sees immediately that the twins need a guardian and he assumes that responsibility only until they are safely settled in their new home in America. However things don't work out as anticipated and Mr. Twist finds himself "stuck" with the care of the twins. The ending of the story was slightly disappointing, but in those times it was an acceptable solution to the problem.

The whole world has become accutely aware of the Germans and rumors of their deadly intentions. The twins were definitely of German heritage and as much as they tried to hide the fact, most people could see through the charade.

I think you'll enjoy this story as much as I did.
Match made in heaven
A good G rated love story. Being half German I remember my mom telling stories of what it was like to be German during WWII. Not easy
Love love love this author
I wouldn't read this again but it does keep you interested enough to keep reading because you would like to know how it all ends. I thought the ending really lacked. It was kind of like the author got tired of writing and hurriedly ended the book. This is why I gave a 3 star rating.
Lovely old world sentiments