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Download Yii 1.1 Application Development Cookbook ePub

by Alexander Makarov

Download Yii 1.1 Application Development Cookbook ePub
  • ISBN 1849515484
  • ISBN13 978-1849515481
  • Language English
  • Author Alexander Makarov
  • Publisher Packt Publishing (September 25, 2011)
  • Pages 392
  • Formats docx rtf lrf mobi
  • Category Technology
  • Subcategory Web Development and Design
  • Size ePub 1241 kb
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  • Rating: 4.3
  • Votes: 514

Over 80 recipes to help you master using the Yii PHP framework Learn to use Yii more efficiently through plentiful Yii recipes on diverse topics Make the most efficient use of your controller and views and reuse them Automate error tracking and understand the Yii log and stack trace Full of practically useful solutions and concepts that you can use in your application, with clearly explained code and all the necessary screenshots In Detail When Alex told me he was about to write a Yii cookbook about a year ago, I was wondering how original it would be, considering the fact that there was already an online user-contributed cookbook (aka. Yii wiki) It turned out Alex produced a book that is not only full of wisdom about how to use Yii effectively, but also presented in such a systematic way that it can be taken as an essential companion book to the definitive guide to Yii. In fact, Alex has successfully intrigued the interest of every member in the Yii developer team when he asked for review and comments on his newly finished book chapters. As the founder and the lead developer of the Yii framework, I feel this book is a must-read for every Yii programmer. While this book does not describe directly the rules set by Yii, it shows how to program with Yii from a practical perspective. People who are driven by tight project schedules will find this book very handy as it gives ready-to-use solutions to many problems they may face in their projects; people who are already familiar with Yii will also find this book very informative as most problem solutions given in the book can be considered as officially recommended because they have undergone thorough review of every Yii developer team member. Alex, through this book and his active participation in the Yii project, proved himself to be a great programmer as well as a good writer. Qiang Xue Lead developer of the Yii framework Yii framework is a rapidly growing

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Yii . Application Development Cookbook as Want to Read: Want to Read savin. ant to Read. Application Development Cookbook will help you learn more about Yii framework and application development practices in general with demonstrations of shortcuts and information about dangerous things you should not do. Grouped in 13 chapters, the recipes will assist. Grouped in 13 chapters, the recipes will assist you to write your applications exploiting Yii core functionality to its full potential.

This book is a collection of Yii recipes with chapters generally independent of each other. Yii . Application Development Cookbook. It is full of practically useful solutions and concepts explained with code and the required pictorial illustrations. If you are a developer with a good knowledge of PHP5, are familiar with the basics of Yii, and have tried to develop applications using Yii, then this book is for you. Knowledge of the object oriented approach and MVC pattern will be a great advantage as Yii uses these extensively.

1Application Development Cookbook. Alexander Makarov graduated from Voronezh State University in 2007 with a master degree in computer science

1Application Development Cookbook. What youneed forthis book Who thisbookis. Alexander Makarov graduated from Voronezh State University in 2007 with a master degree in computer science. During his study, he started working on homegrown PHP frameworks and projects trying various design patterns and techniques. During the last year of his study, he spent a year working for Siemens mainly doing Java coding and complex SQL reports and also did many small and medium freelance projects in his free time. Community Cookbook. This repository hosts an OpenSource book full of tips and tricks about Yii . PHP framework. Here's the table of contents. Application Development Cookbook - Alexander Makarov. It turned out Alex produced a book that is not only full of wisdom about how to use Yii effectively, but also presented in such a systematic way that it can be taken as an essential companion book to the definitive guide to Yii.

This book is a collection of Yii recipes with chapters generally independent of each other

This book is a collection of Yii recipes with chapters generally independent of each other  .

Talk about Yii 1.1 Application Development Cookbook

Every cookbook starts off with a built-in limitation: given a finite size and editorial deadline, the author has made a decision on what "recipes" to include. As a reader, your satisfaction, in part, will be determined by how well you think that decision was made. Even worse for the author, the reader varies in skill from novice to expert, each with their own unique set of expectations.

Who is the target audience? Alexander Makarov has targeted the intermediate developer which is not to say that beginners won't find anything useful. Some will catch on fine while others will want to bone up on MVC fundamentals and beginning Yii first.

The recipes are structured in a straightforward way:
1) Getting ready
2) How to do it
3) How it works
4) There's more...
5) See also

The structure works well. The "getting ready" section is generally the same: create a webapp, then create a database and tables, where needed, to support the example. This makes it possible to open the book anywhere and start a self-contained recipe. "How to do it" is the actual code. "How it works" is the explanation of the code. If there's more to say, you'll see it in "There's more...". "See also" contains a list of related topics.

On the whole, I believe that the author made the right choices. Oh there are things I would have like to have seen; different choices I would have made (the section on performance tuning comes to mind). But when asked "was my money well spent", I have to answer a definite yes.
I got through this book quickly in a few days and refer to it often. Grete job author! One thing that is really helpful is the chapters on datagrids. The author does a fine job of providing a working solution in a few pages.
Alex does a great job walking us through various scenarios and samples . In my view you will not regret getting this book if you have to develop serious apps in Yii
It's very simple, easy to read, and show detailed technics programing with the most powerfull PHP's framework of actuality.I hope new books about language and framework.
Good book. Full review of Yii framework v.1.1 with tips and tricks, with usefull examples.
Describing of specific topic about Tests, DB, Security and other important things.
I was recently doing some research on what were some of the best PHP frameworks available and came across Yii. I have some limited experience with another PHP framework called CodeIgniter. I am looking at rewriting a major website that I initially created without a framework back in 2003. Naturally considering how long these websites live, I wanted to get a framework that was robust with a moderate learning curve considering my very limited free time.

My perspective is one of a software developer with a strong PHP and Java background with experience using multiple web UI technologies. I am currently working on creating high traffic, enterprise mobile websites and was looking at Yii for all its features and best of all, for its performance, an area many frameworks don't emphasize. I am also interested in this framework from an architecture point of view as well. I read through this book noting examples of Best Practices from what I consider a top quality framework.

I purchased "Yii 1.1 Application Development Cookbook " by Alexander Makarov from Packt Publishing ([...]) and I wanted to give my review of this book.

This book uses its 13 chapters to cover all of the Yii topics that define a good framework such as: Ajax and jQuery, Working with Forms, Testing your Application, Database, Active Record, Error Handling, Security, Performance Tuning, Extending Yii, and using External Code. Each chapter stands on its own because it uses a "yiic" app generator command to create a fresh copy of a Yii application. I love this part of the framework because this app generator creates login page and a basic home page and if you've ever tried to start a new application the login page with one of the most important pieces of an app yet one of the most boring pieces to work on. Thank you Yii for making this part as easy as a 1 line command.

Since this book is a "Cookbook" style approach to using Yii to build wep apps, you'll find each chapter full of examples and each example uses the following sections to round out each example: Getting Ready (example setup), How to do it (main content of the example), How it works (content explanation) , There's more (where to go to learn more) , and See also (reference to related sections).

I was particularly impressed with how well jQuery was integrated in Yii. It was nice to see that a framework was created with client-side coding as a core feature not an after thought. The Ajax and jQuery chapter covers not only using the jQuery core JavaScript library but also how to register any JavaScript library including your own custom libraries. The examples are well designed and thoroughly walk you through how to implement each MVC component, creating the data model, the controller and the view components. Each chapter's examples use this approach and follow up with some helpful reference links for further reading as well as some sub-chapter references that point to related material for the example and are useful to add more clarity. The tasks that the examples are trying to solve are well thought out to cover multiple scenarios in detail. If needed, you'll have another section called "How it works" after each example to fully explain how the logic flow of the example.

Each chapter fully defines the subject matter with useful examples illustrating how Yii uses the "Configuration by Convention" model to build web application components. You won't find re-used examples from the API documentation, but rather real examples that you'll need to not only make top quality applications but also you'll fully understand how Yii works when you consider the reference material provided to augment the examples.

There were some areas that gave me some trouble in reading through this book. It seems this book does assume some level of knowledge of Yii because this book didn't explain Gii on its first mention. This will mean you will have to reference the Yii documentation to fill in any gaps if you are a pure newbie to Yii as I am, but it may be best if you start off with a starter book such as "Agile with Yii 1.1 and PHP5" by Jeffery Winesett to get a good foundation on Yii before learning some of these advanced topics that this cookbook covers.

Overall, I would recommend this book because if the excellent examples in each chapter, the complexity of the tasks that make up the examples and the complete coverage of the topics in all the chapters. I could get by with just this "cookbook" but I'd feel like I am missing something by not starting with a beginners book to learn the full breadth of Yii. In a pinch, this book can get you past your needed tasks.

If you are interested in viewing a sample chapter of this ebook one is available at [...]
I actually really liked this book. It is a cookbook - it is task based - and while on some subjects I disregard these types of books - this time it really works.

I will skip the summation of this book in deference to the other reviews and provide my list of good/bad points to consider:

The Good Parts
- The information builds on prior Yii documentation. It doesn't bother rehashing easily found info, but either presents a deeper insight or something else not documented well.
- It's a great partner to the other Yii book by Packt. While the other book is more theory, this is more rooted in practice.
- All examples bring you from start to finish and are clearly described.
- It shows how to actually use the framework rather than merely exhaling the API.
- It also explores some of the subtleties of the framework (ie console apps, things in PHP that are useful to a Yii developer).
- I loved the emphasis on testing (both unit and functional testing).
- It's written by a core contributor to Yii.

The Bad Parts
- The editing is poor at times, and can be distracting.
- It's not to be read cover to cover. I would familiarize yourself with the outline, and have it ready for a quick review when something specific comes up.

It's a great addition to your Yii library, but it should not be your first Yii book. You will need some experience with the framework to fully leverage the material in the book. If you are doing any Yii development, you owe it to yourself to read the book.