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by Ben Norman

Download Getting Noticed on Google in easy steps ePub
  • ISBN 184078332X
  • ISBN13 978-1840783322
  • Language English
  • Author Ben Norman
  • Publisher In Easy Steps Limited (June 10, 2007)
  • Pages 192
  • Formats lrf azw azw mbr
  • Category Technology
  • Subcategory Web Development and Design
  • Size ePub 1950 kb
  • Size Fb2 1993 kb
  • Rating: 4.6
  • Votes: 134

Google is an incredibly all-encompassing tool that makes navigating the internet far easier than it ever was. Those sites that reside at the top of any given search result are far more likely to experience heavy traffic. Now, this easy-to-use guide helps those who want their web content to stand out from the millions of sites available. Appropriate for all skill levels, Getting Noticed on Google in Easy Steps helps website programmers alter their content to achieve higher prominence on the search engine. By indicating popular keywords, niche markets, and helping readers outsmart the competition, this book is a valuable resource for those looking to make their websites more visible and effective.

Ben Norman, thank you for a wonderful and timely book. This a near worthless book.

Ben Norman, thank you for a wonderful and timely book. Do you get updates of this book for free every 6 months?

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Start by marking Getting Noticed on Google in easy steps as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Appropriate for all skill levels, Ge Google is an incredibly all-encompassing tool that makes navigating the internet far easier than it ever was.

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Wherever you see one of these icons you know there's a handy tip to spice up your learning, flag something to remember or ward you away from potential dangers. In Easy Steps The Limited.

Get to No 1 on Google in Easy Steps (Paperback).

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Ben Norman is one of the UK's leading SEO Consultants specialising in Google optimization.

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Cached page - Validation - Link farm - URL - SEO - Dynamic website - SPC - ALT tags - Meta description - Froogle, and more. If you have even wondered what these terms mean, this is the book for you.

I bought my 1st book last Wednesday. Then, I bought the second book for my business partner on Friday. While hosting providers seem to talk over the heads of most small business owners, this book gives the tools to understanding the "ins and outs" of creating, changing, and maintaining a website that will get noticed on Google.

While shocked that our BIB SHOPPE website was ranked so low on the Alexa Traffic Rank, this book has given us the confidence, "know-how", and tools to up our ratings. Per the author, Alexa is an organization that analyzes the world's web traffic. I am anxious and excited to see our store ranking soar as we utilize the tools we have learned in this book.

I read the book once through to get a general understanding, and now I am ready to go back with my pens, highlighters, and sticky notes, and discover specifically how to improve our ranking.

This is a great book for the small business owner novice. I wish I would have read the book before launching our website, but at least we now know that we need to include Meta tag descriptions, caps, bold lettering, links, and have a better keyword presence.

Oh, I LOVE the glossary too. My only suggestion for the 2nd, updated, or revised edition would be to include more of the words listed in the index into the glossary.

Ben Norman, thank you for a wonderful and timely book.

From a gal who sells adult bibs, baby bibs, aprons, and burp cloths!!!
I learned a lot from the book and recommend it to anyone. good price and shipping time. comparable with other books on the subject.
As always in the cyber world evrythong is constantly being updated and improved. This book is out dated and was of little help to me.
Probably the best book to start with on the topic. This could have been an "Idiots" book really, because the writing style is done in short, accessible sentences so as to not scare off people like me. While certain pointers were common sense, most of the material in this book was news for me. As promised on the cover there are plenty of step by step instructions on how to do things, even if it's only two steps. Seriously. The book is that idiot proof. One way I know if a how-to book is helpful is if by the end I've got it marked up with a highlighter. This one is highlighted and flagged with post-it notes. So yes, I got my money's worth.
This is a nice book with bright colors and many hot tips. It does give advice in straight-forward steps that are clear and concise, along with screen shots that help clarify what the author is trying to say. However, this is not a book for beginners who don't have a basic knowledge of search engine optimization. It can be overwhelming for someone who doesn't know the fundamentals. Nevertheless, even the novice can learn from this book if they are willing to put in the time to understand the key words and concepts.
So I picked up this book recently because I'm optimizing a few different sites, and I'm always looking around for good, easy-to-digest reference material related to SEO. This book is full of solid ideas and concepts and does give fairly straightforward suggestions for improving a site's rankings on Google.

My one complaint - and it is a critical one - is that all of the free Web-based apps typically don't work with a Mac or with the software Mac users use. For example, Google's toolbar, while a great invention, doesn't work for Safari. And Web CEO, which is mentioned throughout the book, can't boot natively in Mac OS X. While I realize that most of the world still uses PCs, a book as general as this must be sure to do a better job of being more inclusive for all users.

Be warned: If you're a Mac user, steer clear of this book.
This a near worthless book. Google and other search engines stopped emphasizing Keywords almost 10 years ago and yet books like these would have you busily researching 'em. People who have forgotten more about SEO than I'll ever know have taught me this and more. Do you get updates of this book for free every 6 months? If not too bad; Google changes their algorithm that frequently.

If you still want this book send me a postage paid envelope and you can have mine.

Jim Malmstrom
Brick NJ
This is a great book for explaining how Google rates web pages and what you can do to increase the ranking of your web page. Only suggestion is that there were not enough examples to explain whatthey were doing, but still there were plenty of useful tips.