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by Lauren O'Leary,Jessica Sczuka Godino

Download The World Spirit Tarot ePub
  • ISBN 0738709026
  • ISBN13 978-0738709024
  • Language English
  • Author Lauren O'Leary,Jessica Sczuka Godino
  • Publisher Llewellyn Publications (May 8, 2006)
  • Formats docx lit lrf rtf
  • Category Religion
  • Subcategory New Age and Spirituality
  • Size ePub 1825 kb
  • Size Fb2 1641 kb
  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 749

A colorful alternative to traditional tarot images, The World Spirit Tarot features a multicultural array of characters. Instead of the traditional King, Queen, Knight and Page, the court cards are represented by the Seer, Seeker, Sibyl, and Sage. Another innovative twist is the deck's text: instead of "reversed" and "upright" meanings, it describes the "shadow" and "gift" of each card. Bearing imagery not unlike woodcuts painted with vibrant, rich colors, the unique artwork is actually hand-colored linoleum block prints-giving a stylized, otherworld quality to this exotic deck. • New ISBN • New size • New box cover design • Includes a deck bag

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I'm not really into tarot, but I've always been fascinated by the decks and their history [I was a medieval studies major in college]. I have friends who *are* into it, and I've shared this deck with them--in some cases purchased it for them--and they all love it.
The things they've said echo the reviews here.
Since I'm a skeptic, I'd rather not add my own words, except to say that the art is the best I've ever seen. It feels natural and organic, not contrived, and depicts people beautifully and realistically, somehow distilling their most basic elements into a small two-dimensional rectangle.

Update: I recently learned that they are attempting to make a second printing. You should be able to find their page pretty easily on the Internet.
Great Content, Cheap Llewellyn Presentation...This deck is so incredibly gorgeous but ruined by the publisher, Llewellyn, and their flimsy shoddy cardstock and packaging. I seriously wish I hadn't been so impatient and waited for the artist to release her second self publication of this deck...But I just "had" to have it and ended up paying more than twice as much for used product than the original owner paid. Sadly it wasn't worth it... Still...the artwork alone is worth ten stars, too bad publishing with Llewellyn docks it six...
My main reason for getting into tarot was that I wanted to be open to different methods of obtaining wisdom. I wanted to ask questions and be given guidance. When I started looking to purchase a deck a few months ago, I knew that the deck I chose would have to be reflective of the openness and positivity I was seeking from the cards. The World Spirit Tarot was the stand-out deck. Including depictions of all genders (even ungendered), all races (including blue people), and all sizes and shapes, this deck is not only open to all types of people and perceptions, but also different interpretations. It breaks free from the hierarchical and patriarchal norms I saw in various decks, and takes a step into a truly open and accepting interpretation.

The art on the cards, besides being of mixed race, gender and size, is beautifully drawn and fully colored. I love the black borders on the cards. The cards themselves approach tarot in a non-patriarchal way, substituting the seer, seeker, sibyl, and sage for the page, knight, queen and king of the suits. The impressive and wonderfully open art makes this deck feel even more positive and special.

I strongly recommend these cards to all tarot readers, beginning and experienced. The first reading I did with these cards was so wonderfully honest, and eye-opening that I cried as I read them. To open yourself up to the message of the cards is a scary thing, but this deck makes it easier, more approachable, and provides a unique and positive energy.
Hi there, You should find it when you search Amazon for this title.
Tarot místico universal (Spanish Edition) (Spanish) Cards
Very happy with this -colorful, full of imagery, world-view deck.
Can't imagine anyone disliking this deck. This would be a great beginner deck and a terrific deck to read for others with. I haven't had it long enough to use it as a reading deck, but I am looking forward to sharing it with others. Multi-cultural, lots to look at in each card!
Kudos to the creator/s.
Great set of cards. I love the images and the cardstock was llewelyn's older version which is much better! The pictures are bright and interesting.
I am new to the tarot and did a lot of research before purchasing this deck to the tune of looking at over 300 decks online. This deck stood out for me in terms of everything I was looking for from an artistic and cultural standpoint. It is truly beautiful, the images stunning and powerful. More important for me as a beginner is how related it is to the standard Rider-Waite decks, so I can still learn via those teachings and materials, which is quite helpful. I have a friend who is very experienced in the tarot and who has several decks, who after giving me the thumbs up on this deck said that she might purchase it herself. I love the book, as well. Enjoy!
I like the multi-cultural aspect of the cards, they represent different ethnicities and environments. The designer lives in Asheville, NC, which touched a personal note with me-I lived in Asheville for 3 years. The colors are very bright and warm (although there is lots of black-due to the nature of print process used in designing them.) I love the images of mermaids and other sea creatures. The plants and flowers are also well-represented. I think there is something here for everyone who likes Tarot.