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by Let's Go Inc,Harvard Student Agencies

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  • ISBN 0333747402
  • ISBN13 978-0333747407
  • Language English
  • Author Let's Go Inc,Harvard Student Agencies
  • Publisher Macmillan (December 4, 1998)
  • Pages 720
  • Formats lrf lit txt mbr
  • Category Travels
  • Subcategory Europe
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  • Rating: 4.1
  • Votes: 417

So, you want to go to Europe? But how could you not? . To read this book, upload an EPUB or FB2 file to Bookmate. In. Harvard Student Agencies. Let's Go Budget Madrid.

So, you want to go to Europe? But how could you not? There’s something awfully romantic about spending midnight in Paris, watching the lights shine on the famed La Seine. Let's Go Budget Berlin. Let's Go Budget Paris.

Let's Go was founded in 1960 and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Let's Go was founded in 1960 and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The first Let's Go guide was a 25-page mimeographed pamphlet put together by 18-year-old Harvard freshman Oliver Koppell and handed out on student charter flights to Europe. com, while publishing 22 titles and a new line of mini map guides.

From German beer halls to Roman ruins, Let's Go Europe 2015 is your ticket to adventure.

With her Harvard degree in hand, Vanda is off to China to teach English-but she’ll undoubtedly take frequent vacations to Portugal to showcase her badass California surfing skills. His travels for Let’s Go took him to Morocco and southwestern France, allowing him to master snake charming and wine tasting. Other author's books: Let's Go Europe 2011: The Student Travel Guide. Let's Go Europe 2011: The Student Travel Guide.

Other books in this series. Let's Go: 1: Workbook. Harvard Student Agencies, headquartered in Cambridge, MA, is the largest student-run company in the world.

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Items related to Let's Go France (Let's Go). Let's Go Inc; Harvard Student Agencies Let's Go France (Let's Go). ISBN 13: 9780333747407. Let's Go France (Let's Go). Let's Go Inc; Harvard Student Agencies. Learn more about this copy.

Let's Go Europe 2015. The Student Travel Guide. Books related to Let's Go Europe 2015.

item 1 Let's Go Inc, Let's Go 1994: Germany: The Budget Guides, Very Good, Paperback -Let's Go Inc, Let's Go 1994 . Additional Product Features. Let's Go Inc, Harvard Student Agencies. Place of Publication.

item 1 Let's Go Inc, Let's Go 1994: Germany: The Budget Guides, Very Good, Paperback -Let's Go Inc, Let's Go 1994: Germany: The Budget Guides, Very Good, Paperback. item 2 Let's Go 1994: Germany: The Budget Guides, Let's Go Inc, Very Good, Paperback -Let's Go 1994: Germany: The Budget Guides, Let's Go Inc, Very Good, Paperback. item 3 Let's Go 1994: Germany: The Budget Guides -Let's Go 1994: Germany: The Budget Guides.

Harvard Student Agencies. Spine title: Let's go: 1995 France. Including expanded coverage of Provence, Brittany, and the Loire Valley"-Cover. New York : St. Martin's Press. inlibrary; printdisabled; ; americana. color variations ok'd by supervisor. Books for People with Print Disabilities. Internet Archive Books. Uploaded by AltheaB on June 22, 2010.

Let's Go France (Let's Go). by Let's Go Inc, Harvard Student Agencies. Coauthors & Alternates. ISBN 9780333747407 (978-0-333-74740-7) Softcover, Macmillan, 1998. Let's Go Inc. Learn More at LibraryThing. Harvard Student Agencies at LibraryThing.

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Planning a trip to Amsterdam this summer and want to read up on the country. Book was in great condition, better than described.
Was very helpful bit a bit out of date
You're going to LOVE BRITAIN! I've spent a year in England and have made >30 visits all together.

Here are my reviews of the best meet your exact needs.....I hope these are helpful and that you have a great visit! I always gauge the quality of my visit by how much I remember a year later......this review is designed to help you get the guide that will be sure YOU remember your trip many years into the future. Travel Safe and enjoy yourself to the max!

Let's Go

Let's Go is a great guide series that specializes in the niche interest details that turn a trip into a great and memorable experience. Started by and for college students, these guides are famous for the details provided by people who used the book the previous year. They continue to focus on providing a great experience inexpensively. If you want to know about the top restaurants, this is not for you (use Fodor's or Michelin). Let's Go does have a bewildering array of different guides though. Here's which is what:

Budget Guide is the main guide with incredibly detailed information and reviews on everything you can think of.

City Guide is just as intense but restricted to the single city.

PocketGuide is even smaller and features condensed information

MapGuide's are very good maps with public transportation and some other information (like museum hours, etc.)


Fodor's is the best selling guide among Americans. They have a bewildering array of different guides. Here's which is what:

The Gold Guide is the main book with good reviews of everything and lots of tours, walks, and just about everything else you could think of. It's not called the Gold guide for nothing assumes you have money and are willing to spend it.

SeeIt! is a concise guide that extracts the most popular items from the Gold Guide

PocketGuide is designed for a quick first visit

UpCLOSE for independent travel that is cheap and well thought out

CityPack is a plastic pocket map with some guide information

Exploring is for cultural interests, lots of photos and designed to supplement the Gold guide


MapGuide is very easy to use and has the best location information for pubs, hotels, tourist attractions, museums, churches etc. that they manage to keep fairly up to date. It's great for teaching you how to use the underground and the double decker buses. The text sections are quick overviews, not reviews, but the strong suite here is brevity, not depth. I strongly recommend this for your first few times learning your way around the classic tourist sites and experiences. MapGuide is excellent as long as you are staying pretty much in the city centre. When you get to be an old London hand, remember that the classic Londoners guide will always be an A to Z (zed) map and guide. If you want to go a bit beyond the central core of the city (perhaps to Windsor, Hampton, or further away) you really need the proper AtoZ to be able to find exact routes and streets.

Time Out

The Time Out guides are very good. Easy reading, short reviews of restaurants, hotels, and other sites, with good public transport maps that go beyond the city centre. Many people who buy more than one guidebook end up liking this one best!

Blue Guides

Without doubt, the best of the walks guides.... the Blue Guide has been around since 1918 and has extremely well designed walks with lots of unique little side stops to hit on just about any interest you have. If you want to pick up the feel of the city, this is the best book to do that for you. This is one that you end up packing on your 10th trip, by which time it is well worn.


Famous for their quality reviews, the Red Michelin Guides are for hotels & Restaurants, the Green Michelin Guides are for main tourist destinations. However, the English language Green guide is the one most people use and it has now been supplemented with hotel and restaurant information. These are the serious review guides as the famous Michelin ratings are issued via these books.

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet has City and Out To Eat Guides. They are all about the experience so they focus on doing, being, getting there, and this means they have the best detailed information, including both inexpensive and really spectacular restaurants and hotels, out-of-the-way places, weird things to see and do, the list is endless.


These are time tested guides that pride themselves on being updated annually. Although I think the guides below provide information that is in more depth or more concise (depending on what the guide is known for), if your main concern is that the guide has very little old or outdated information, then this would be a good guide for you.

Rick Steves' books are not recommended. They may be an interesting read but their helpfulness is very poor. They don't do well on updates, transportation details, or anything but the first-time-tourist routine and even that is somewhat superficial on anything but the mega-major sites.
If you're visiting the U.K. and Ireland, especially on a shoestring budget, "Let's Go - Britain & Ireland 2005" is a great choice. It focuses on budget travel, plus cheap & free destinations. It's a superb resource for hostel reviews, and tells you exactly where the best pubs, clubs, and night spots are. If you're a student who enjoys travel, the "Let's Go" series is practically required reading.

Because this book covers so much territory (literally), don't expect as many details or as much advice as more specialized guides. If all you need is an overview and important travel tips, this is the one to buy.

Frankly, if your schedule is flexible and you have a little extra cash for touring, you can go to the U.K. and Ireland with just this book. Pick up tourist brochures for each area when you get there, and plan your day-by-day activities as you travel. Like many "Let's Go" guides, their Britain & Ireland 2005 guidebook makes travel fun and easy.

This book is an excellent reference for informal travel. It includes good maps, common sense advice, and the kinds of practical information in each chapter that can spare you hours of getting lost while looking for the bus stop or a place for a good, affordable lunch.

Oh, if you're traveling with small children or want a guidebook that reviews the better hotels and B&Bs, "Ireland for Dummies" is probably a better choice. But, if you favor hostels and want to eat where the locals do, this Let's Go guide is worth throwing into your backpack or suitcase as you head to the U.K. and Ireland.

I recommend "Let's Go - Britain and Ireland 2005" most for students and adventurous seniors, and this book will be in my own suitcase when I'm visiting the U.K. and Ireland.

--reviewed by Eibhlin Morey, editor, "All Info About Ireland" and "All Info About Literary Britain"
Rolling Flipper
Went to England with this guide book in hand, the insides marked out with places my husband and I wanted to visit --- sights, restaurants, shopping. Reviews were very detailed. With practically everything so expensive in Europe, this was a real godsend -- it led us to the best deals wherever in England we chose to go. Our hosts had just as much fun as we did, "discovering" new places, and telling themselves they'll definitely come back again. When we left, they asked us to leave the book with them. Need I say more?
Just in response to one of the other reviews, I'd like to point out that they may refer to the 2004 edition of B&I. I am currently studying in Britain with the sexy new 2005 edition and I'm happy to report that, yes, the prices have been updated and, in the case of trains and buses, they tend to list the highest possible price so you may even find things cheaper than the guide says. There are guides with more extensive coverage, but none cover Britain with nearly as much style: if anything, this is certainly the coolest of the Britain travel guides.
I have always been pleased with Let's Go books, and in fact, seek them out when ever I travel. This book was a disappointment! I couldn't find any of the suggested places to stay or eat and all of the places to visit always cost about $10US dollars more than the book said they would cost. England is a good sized country with so many cool historical monuments and towns and because they packed Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England into one book, none of the countries got any focused time and besides, London got top billing with some 50 pages! Overall, I felt like no one bothered to update prices or explore very many options nor had any of the contributing editors spent a great deal of time there. I recommend you seek another budget travel guide.