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by Hazel M. Rue

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  • ISBN 0932766137
  • ISBN13 978-0932766137
  • Language English
  • Author Hazel M. Rue
  • Publisher Master Books (June 1, 1984)
  • Pages 40
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  • Category Religion
  • Subcategory Literature and Fiction
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  • Rating: 4.7
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Bomby the Bombardier Beetle

Bomby, The Bombardier Beetle book.

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Bombardier beetle larvae parasitize the pupae of whirligig beetles and pupate inside their hosts. Creationist author Hazel Rue wrote a children's book promoting this myth called Bomby, the Bombardier Beetle. You can find the nocturnal beetles living along muddy edges of lakes and rivers, often hiding in debris. About 48 species of bombardier beetles inhabit North America, mainly in the south. Creationism and Bombardier Beetles. Many entomologists have skewered the book for its complete lack of scientific facts.

Beetles are very common in God's living creation, with over a quarter of a million known species. This particular beetle can produce a steaming solution of a poisonous chemical called quinone. Incredible! The processes responsible that gives this explosive ability to such a tiny creature points clearly to design by a Creator.

The Bombardier Beetle. I try to tell you, this is the last in a series of four talks. So my title, The Bombardier Beetle - you know, I was a play writer at that time of Ionesco and Beckett and the absurd theater so I always try to have a title which is provocative, catching the attention and actually saying what it has to say - it is about evolution and the idea of Intelligent Design, which is one of the most important.

Find bombardier 1997 from a vast selection of Books. Bomby the Bombardier Beetle Rue, Hazel M. Paperback Used - Good.

Bombardier beetles are ground beetles (Carabidae) in the tribes Brachinini, Paussini, Ozaenini, or Metriini-more than 500 species altogether-which are most notable for the defense mechanism that gives them their name: when disturbed, they eject a ho. .

Bombardier beetles are ground beetles (Carabidae) in the tribes Brachinini, Paussini, Ozaenini, or Metriini-more than 500 species altogether-which are most notable for the defense mechanism that gives them their name: when disturbed, they eject a hot noxious chemical spray from the tip of the abdomen with a popping sound. The spray is produced from a reaction between two chemical compounds, hydroquinone and hydrogen peroxide, which are stored in two reservoirs in the beetle's abdomen.

Bomby the Bombardier Beetle, by Hazel Rue, ISBN 32766-13-7. Armitage, Mark H. and Mullisen, Luke, Preliminary observations of the pygidial gland of the Bombardier Beetle, Brachinus sp. Journal of Creation 17(1):95–102, April 2003. Dawkins, Richard, 1987. The Blind Watchmaker, Norton, NY p. 86-87. Aneshansley, Daniel J. & T. Eisner, 1969. Biochemistry at 100C: explosive secretory discharge of bombardier beetles (Brachinus). Jones, D. Alsop, J. Meinwald, & T. Eisner, 1983.

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Bombardier beetlesJuvenile literature. Noah's Ark and the Ararat Adventure by Master Books. This is momofeight's personal library, powered by TinyCat.

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Glad I bought it instead of using the library as I will use this for many years to come. Suggested by my home school unit study author; I read this to my kids ages 1, 2, 5 and 9. They all really liked it. It is an engaging book that elicits interesting discussion and sparks interest in further study. Very nice book for many avenues.
Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!
Good discussion starter with grandson
Like another reviewer said, this s a good book forthose who like to laugh at Creationists. That is exactly the reason I ordered it.

If you want a story with a crisis and a resolution, however, you won't find it here. This book recounts the words of wisdom which a fine young beetle receives from his father and his great-great-grandfather. These words of wisdom consist of scientific facts mixed in with the ICR party line.

In order to avoid offending either old earth creationists or young earth creationists, the child is told that the Creation took place "thousands of years ago." However, apparently enough of the intended readers believe in the dinosaur-dragon equation to merit a pasing mention of this notionon pages 31-32.

Someone has criticized this book for its anthropomorphic cartoon drawings of the beetles. That may be a good point, but in fairness, let me point out that there aren't really any magic school buses either. (Somehow, I feel safe in saying that the producers of The Magic School Bus are Evolutionists.)

For anyone interested in an Evolutionist rebuttal to this book, look on pages 66-67 of [b]The Counter-Creationism Handbook[/b] (0520249267).
This is a good one and that is rare in the field of children's creation books. It's understandable, readable kids and has a story that hooks them!
Lonesome Orange Kid
Helping our children see how God works, and that only He could do the creating was well explained with this book.
Just a reformulation of the infamous Institute for Creation Research argument that the bombardier beetle is an ultimate example that all creatures were created by a god. Aimed at children (and simpletons), it parades its story behind inaccurate biological information, anecdotal evidence, and the traditional method of not asking too many questions ("Where did I come from? I won't ask. I will keep still and listen and listen." Page 14). Read the glossary for more strangeness.
On a side note, much more entertaining than just reading this book is the collection of reviews in the latest issue (Vol.6,#5) of the Annals of Improbable Research. They give a great series of reviews (although a bit silly) that frame the book appropriately. But they must be read with the book in-hand, or the impact is lost. If it weren't for these reviews, I wouldn't have bought the book.
I'd recommend the book to anyone amused by creationism, outraged by modern evolutionary theories, or parents who want to teach their children how to ask if a source is a valid and qualified source.
I would just like to say that in todays world of postmodern, post enlightenment, post punk, postmortem wolly headedness, it is refreshing to read a throughly modern logically precise and totally believable account of the beginings of all things. To get the whole truth and nothing but the truth into such a small book is a wonderous acheievement. The author must be conmended for their deep comprehension of the true nature of reality and their comitment to sharing this ultimate knowing with the rest of humble humanity. I can only say that it through this kind of supreme effort that the world in which we live is in such a conceptual mess. Yours insincerely Steve the Leggs