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by Mitri Raheb,Fred Strickert,Garo Nalbandian

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  • ISBN 3930378213
  • ISBN13 978-3930378210
  • Language English
  • Author Mitri Raheb,Fred Strickert,Garo Nalbandian
  • Publisher Interlink Publishing; First Edition edition (1998)
  • Pages 158
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Known as the birth-place of Jesus Christ, Bethlehem is one of the most important places of pilgrimage and tourism in the world. Even nowadays the impact of religion and history on this town can be felt. However, Bethlehem is also part of region that was shaped by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the twentieth century; for nearly thirty years the town was under Israeli occupation.This book describes the history and culture, religion and political situation of Bethlehem in detail, as well as the traditions and everyday life of the Palestinians. The variety and fascination of the town are illustrated by 130 impressive color photographs and rare historical images.

Author: Raheb, Mitri; Strickert, Fred; Nalbandian, Garo. This lavishly illustrated book describes in detail the history and culture, religion and traditions, as well as the political situation of Bethlehem today and the everyday lives of Palestinians at the end of the twentieth century.

Author: Raheb, Mitri; Strickert, Fred; Nalbandian, Garo. Publication Date:1999-07-01. ISBN-13:9783930378210. Number of Pages:160 Pages. Full Text Information.

Mitri Raheb, Fred Strickert. Garo Nalbandian (Photographer).

Known as the birth-place of Jesus Christ, Bethlehem is one of the most important places of pilgrimage and tourism in the world. Bethlehem 2000 : Past and Present. by Mitri Raheb and Fred Strickert.

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Bethlehem 2000 is not strictly a religious book, although it is full of pictures of. .

Bethlehem 2000 is not strictly a religious book, although it is full of pictures of religious people in the Bethlehem district and even includes icons from the remote (and closed to women) Mar Saba monastery in the desert. Raheb and Strickert introduce us in their text and pictures to the three towns of the Bethlehem district: Beit Sahour, Beit Jala, and Bethlehem itself, along with the small villages nestled in the desert. 1 2 3 4 5. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Bethlehem 2000 from your list? Bethlehem 2000. by Mitri Raheb, Fred Strickert. Published 1998 by Palmyra Verlag, George Stein.

Raheb has written 16 books and numerous articles on issues relating to.

Mitri Raheb, The Invention of History: A Century of Interplay between Theology and Politics in Palestine, (Bethlehem: Diyar Publishing, 2011). Fred Strickert and Garo Nalbandian, Bethlehem: A World Heritage (Bethlehem, Diyar Publishing, 2013). I. I am a Palestinian Christian, (Minneapolis: Augsburg Fortress 1995).

Mitri Raheb receives the prestigious Tolerance Ring Award in Cologne Rev. Dr. MitriRaheb, the founder and president of Dar al-Kalima University College of Arts and Culture received the European Academy of Sciences and Arts (EASA) Rings of Tolerance award on Wednesday, November 15th in Cologne, Germany for his contribution to a world based on justice, peace, and tolerance.

Talk about Bethlehem 2000

This is a stunningly beautiful book, with a conscience. It is the most concise yet intensive orientation I can think of for either the student or the pilgrim seeking to understand the complexities of the Holy Land.
First though, it is a treat for the eyes. Nalbandian combines his own work--panoramic views of the city as well as striking character portraits and scenes from the Intifada--with selections from the 19th century for an absorbing visual display. They are alone comprehensive in portraying the cultural, religious, and political history of the people of Bethlehem and surrounding areas.
Yet, do not let these pictures distract you from the accompanying text. Raheb and Strickert have supplemented their commentary on Bethlehem's history and current events with several sidebars giving the reader an in-depth look at the origins of issues which have shaped Bethlehem. Perhaps the most vital of these is the story of Caliph Omar in the Church of the Nativity, a major determinant of relations between Christians and muslims in Bethlehem for centuries to come. Also included are selections from the Bible and Koran, regional poets, and a song for the Daheisha refugee camp. Examples of Arabic art and calligraphy are also included.
This is a book which follows the mystery of Christ's birth and the holy sites so many visitors come to see. But it is a book also about the people who continue to live and work in this place, who are so often forgotten among the ancient stones. The authors entreat you not to forget these struggling, strong people, the 'living stones' of the Holy Land.
Read this book for Christmas as the world contemplates that 'little town' of long ago, even if you never make a visit. If you are going to Bethlehem someday, read this book now. If you have been to Bethlehem already, read it and learn what you likely have missed on your journey. Seek to understand. Seek peace.
"Seth J. Frantzman (Jerusalem, Israel)" review is totally off the mark. Islamic propaganda indeed! Trying to convert readers to Islam? The authors of the work in question,Bethlehem 2000? Mitri Rehab is a Palestinian Christian and the pastor of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bethlehem; Fred Strickert is Professor of Religion at Wartburg College (Lutheran) in Waverly, Iowa, USA. The photographer, Garo Nalbandian lives in Jerusalem and since he is Armenian I will bet any amount of money that he is Christian also.

Palestinian Christians may be fleeing the Israeli Occupied West Bank (which includes Bethlehem) because they are Palestinians and like Palestinian Muslims, they too are the target of every nasty Israeli occupation weapon. Israel is an equal opportunity oppressor, unless of course you happen to be Jewish.

This is a beautiful book, and ought to be the home of anyone who considers Bethlehem and important city!
This book is about Bethlehem which in the year 2000 is 75% Muslim and more than 60% Hamas voters. This is Behtlehem 2000, a place where PA laws forbid mixed marriages that allow the child to be Christian, where Christians are harrased and expelled and forced to emigrate. A place where daily the birthplace of christ is desecrated.

The propoganda stories about Islam abound in this book, and in general it is a text for brainwashing people to convert to Islam. Koran is placed beside Bible and Jesus is defamed.

The pictures are the books only redemption for they show the people of Bethlehem and the town itself. The text is pure propoganda. In 20 years not one Christian will remain in Bethlehem, the fault of a repressive anti-minority Palestinian administration that has set its goal the ethnic cleansing of Christians. Unfortunatly this book is only full of glowing love for the Palestinain terrorist organziations and songs from a 'refugee camp' where 90% of the residents are not refugees and where Shahid(martyr) posters of those who blew themselves up to take lives line the streets, the most un-CHristian message one could think of. Offensive and disgusting.

Seth J. Frantzman