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by Craig Hockenberry

Download iPhone App Development: The Missing Manual ePub
  • ISBN 0596809778
  • ISBN13 978-0596809775
  • Language English
  • Author Craig Hockenberry
  • Publisher O'Reilly Media; 1 edition (May 14, 2010)
  • Pages 352
  • Formats azw mobi lrf txt
  • Category Technology
  • Subcategory Hardware and DIY
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  • Rating: 4.7
  • Votes: 631

Anyone with programming experience can learn how to write an iPhone app. But if you want to build a great app, there's a lot more to it than simple coding: you also need to know how design and market your creation. This easy-to-follow guide walks you through the entire process, from sketching out your idea to promoting the finished product.

Get to know the tools for developing your iPhone app Design a great app before you start coding Build a complex app with Xcode and Interface Builder Decide how to brand your app-then beta-test that brand in the real world Learn the inside scoop on how to get your app into the App Store Promote your product, track sales, and build a strong customer following

Craig Hockenberry has been working with images and software for over 30 years.

Craig Hockenberry has been working with images and software for over 30 years. He is currently a principal at the Iconfactory, a company that has been changing the face of the computer desktop since 1996.

This book covers the ins and outs of development for the iPhone environment and does that well

This book covers the ins and outs of development for the iPhone environment and does that well. Where I feel it really excels is where it covers the areas that immediately surround the development, the parts that aren't just "how to write the code and use the libraries".

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Ready to create your own iPhone app? This book walks you through the entire iPhone app development process, from start to finish

Ready to create your own iPhone app? This book walks you through the entire iPhone app development process, from start to finish. You'll learn how to download the tools, build the app, get it through Apple's approval process, and then market and maintain the finished product. All you need to get started is a familiarity with object-oriented programming. With "iPhone App Development: The Missing Manual", you'll get lots of illustrations, step-by-step tutorials, and real-world examples.

This book walks you through the entire iPhone app development process from start to finish. The protagonist is the popular Safety Light application and it’s recounted by award-winning iPhone developer, Craig Hockenberry. App Development for Everyone

This book walks you through the entire iPhone app development process from start to finish. App Development for Everyone. Creating a great iPhone app is often a group effort. This book covers topics that will appeal to many different members of that team. The book is appropriate for developers at all skill levels. Beginners will learn what it takes to write a great iPhone app, while those with more experience will benefit from in-depth coverage of advanced techniques.

Автор: Hockenberry Craig Название: Iphone App Development: The Missing Manual Издательство: Wiley .

Описание: What the book covers: The book will teach both novice and seasoned developers how to develop iPhone and iPod Touch games as well as games for the iPad using several tools.

IPhone App Development: The Missing Manual. O'Reilly Media, Pogue Press.

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This book is not for the beginner on iPhone programming. The tutorials and sample code require the reader to already be quite familiar with Objective-C, and the author does not provide clear explanations. The FEW sample programs only provide a limited introduction to the features available in iPhone programming, and are difficult to implement. However, the book does provide useful information regarding the Apple Developer site and submitting Applications to the App store.
Great book.
As the series tag says, this book should have been included in the Xcode box. I haven't finished reading it but it already has provided me solid nuggets of information that I had not yet gleaned in a couple of years of iPhone development and has saved me dev time and improved my implementation cleanliness (many thanks to the author for that).

Prior to getting this book, I had been aware of the author's sage advice on his blog and twitter feed. The author is the real deal and this book does not disappoint.

Building an iPhone app from start to finish, this book explains the dev environment, language, app design and app management process, while simultaneously managing to discusses the pros and cons of various tradeoffs you need to make an app. I am impressed at its conciseness and the conveyed depth of understanding of what it takes to get a robust, shipping product. The specific information about using the command line versions of various Xcode tools is something that I haven't seen elsewhere and am finding it extremely helpful.

If you are looking to polish your iphone app dev skills, or just make them more AWESOME!!!, this book will help.
The book starts at the beginning - how to use the tools that Apple provides in the SDK, and then goes on to explore some of the finer points of Objective-C and Cocoa Touch, before exploring the full process of creating an app. Well written, easy to follow, and very informative!
This is a great book for new iPhone application developers looking for a good place to get started. Even if you're familiar with C or C++, Objective C takes a little bit of getting used to. This book takes the reader through the entire development lifecycle of an iPhone application--from the very beginning with installing Xcode and the iPhone SDK, through the end with getting your application released in the App Store.

While the book is not designed to be comprehensive, it won't be the reference that intermediate or advanced iPhone developers will be looking for. However, for those just getting started, it's just right. After showing how to configure the Xcode environment, the author goes through the basics of Objective C and the ins and outs of the language. The author proceeds through the process of how great iPhone apps are designed. Finally, the author shows how to submit your application to the iTunes store and what to expect out of the process. You won't find a lot of coding examples, aside from the Objective C introduction. In other words, there aren't any "how-to's" in this book, which is fine, since much of that can be retrieved online.

Where I really felt this book provided value was in the overall discussion of how to begin, design, and submit your application. There aren't a lot of good references out there which show the whole process, and I found this book to be one of the best. I'd recommend this book to developers who want to get started with iPhone development--especially those developers who just installed Xcode and are asking "now what?".
'iPhone App Development: The Missing Manual' is a nice book but nowhere near complete enough for most people interested in getting into iPhone application development. At 300+ pages, this is more like an overview/skim of how to go about iPhone programming and that's part of the problem here. The book makes assumptions that you are an Objective C person that can jump right in. Being that this is the case, I would expect there to be more references within, but the content is short on content. Material is broken up over 9 chapters covering a single example --- Flashlight which is what I would want from a book like this.

The writing is clear and to the point, but the design is lacking. Color should have been part of the total package and without that splash of pizzaz, the interior is droll and bland.

For those looking to get started in iPhone development, this is a nice reference but I just wish it was a bit longer and had a tad more sex appeal for the reader.

I've been looking to get into iPhone OS development this spring, and most books I've come across have fallen into one of two categories:

1) they expect you to have a background in Mac OS X's Objective-C development frameworks or...

2) they're written like a reference book and thus make it difficult to learn the ropes in a step-by-step fashion.

Craig Hockenberry's iPhone App Development: The Missing Manual changes that frustrating pattern. By introducing the world of developing an iPhone app in a way that requires just a bit of programming experience, Hockenberry makes instantly accessible the Objective-C language, the XCode IDE, and the design processes that go into taking your app from notepad sketch to App Store success and beyond. The text is clear and approachable, and Craig's jolly writing style makes grasping important concepts and following along with examples both fun and memorable.

I highly recommend this book to anyone with any C-like programming experience who is interested in writing apps for the iPhone OS.
This book is CHOCKLOCK full of excellent tips and advice. I've had my hands on Cocoa and the iPhone for quite a while and I'm amazed at how many great tips I've found in this book. It covers the usual things like tools and libraries but excels in its coverage of design and polish. If you're looking into iPhone/iPad development for the first time or even if you consider yourself a pro, you'll find more than a few gems inside this book to make it worth the purchase.