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by Jean Ure

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  • ISBN 0006754244
  • ISBN13 978-0006754244
  • Language English
  • Author Jean Ure
  • Publisher Collins (April 2, 2001)
  • Pages 160
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  • Category Teenagers
  • Subcategory Literature and Fiction
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  • Rating: 4.2
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Four sisters, each with their own particular hopes, ambitions and dreams, are living with their actress mother in London. As they listen to her learning her lines for her new play, LITTLE WOMEN, they realise the strong parallels between the sisters in the classic novel, and their own lives. Their father, too, is away from home - in the States trying to make it as an actor, and the sisters miss him dreadfully. Together, using all their individual talents, they devise a plan to try and reunite their parents. A hearwarming, funny and lively family story which, although it has parallels with LITTLE WOMEN, quickly establishes its own very contemporary voice.

Jean Ure. Why do you girls have to be so fractious all the time? cried Mum, one morning at breakfast. Daisy wanted to know. Bickering and backbiting and totally ungrateful!.

Jean Ure. Bickering and backbiting and totally ungrateful! hey had been rather quarrelsome of late. Jazz and Laurel had quarrelled on the subject of clothes. Jazz had accused Laurel of dolling herself up just to please men, while Laurel had accused Jazz of slobbing around like a refugee from Oxfam. No man, she said, would ever look twice at her. Don’t want them to! had declared Jazz.

Because they couldn’t afford to pay the bills or find a decent place for the family to live. And then Mum had got into Icing and the money had come rolling in and they still had rows. Mum had wanted to do one thing with it, Dad had wanted to do another. And instead of talking it out calmly and sensibly, they had ended up yelling. One time Mum had yelled, Who’s earning this money, I’d like to know? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.

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I’m going to stay single. As if living with each other wasn’t bad enough, living with their parents is worse – particularly parents who are both actors. Please! But after the Great Row, the girls find themselves living with Mum, while Dad has gone to America to find work. How are the sisters going to achieve their own personal ambitions: become an actress, model, writer, ve. hen they can’t even achieve their joint ambition – to reunite parents who are on different continents?

Family Fan Club book.

Family Fan Club book. A humorous, poignant and heartwarming story of four girls and their. Jean Ure writes strong, funny characters, and the dialogue is always spot on. The characters in this case gradually come into focus - Dad and Mum - both actors, and currently living apart, Laurel, in the throes of teenagerhood, Jazz, actor-in-the-making, sweet Daisy and clever Rose. The family set-up overtly echoes the March family and in fact the sisters put on a scene from Little Women for Mum. Family Fan Club. Family Fan Club Jean Ure. Karen Donnelly. But she and Rose were the only two who really read books, and Rose’s were usually big fat learned volumes all about history

Jean Ure. I’m going to stay single. Jasmine, Laurel, Rose and Daisy. But she and Rose were the only two who really read books, and Rose’s were usually big fat learned volumes all about history. Rose was what Jazz privately thought of as ndred". Took life just so-o-o-o seriously.

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Reissued in the Jean Ure branding. People always fall out after they're married. I'm going to stay single.

by Jean Ure. illustrated by Karen Donnelly. Excellent for any nine-up and will almost certainly lead to an addiction to Ure. Observer. Becky Bananas ‘The writing transcends any trace of heaviness.